What’s Wrong With Us?

We’ll admit it. We’re a little relieved that the holiday season is over. As fun and exciting as all of the hoopla is, December can be a stressful month with all of the last minute shopping, long distance traveling, family gatherings, and weather madness that come along with it… which is probably why lots of people called us certifiably crazy for adding moving-into-a-new-house to the mix.

It definitely was a bit crazy of us, but it just dawned on me and Sherry that this wasn’t the first year that a major project fell over the holiday season. In fact, it’s happened for the past FOUR YEARS IN A ROW. Update: Five years in a row – see the bottom of this post. So it seems that we’ve got a chronic case of making Christmas-time more complicated. Observe.

In the last month of 2007 we were at the tail end of our kitchen remodel. By Christmas we had already lived sans kitchen for two months and our new cabinets were installed, but we were still waiting on our counters to arrive and officially make the room functional again.

Oh yeah and did we mention that we didn’t have a kitchen sink, so we were washing dishes in our tiny bathroom vanity. Yeah, that got old real quick.

In 2008 it was our floors. Right before leaving for a family Christmas out of town we shoved all of our belongings into the kitchen and den so the rest of the hardwood floors in our entire house could be professionally refinished.

It was more than a bit “disruptive.”

Then 2009 welcomed the bathroom remodel, which commenced the weekend after Thanksgiving. So by New Year’s we found ourselves in the midst of tiling. Which meant that our only full bathroom was still a few weeks away from being functional again.

Let’s just say we did our fair share of showering at the gym and at my sister’s house. Sherry even hosed me down in the backyard after a particularly dusty day of work (she wouldn’t let me get in the car and drive to have a proper shower for fear of getting the car all dirty). Brrr.

And we had more than a few adventures when it came to this year’s mid-December move, which involved packing up every last possession and loading it into a UHaul…

… which then slipped into a ditch about .05 minutes after beginning the journey to our new house…

… which ended up looking a lot like this while we unpacked…

But now that we’re more settled, in hindsight it wasn’t so bad. Which is kind of how we feel about all of our other annual end-of-year adventures. So I guess we’ll just have to wait about 11 months to see what crazy project we’ve got going on at the end of 2011 to keep the streak alive for a fifth year in a row. Maybe we’ll be in the midst of a simultaneous kitchen remodel, floor refinishing project, and bathroom tile job. You know, just to put the other years to shame…

Update: Looks like this wacky tradition of ours is still going strong since we tackled a major kitchen reno just in time for Christmas in 2011 and were in the middle of a pretty chaotic book tour along with hosting Christmas for the first time at our house in 2012. 


  1. says

    *LOL* You obviously thrive under pressure and love a tight deadline ;o) I have seen worse! Plus, it never gets boring for us who happily shadow all of your home improvement projects – not even over the holidays!

  2. Holly E says

    Hmm… This sounds familiar. It just wouldn’t be the holidays without a major project here at the E house! We tackled the laundry room this past Christmas. New tile, paint, and pretties. We actually grouted the floor on Christmas morning! Good times :)

  3. says

    I haven’t taken on anything that big at Christmas, but I must confess that whenever I have a week off (like last week) it’s chock full of home projects.

    No doubt you’ll be working super hard on your new house this year so hopefully by the end of it you will take a well-deserved break over the holidays for once :)

  4. Katie R says

    Sounds a lot (and looks a lot) like how we live our lives…things would just be way too easy if we didn’t have one (or 2 or 3) projects underway! We moved into our house 2 weeks before Christmas last year and didn’t have a kitchen until 2 days before…it’s still not 100% but we had our 3rd baby this year 6 weeks before Christmas…just to keep live interesting;)

  5. says

    Well take a much deserved break this year! I love how all of us become brain damaged sometime during the year, every year, and completely forget that the holidays are the same time, every year, which results in mass pandemonium, every year. Been there brother.

  6. Denise says

    TG for the honesty! I was beginning to think life was always perfect at only one place – your house. Thanks for the laugh.

  7. Elida says

    The most comforting thing about all of your 4-year-in-a-row chaos is that at least you and your familia are not stagnant. You’re always on the move and going to to bigger and better things (…And I thought my husband and I were the only wild ones!), which is GREAT!!

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