Clothes Encounters


Sure it’s Sunday, but how about a little bonus behind-the-scenes tale of hunting down clothespins for the Pinterest Challenge light fixture that we have in the works? Other considered titles: “The Petersik Clothespin Tour of Richmond” “Wow, I’m a really patient husband.” “Sorry environment, we vow to plant three trees to make up for all that driving” Okay, so here’s the deal. When we first started our clothespin light fixture (first mentioned here), we snagged four bags of clothespins at Ben Franklin just to get us started. We knew we’d need more, but we didn’t want to go crazy buying them until we decided on a pattern and had a better sense of how many

July Superlatives


We’ve been getting requests for some sort of monthly roundup or recap when it comes to all of our undertakings (just so it’s easier to hunt posts down and see what we’ve recently conquered at a glance). And because we wanted to put our own weird little spin on it, while we were out to dinner alone (for the first time since Clara was born, mind you) we started chatting about how cheeky little nominations and titles for certain projects might be funny (or not, you decide)… and so the idea of monthly superlatives was born! As was the conviction that we have to get a life and stop talking about the blog while on

Budget Blooms: What The Heck Are These?


Oops, we totally fell off with the whole used-to-be-monthly budget blooms thing. But lookie what I found growing in the jungle that is our front lawn:   Allow me to put on my best Australian nature-show voice to set the scene for you: The air is still. Not a predator in sight. Something moves in the brush. A buzzard circles overhead. Somewhere in the distance a lion roars. No wait, that’s a baby crying. And just like that I’m out of character. I don’t know the real name for them (flower whisperer, I’m not), but I like the sound of Purple Ring Pops. So that’s how I’ve been referring to them. At first I just admired

Framing Photography Note Cards With Big Colorful Paper “Mats”


Well well well, if isn’t those little photography note cards again. You know, the ones we bought on our anniversary from a local art gallery to hang in our bathroom? You might not even have registered them in that post since everyone went bananas over the whole Sherry-haircut thing.   Anyway, hanging them in the bathroom was the initial plan. Until I noticed some of the photo colors were in the same neighborhood as our framed $5 scrapbook paper. That neighborhood being Sue-the-Napkin-ville. Or is it Sue-the-Napkin Heights? We figured that maybe our $4 a pop Sherri Conley note cards were destined to live in these eight frames (plus we couldn’t decide on a configuration

House Crashing: Style For Miles


Who’s in the mood for some house crashing? This gorgeous old home is in the Forrest Hill area of Richmond, and we couldn’t wait to scope it out for you. Because, get this, Wendy’s house is used for commercials and photoshoots! As in, it’s such an amazing backdrop, the house is practically famous. Cool huh? And she’s a professional retail design and merchandising pro who just happens to design light fixtures when she’s not styling spaces. In other words, she’s got mad skillz (more on her here) so we couldn’t wait to snoop around. Oh look, here’s Wendy out on the porch to welcome us in: Her porch was super charming with everything from a

Updating Old Yard Sale Prints With Spray Painted Frames (And Mats!)


We found these babies at a yard sale and haggled them down to $10 a pop. Let’s call them our twig & berries. We immediately thought the extra tall shape of the frames would be perfect for either side of our bed above the glass based lamps on the makeshift just-for-now side tables (they’re way too small and don’t have any drawers for storage) on this very unfinished side of our master bedroom: We definitely had plans to change out the art. They’re prints of the berries and wildflowers of Alaska (which is kind of fun and fitting since we honeymooned there) but they felt a bit too grandma for us. But we loved the

Another Unsuccessful Attempt To Keep It Cool


Alert: Regardless of the fact that I say Pinterest ten million times (drinking game, anyone?) this wasn’t paid or perked by them or anyone else. We’re just eye-candy obsessed gals who love a good pin-fest. Sometimes while eating Oreos. You guys know my Pinterest addiction runs deep from this heartfelt post of yore. So when Katie called me to say that she thought we should challenge ourselves to make one thing each season that’s inspired by all the amazing stuff that we’ve pinned over there (and call it… wait for it… The Pinterest Challenge) I thought it sounded like fun. It’s a welcome slap of stop-pinning-and-start-doing. Because I’ve pinned 738 things. And I’ve done four

Fab Freebie: Who’s The Joss?


***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – see who won below!*** The lucky person this week, thanks to, is… Lauren (who will be feeling really lucky when her house sells). Congrats! Five hundred big ones is nothing to laugh at… especially when you’re spending it on items that are up to 70% off retail. And thanks to Joss & Main, one of you is gonna get quite the e-shopping spree this week – yeah, to the tune of $500! Joss & Main is a flash sale site stocked full of fresh discounts daily, all focused on home and decor but covering a wide range of styles. That way you’re more likely to stumble

Painting A Closet


Nothing like a little weekend chaos. Guess what we did this weekend? Here’s a hint: And another hint: And another hint: And one last hint: Um yeah, all that house insanity was for this: Specifically, to paint Clara’s closet. See, whilst standing on a chair in there hanging the little ribbon chandelier that I made last week (you know, right before John asked me how it was hanging), I decided it was high time we painted that little future-reading nook for the bean (we envision a big cushy beanbag and a ton of books in there for her to dive into). Isn’t it funny how one small project can snowball? One minute you’re standing on

How To Hang Your Ironing Board On The Wall (The Easy Way)


As much as we love having our new built-in shelves in the laundry room, they did kinda get in the way of our oh-so-fancy ironing board storage system. You know, the one that made a clanging noise whenever the spin cycle kicked on? So clearly the ironing board had to find a new home. Earlier on we thought about making a little cubby so the ironing board could slip into our built-ins, but we wanted maximum space for baskets and bins and bowls (instead of breaking things up and making it narrower). We contemplated just shoving him (her?) in a closet somewhere else in the house, but somehow it felt like he she it belonged

Easy DIY Idea: Making A Ribbon Chandelier


After admiring various ribbon chandeliers in baby stores, catalogs, magazines, and even over on Pintrest, I decided to try my hand at one for Clara’s closet. Her closet is actually big enough to become a little reading nook when she’s a little older (I have visions of making her a beanbag for chillaxing on the floor with a book). And I love that the closet has its own light but it’s one of those fugly bare bulb ones that you tug on a piece of string to turn on and off. So I thought a happy little ribbon chandy could pretty things up. So I spent $2 for an embroidery hoop (with a 10″ diameter

Mood Board Making: En Fuego


I was inspired by a chipper yellow table runner and a fiery pendant light to make a warm-blooded dining room mood board just for fun. Whoop, here it is: 1. The wall color could be a soft olive-khaki tone, like the stripe in the background of the mood board (try Benjamin Moore’s Limestone 513) with browns, oranges, deeper olives, pops of yellow, and some crisp white in the furnishings/accessories. Maybe even a smidge of navy if you’re into that sort of thing. And now that I see that stripe of olive-khaki, big wide horizontal tone-on-tone stripes might be pretty fun for the walls if you’re feeling feisty (try Benjamin Moore’s Limestone 513 and Flowering Herbs

Now Open: Check Out Our Inspiration Gallery


Dude. Remember last fall when we created a separate little site just for browsing mood boards and mentioned that we wanted to create one full of actual photos from house crashings and reader redesigns (where you could search by color or room)? Well, after a few more midnight coding tantrums and accidental hunger strikes we’ve (finally) done it. It’s a big ol’ gallery full of real rooms for your viewing pleasure. And you can access them anytime by clicking the “Room Gallery” tab under our header. Sidenote: I’ve always wanted to start a post with dude. Mission accomplished. This new “Inspiration Gallery” follows the same basic format as the existing Mood Board Gallery, only these

14 Months Of Breastfeeding


Yup, that’s what I did. Well, technically 14 months and three days if you’re really counting. And yup, this really is a post about breastfeeding, so feel free to skip it (you know, if you’re my brother for example). I never thought I’d be writing about it. But I actually get a lot of questions on the subject. And since I blather on about other random things (like cloth diapering) and this blog is really just a way for us to remember things that we might otherwise forget (like paint colors and vacation happenings), I figure that something I did for so long (around 425 days straight) deserved a post about the range of emotions

Yard Sale Score: Old Children’s Chairs


This weekend we got these vintage kids chairs (they’re just 2 feet tall) for $7.50 each at a local yard sale. They were marked as $10 a pop but we bartered using the old “how about two for $15?” method. Sold! We knew they looked like oldies (we loved the solid construction, steel legs, clean lines) and were pleased when we tipped them both over and saw the word “Brunswick” engraved on the bottom. Not that we knew what it meant, but we thought google might. A little bit of searching turned up this description here: This original vintage 1950’s children’s chair, with its mid-century danish-modern design is actually made by Brunswick – the same

Fab Freebie: More Than Words


***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – see who won below (along with some sweet discounts)!*** Before we announce our winners, let’s first get to two consolation prizes: discounts! Get 15% off your WordGarden order with code YoungHouseLove15 and get 15% off of your Everywhere We Look order with code YHL15. As for our two winners, has selected… Leah (who “definitely” loves typographic art) and Rebecca A. (who loves books and typographic art – which seemed to be a trend). Congrats ladies! This week’s pair of prizes (for a pair of winners, no less) come from two Etsy sellers who have a way with words. Namely, they turn the written word into stylish

Adding Built-In Shelves Next To Our Washer & Dryer


Laundry room update? Don’t mind if I do. To jog your memory, so far we’ve replaced the washer/dryer, taken down window shutters & cluttered shelves along with frosting the door (all here), filled some ceiling cracks, and painted the room the same color (Benjamin Moore’s Sesame) as the kitchen. And voila, we’re all up to speed. Well, if you really want to be up to speed, now it looks like this (brighter day = paint looks lighter): But let’s back up so I can blather on about how those shelves came to be. Even during our initial walk-through of this house we decided to maximize that sliver of space with some built-ins to add a

A Weird Milestone


We passed a weird milestone on Wednesday. On the surface, it just marked seven months of living in this shouldn’t-call-it-new-anymore house. Then we realized it also marked the point at which Clara has spent more of her life living here than at our first home. We always knew our first house would just be a foggy blip on Clara’s memory radar, but passing this milestone feels like it’s actually happening. The house that we spent renovating/loving for over 4.5 years meant so much to me and Sherry – it wasn’t just our first home, it was our wedding venue, our DIY testing grounds, our inspiration to start this blog, and where we took our baby

Spray Painting A Metal Outdoor Table & Chairs With Oil-Rubbed Bronze


Waste not, want not. That was my attitude when it came to using up the rest of the oil-rubbed bronze spray paint from this project that I had leftover. So I turned my attention to the mismatched patio furniture that we inherited from the previous owners (seen here in an old photo with my dearly departed ceramic dog, sniffle). Sure, I like painting things white (and white ceramic animals, and white chocolate among other snow-colored objects) but sometimes white things outside = grungy. As this shot demonstrates, any time it rained little dirt and leaves splashed into the crevices of the table and looked all grubby. Parts of it were peeling too: And you should

How To Use Polymeric Sand To Block Weeds In Our Paver Patio


Let’s talk about crack sand. You know we love to save a buck wherever we can. Sometimes to a fault. And as any scrimper knows, sometimes it can bite you in the a-dollar-sign-dollar-sign (a$$). Though I’m not sure we ever expected that we’d wish we had splurged on “the fancy sand”…but that was the case after living with our finished patio for a few weeks. If you recall, we used some leftover paver sand to fill the cracks between the stones instead of spending the $95 that the stoneyard would’ve charged for a delivery of the polymeric stuff (which has some cement-like qualities to help keep it in place and block weeds a little better).

Sunshine Daaaay (Painting Your Fuse Box So It Blends In)


Our freshly painted laundry room makes me want to sing (and dance and dress) like this: Yup, it’s bright and happy in there. First I repainted all the trim (with Olympic No-VOC semi-gloss off-the-shelf white) and painted the annoying brown quarter round near the baseboards, so it blended in with the white trim. I applied three thin coats of the same Olympic No-VOC paint (no primer because I used the same method with success in the living room five months back and I’m lazy). Then when it came to the wall color, we decided to use the leftover paint that we used in the adjoining kitchen (remember when we painted that beastly paneling here?). Why

Celebrating Our 4nniversary


See what I did there? If our 4th wedding anniversary were a movie sequel I’m sure that’s how the title would be treated on the movie posters (and yes, it would be dubbed a blatant rip off of Scream 4). Anyways, as is the tradition, we’re dropping in with our little rundown about how we celebrated four years of marriage last Thursday (see our three year anniversary post here and our two & one year anniversary post here). This year it kicked off, as most days do, with breakfast. I made this particular breakfast (Strawberry-Orange Stuffed French Toast with Raspberry Butter) as an homage to our so-good-we-took-my-picture-with-it (here) favorite meal during our Alaskan honeymoon. Of

Using Oil-Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint To Update Chair Legs


Spray paint. Again. Who’s surprised? I’m nothing if not completely predictable when it comes to spraying my troubles away. I mentioned wanting to ORB (that’s “oil-rubbed-bronze” for those not privy to ridiculous decorating abbreviations) the legs of this old chair in our living room for a while. They’re clashy and red in real life… … as opposed to the nice dark ORB legs that we addded to Karl The Sectional: They also didn’t exactly “groove” with the gray-washed beams overhead and the deeper more brown-based wood tones in the console table that we made for behind the sofa (seen fully accessorized here). We plan to refinish the floors someday too – probably in the same

Fab Freebie: Matchmaker, Matchmaker


 ***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – see who won below!*** Our winner, thanks to the willy nilly matchmaking skills of, is… Sharon (who’s hoping to be matched up with a piece of art to finish off a master bedroom renovation). Congrats! is full of affordable stuff to help solve Naked Wall Syndrome (like these horse prints that we recently purchased) so we’re psyched that they’re giving away an $250 gift card to one of you lucky folks this week. They’ve launched a new tool called Match My Image that promises to come in handy next time you’re hunting for the perfect piece. You just upload an image – maybe of a