Budget Blooms: Tiptoeing Through The Tulips

While we wait for our primed and painted open shelves to dry (ahhh, tomorrow is H-Day, aka: haaaanging day!) we realized that we’ve been waaaaay overdue for a budget blooms post. Remember when we used to do them every month? Yeah, we fell off. Oops. And a few of you have actually requested them, which is just what the doctor ordered since book chaos + kitchen chaos = a hankering for a sliver of beauty in a completely trashed house like ours. Seriously, it looks crazier than it did the day we moved in. Bed in the living room? Check. Painting and repainting a five foot swatch of wall in the playroom different colors every few days? Check. Photography equipment filling up our dining room? Check. But six bucks at the grocery store later, and I had me these beauties – and a small slice of gorgeousness in this crazy house full of people, projects, and other miscellaneous craziness.

I love this vase from Crate & Barrel (a gift from John’s older sister for my birthday a few years back) and it looks especially good with floppy flowers sort of splayed out around the wiggly perimeter.

And I love the two-tone tulip action going on. The prettiest color combinations are always found in nature, huh? Buttery yellow + poppy reddish pink + fresh green = yes please.

I like how they’re leaning out like they’re growing towards the sun in our natural-light-less kitchen. Oh the irony. These guys have actually been alive a few days now, so I guess they only need water but not too much sun (since they have yet to fall to pieces). Whew.

Oh and just for fun, I played around with them in another vase. Well, I guess it’s not really a vase (it’s a seeded glass hurricane meant for a candle that I grabbed at HomeGoods a few years back). Just as pretty, huh? Oh and I got us a kitchen radio on clearance from Joss and Main about a month ago (and we finally plugged it in after staring at it on the counter for a while). Let me tell you, it’s novel. We’ve actually never had a radio in the kitchen but since we log so much hangout time at the peninsula these days (doing blog stuff/book stuff/projects/eating) we thought it would be nice. And it is. Especially with pretty tulips next to it.

The hilarity of this photo is that if I were allowed to share behind-the-scenes book pics, the next photo would be what you see if you swing the camera about six inches to the right. A shot of our monstrous dining table that sits just beyond this half-wall and is completely full of lamps/ceramic things/paint cans/fabric/baskets/bottles/books/frames/etc. Seriously, you can’t even see the tabletop anymore. So when I say there’s a sliver of beauty in our completely trashed house, I really do mean it. And the juxtaposition is hysterically funny to us. So just know that the over-sharer in me is dying to slather chaos pics all over this end of this post to balance the sweet charming “moments” in the kitchen. Oh well, when the book is out we’re allowed to share it all, so we’re counting down the months.

Anyway, back to the kitchen and our little budget blooms. I now firmly believe that every kitchen is made better by three things: flowers, a radio, and a white ceramic tea kettle (of course). Closely followed by a giant ceramic rooster. And a wall full of penny tile doesn’t hurt either. Have you guys been buying flowers or other greenery lately? Have you played around with a few different vases just for fun? Do you have a kitchen radio? Do you even listen to the radio anymore? Oh and what are three things that you think makes any kitchen better?

Psst- Check out a whole mess of Budget Bloom posts from over the last few years here.


  1. Katie says

    Haha… took a quick look back through the old budget blooms posts and stumbled upon the one where you guys “Oprah-fied” yourselves! Cracking up now!!

  2. Meredith says

    I’m actually going to be on the radio on Friday! I just found out that they’re having a little V-day contest for single people and they picked me. The prize is $1000, so I hope I can answer whatever trivia they have for me! :)

  3. Jackie says

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with this trick for tulips, but if you put a penny in the bottom of the vase, your tulips will stand upright for longer (and last a few more days, too). It works!

    • Kristen H says

      I was just about to post this same trick! The florist lady at the market told me about it – specifically for tulips. I guess it is really for any flower with the wide, tube-like stem. She said that using the white powder stuff that comes with them on those types of flowers will actually kill them faster.

    • Kim says

      I was totally going to post this also, I absolutely love tulips and it’s a GREAT tip – I’ve kept ’em going for 10 days with that trick! And it’s kind of fun for kids too, take a pic of the floppy flowers, let them put in the penny and come back a few hours later and see them sticking straight up! A friend of mine did a time lapse photo thing of it, pretty cool!

    • says

      That’s nuts! I’ve never heard of that at all and I grew up in a house full of tulips and other bulb flowers (Grandpa had a flower hobby…) How does it work??!

  4. says

    How timely! I JUST wrote a post on my facebook page about doing this after I bought the biggest pink mum bouquet our grocery store had and separated it into 1 medium bouquet and 7 more smaller ones to spread throughout the house. It’s been rainy and dreary here so it helps perk the house up. :) Tulips are one of my favorite spring flowers too!

  5. Monika says

    We have a small, flat screen TV in the kitchen in lieu of a radio. I just love having a christmas movie on while I’m making cookies in December, or just cnn while I’m cooking at night. What are your thoughs on TV’s in the kitchen? Love, hate?

    • Reenie says

      I LOVE my lil 15″ flat screen TV in my kitchen. =)

      I love the fist vase the tulips are in and love the radio too! I don’t know how you guys are dealing with everything in an uproar in your home….. and people around a lot. Yikes! I’d be going crazy!!!

  6. Bonnie says

    Hmmm…3 things that make any kitchen better. Hard to beat your choices, really. Definitely fresh flowers, lots of sunlight, and something baking in the oven – fresh bread. Or cookies. :) We have a little radio tucked away in our kitchen. I love to have soft classical or good “oldies” in the background while we’re doing everyday things in the kitchen.

  7. says

    Tulips are some of my favorite flowers! I even asked the florist to throw some in my bridesmaids’ bouquets (she used the same flowers as the ones you have above). Did you know that tulips close up at night and open again in the morning? It’s very subtle but it happens.

  8. Tipling says

    I have been hunting for big glass jars like the ones see on your counter but the ones and target and crate and barrel don’t have seals. Do you find that you food gets stale easily or its stays fresh ok in them? I am wanting some to put flour and sugar in. Oh and I love the flowers too :) Thank you for you help!

    • says

      We go through cereal so fast that it doesn’t seem to lose any freshness (John always notices those things, but even a picky guy like him says it stays fresh, haha). We also store sugar and flour and even couscous and rice in them and we don’t have any issues. Hope it helps!


    • Monika says

      We get ours in Ikea. They have lots of sizes and types and the two types we have at home do have seals (they are called Burken and Slom). They look purdy with nuts or brown sugar in them :)

  9. Amy says

    Is the trim behind the tulips on the tile a different color/gloss than the shelves, or are you painting as well? That vase is to. Die. For.

  10. Karen says

    You probably know this already, but you can plug your ipod into this radio! You will have to get the cord (I got mine when I bought the radio). I have mine in the kitchen!

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