Hanging An Ikea Maskros Light In Our Bedroom

Happy New Year!!! (that sentiment will make sense in a little while – hold tight)

The time had come to bid adieu to the fan in our master bedroom so we could introduce a light fixture with a bit more interest.

Hold on fan lovers. Put the pitchforks (or fan blades?) down and let me explain. We also removed the ceiling fan in our first home’s bedroom and picked up a high-powered Hunter table fan that did the trick, which we plan to use regularly in the warmer months here as well. It’s not that we’re anti fan – my wife likes to make the beyond corny joke that we’re “fan fans” – but we just like them to be well placed so form and function collide into a big beautiful fan-tastic situation. Like the fan in our sunroom (and the one in our last house’s sunroom) which we’d never dream of removing. But when it came to the master bedroom the our big old ceiling fan certainly wasn’t playing nice with Ed the Bed:

As for its replacement, on a recent trip to Ikea we picked up this guy: the Maskros pendant lamp (it comes in two sizes, but the bigger one would have practically been Sherry-sized, so we went for the smaller one that’s still 22 inches in diameter). It felt like a good “statement piece” for the bedroom (and only ran us 50 beans) so we were psyched that we finally pulled the trigger and made it ours after a few months of pining. We realize that this is one of those polarizing purchases, but it makes us smile like crazy so we said yes to something fun.

And although it was quite the statement piece when hanging in Ikea, when it arrived home with us, the only statement it was making was “put me together.”

But first the ol’ fan had to come down. So with the electricity to the entire house turned off (we’re safety freaks like that) I went to work disassembling it – a process that I’m pretty well versed at in at this point in my life. Though I have only recently discovered that it’s much easier to remove all of the blades first (so you don’t end up whacking yourself in the head while trying to disconnect the rest of it from the fixture box).

Unfortunately, removing the fan revealed some less than perfect ceiling behind it. Unfinished paint and what looked like a square patch panel that wasn’t sitting flush with the rest of the ceiling. Bummer.

So I decided to borrow a solution from Clara’s damaged ceiling dilemma and darted out to Home Depot to buy yet another ceiling medallion for $19. You can read more about the super-easy ceiling medallion installation process in this post.

Technically you’re not supposed to attach any of the “spokes” to the fixture until after it’s secured to the ceiling. But since we needed to strategically hang it low enough to sit under Ed’s top rail, but high enough to not look ridiculous, we used a couple of attached spokes to approximate its finished size and find the perfect hanging height.

Oh and Ikea suggests just coiling the extra wire inside of the cup at the top of the fixture, but I opted to cut the wire closer to our desired length by taking some scissors to the cord and then stripping the ends of the now-shortened wires.

So here it is completely hooked up with all of the spokes attached. We realized at this point that we were glad we used the ceiling medallion because it made the fixture look a bit more substantial and balanced, instead of hanging a giant ball from a little nub in the middle of the ceiling. Plus, if we ever paint the ceiling it’ll add even more detail and polish.

Of course we still had to attached the 82 (yep, 82) paper “flowers” that came in the set. They really are just paper asterisk-thingies that are pre-cut and pre-hole-punched to snap into place. So theoretically you could color them or replace them entirely with your own desired shape if you wanted to – and had the patience to make 82 of them. We briefly debated “going rogue” and spraying the back of them a color, but we liked the clean white look (crazy shape and size + classic color = love for us sometimes). Oh and you can also see how Ikea packaged them in small boxes to help curl the edges outward in this pic below:

Here’s the light with the first few rows of flowers attached, starting to look more like what we saw in the showroom…

After about 10 minutes we had all 82 attached and were left with this. Ta-dah! We were more than a little relieved that it didn’t take five hundred years to assemble (which was kind of the fear after we opened the box).

We’ll admit that at first it felt a bit bigger than we expected (it looked a lot smaller in the giant warehouse that is Ikea when we first laid eyes on it), but once we add things like a larger 8 x 10 rug under Ed (instead of three smaller they’re-there-because-we-have-them rugs) and some art on the walls, there will be more scale slash balance going on. And even without future items like a big cushy rug, it only took a few hours for it to totally grow on us. As in every time we walk into the room we grin. And about 50% of the time we actually high five. It’s just so much fun. And if you can’t have a little fun in the privacy of your own bedroom, where can you have it? Wait, that came out wrong.

It’s definitely the playful wow kind of “statement piece” that we were looking for. And although from the angle above it looks like it’s snuggled right up in Ed’s business, you can see from the pic above that they aren’t actually touching at all. And even though it hangs low in the room (the bulb sits just above my eye level), we love that we can get away with that because it’s an area that we’ll never walk through (because of Ed and the bench at his footboard). Take that 8 foot ceilings! We defy you.

As much as we love how crisp and soft it looks during the daylight, it looks like our own little Times Square New Year’s Eve ball at night. Sherry loves to walk into the room at night and say “3… 2… 1” and flick on the light while squealing “Happy New Year!”

It only accepts a 40 watt bulb, so it’s definitely not something that’ll flood your room with light, but for us it’s the perfect addition to the soft and moody lighting that we’ve already got going on thanks to our recently added side table lamps and the light over the vanity in our bedroom’s sink nook.

Plus, it is soooo cool to look at from bed. We didn’t even consider this POV when picking it, but when our heads hit the pillow it’s perfectly reflected in our bathroom mirror. How’s that for a nice added bonus? Oh, and I’m sorry ladies, but me and my sexy socked feet are taken (Sherry’s a lucky lady).

Oh and the light is centered in the room (and on that doorway and the bed) so the slight left-ish shift that you see above is just thanks to the angle of the shot that I snapped.

So there you have it. The little big slice of “hey now” that we added to our master bedroom. It certainly doesn’t make us miss the old fan (which we’re donating to the ReStore) and it never fails to make us giddy. What can I say? Warning: pun coming. It lights my fire. Oh, and we should mention that Clara is crazy fascinated by the flowers themselves. We’d let her get near them if we could trust her not to put one of the paper flowers in a death grip and tear it off towards her mouth. So for now it’s just for looking.

Do any of you own Mr Maskros yourselves? Or are there any other dramatic and large-scaled light fixtures that you’re into lately?

Psst- There have been a few requests for more photos from other angles, so here they are:

Clara likey.

Update: Things definitely take some time to shake out around here. So if you wanna see how Ed the Bed and our new light evolved, click here and here. Ah tweaks. Gotta love ’em!


  1. Amanda Gail says

    I don’t know why – but I totally had a feeling it was going to be this thing when you guys mentioned it yesterday!!!!!!

  2. says

    I feel like a creep because as soon as you mentioned the other day about a unique idea to replace that fan, I pictured that you were talking about that light from Ikea. Maybe I read too many blogs.. :)

  3. says

    My favorite is when it’s all lit up — beautiful!

    sidenote: It’s funny, but without looking, I can guess who has written each post. Each of you, Sherry and John, have a distinct way of “talking” or writing. : )

  4. Ryan says

    I admired that same light for my guest bedroom, but since it opens off of the dinning room with french doors (weird, old house, i know…), I thought it might be too much competition with the dining room’s chandelier. The ceiling is too low in my master bedroom, and it would probably look pretty funky adhered to the ceiling?! I am envious you have a place to pull it off!

  5. says

    That’s such an interesting piece. I’ve seen it at Ikea a million times. A question: If you toch it, will it swing back and forth, or is it pretty sturdy?

    • says

      Good question! I had to run in there and “test” it because I couldn’t remember offhand. It’s definitely not stiff, but it doesn’t fly around and swing wildly if touched, it just sort of softly shimmies if you pat it. Haha.


  6. Peony says

    Meh, not loving the light choice. It doesn’t look right with Ed the bed. Too busy… Love you guys, but I think you’ve been missing the mark lately.

    • says

      No worries, we definitely don’t expect everyone to love everything that we do in our own home. Design is such a personal thing, we just think everyone should do what makes them happy with their spaces!


    • says

      I have to agree. It just doesn’t look right with Ed the Bed and hangs too low. But as long as you love it, that’s all that matters!

    • Roshni says

      I actually love the light piece but I am a little troubled by the horizontal bar of Ed the Bed coming in my view when I look at the light fixture. I was wondering what you guys think about that?

    • says

      In person it doesn’t intersect or interfere at all (it’s just that some of the pictures from some views sort of mess with perspective since they’re 2-D so they look closer than they are). We’re head over heels in love with out light and the placement in case that’s not clear. Haha. We’re still doing the happy dance and grinning up at it over here.


    • says

      I’m glad you are happy with the placement — ultimately that’s all that matters — but I know you are planning to bring an electrician in to move some other things around, and I think it would fantastic closer to the sitting area….

    • JT says

      Total agreement on both points –
      1. The room should have just one focal point not two or more.
      A bed with posts and a light of this size both need space to be the star.
      The photo of John beside the light clearly shows that it is totally wrong. When are you lifting the ceiling?

      Missing the mark – regurgitating current trends – not just one but several in the same space. Some fresh ideas incorporating your own style would be wonderful!

      Sorry but thats the way I see it!

    • says

      Hey JT,

      We’ve just been here 3 months, so things are definitely still shaking out! This is an old post about our bedroom, so things have actually since changed. Here’s an update and here’s another one (we raised the light and removed the top rails). Please consider every space that we share to be work in progress! Our last house took us 4.5 years to be “done” so our bedroom won’t be “done” for a while! But if for any reason what we’re doing with our house bothers you, feel free to find another blog that tickles your fancy! No pressure to follow us if you think we don’t have any style. Haha. Our bedroom makes us giddy happy (which is a good thing since we’re the ones who have to sleep in it) so to each his own!


  7. says

    Love the light, but I have to say that I wish it were centered above the bed. There’s something about the placement that feels off to me. Of course it might always look different in the actual room!

    • Nicole Dube says

      I agree… very cool light, but there’s something a bit off about it. Maybe too big or too close to the bed. But a very bold choice! Either way, it’s your room and your space, and if you kids love it, high fives! I’ll still tune in daily to see what else you guys do :)

  8. robin/burlington,nc says

    My dear hubs and I looked pretty hard at that light when we were in Ikea last month looking for a light in our dining room. We left that one in the store and brought home “Fillsta” instead. We are totally loving our new kitchen/dining remodel!

  9. Aimee says

    We own a Maskros too! We had this gawdy builder issue brass light fixture in our stairwell (we’re renting) and couldn’t take it anymore. So about 3 weeks after moving in, we made a trip to Ikea and went with the GIGANTIC one. It fills the stairwell perfectly and we’re so in love with it. It’s definitely a statement piece, as people walk in and go “oooOOOooooo” (yes just like the aliens from Toy Story) ;). We haven’t had any problems with dust, because like you said it has the flexy cord and it’s next to an air vent so it gently sways with the breeze, which makes for an awesome light show :). As for the rental issue, when we move out (we move often), the Maskros comes down and builder issue goes back up! Enjoy your Maskros!!

    Here’s a pic of our Maskros in it’s natural habitat: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2465739&id=19214522&l=4d7b16b4f4

  10. Kirsten says

    I LOVE that lamp!! The only reason I haven’t broken down and bought it is that I have no idea where to put it;). Love the fun it lends to the room–I’d be giddy, too! And I’m intrigued now by the thought of different colors on it!

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