What’s Wrong With Us?

We’ll admit it. We’re a little relieved that the holiday season is over. As fun and exciting as all of the hoopla is, December can be a stressful month with all of the last minute shopping, long distance traveling, family gatherings, and weather madness that come along with it… which is probably why lots of people called us certifiably crazy for adding moving-into-a-new-house to the mix.

It definitely was a bit crazy of us, but it just dawned on me and Sherry that this wasn’t the first year that a major project fell over the holiday season. In fact, it’s happened for the past FOUR YEARS IN A ROW. Update: Five years in a row – see the bottom of this post. So it seems that we’ve got a chronic case of making Christmas-time more complicated. Observe.

In the last month of 2007 we were at the tail end of our kitchen remodel. By Christmas we had already lived sans kitchen for two months and our new cabinets were installed, but we were still waiting on our counters to arrive and officially make the room functional again.

Oh yeah and did we mention that we didn’t have a kitchen sink, so we were washing dishes in our tiny bathroom vanity. Yeah, that got old real quick.

In 2008 it was our floors. Right before leaving for a family Christmas out of town we shoved all of our belongings into the kitchen and den so the rest of the hardwood floors in our entire house could be professionally refinished.

It was more than a bit “disruptive.”

Then 2009 welcomed the bathroom remodel, which commenced the weekend after Thanksgiving. So by New Year’s we found ourselves in the midst of tiling. Which meant that our only full bathroom was still a few weeks away from being functional again.

Let’s just say we did our fair share of showering at the gym and at my sister’s house. Sherry even hosed me down in the backyard after a particularly dusty day of work (she wouldn’t let me get in the car and drive to have a proper shower for fear of getting the car all dirty). Brrr.

And we had more than a few adventures when it came to this year’s mid-December move, which involved packing up every last possession and loading it into a UHaul…

… which then slipped into a ditch about .05 minutes after beginning the journey to our new house…

… which ended up looking a lot like this while we unpacked…

But now that we’re more settled, in hindsight it wasn’t so bad. Which is kind of how we feel about all of our other annual end-of-year adventures. So I guess we’ll just have to wait about 11 months to see what crazy project we’ve got going on at the end of 2011 to keep the streak alive for a fifth year in a row. Maybe we’ll be in the midst of a simultaneous kitchen remodel, floor refinishing project, and bathroom tile job. You know, just to put the other years to shame…

Update: Looks like this wacky tradition of ours is still going strong since we tackled a major kitchen reno just in time for Christmas in 2011 and were in the middle of a pretty chaotic book tour along with hosting Christmas for the first time at our house in 2012. 


  1. Deanna says

    I just think of it as you guys (1) doing projects when you are prepared/have saved the money/find good deals, which you’re so good at, and (2) maybe subconsciously trying to get all of the craziness over at once! Whatever it is, you do it well!

  2. says

    P.S. As I know you are not short on projects, you are welcome to link up to my 2011 1st Project of the Year Party over at WhisperWood Cottage! I’m not sure the two of you participate in such events, but I still wanted to extend the invitation. It starts at 11:11 am on 1/11/11 if you are interested!


  3. Cat says

    a bit of cabin fever perhaps? ;) I know the more time I spend cooped up in our house, the more I want to “fix” it and what better time of the year to tackle big indoor projects than when it’s freezing out.
    I can’t wait to see what you do with that long and skinny laundry room of yours now that you’ve got your new appliances on order- I’m just so jealous that it’s 1)full of sunlight and 2) not right next to your bedroom!

  4. says

    ahhh chaos! I’ve been in a few of these situations… mostly the moving ones! It DOES make a fun story though! =) I’m curious to see what you crazy kids do next!

    I sure did! I put up a picture, and linked it on the blog. The husband ate seconds!

  5. JenSnyder says

    Oh my gosh…that is really funny. It looks like you guys get stuff done though, so I guess that’s a good thing. Just be sure to keep posting it so we can all feel better about our “hectic” holidays. :) Mine was easy peasy next you yours!

  6. says

    i can commiserate! we did our bathroom last christmas and our kitchen including hardwoods this christmas…the refrigerator is still in the dining room…

  7. says

    After the two most recent birthdays in our family, I’ve gotten the itch to paint a room. That’s one last June and one in December. The next birthday is in March, and I think it’ll be time to paint another room. My daughter’s been asking for pink walls for a while now….

  8. Miranda says

    Makes me realize I’ve spent a lot of time at younghouselove.com (you know, before it was younghouselove) — I think since just after the dishes in the bathroom sink. And it seems like the bathroom reno was just a couple of months ago. Amazing how time flies. At least you don’t have to work around traditional work schedules now. That’s got to make it a bit easier — unless being there all the time makes you feel like you always need to be doing something?

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