Eight Things We Did To Prepare For Our Baby’s Arrival


With just seven days until my actual due date (although we’re pretty sure Baby P will make us wait even longer), we’ve officially begun getting ready for her arrival. Of course you’ve seen us tackling her nursery, but now when we say getting ready, we really mean getting-ready-for-my-water-to-break-and-to-actually-welcome-our-new-daughter-into-the-world. See, pretty much right after we found out I was pregnant we slowly began to wrap our minds around the idea that our family would be growing as my belly continued to expand with every baked potato and chocolate milk craving. Now you see why I’ve been humming my tweak on an old Beyoncé classic: “I don’t think you’re ready for this belly.” And only quite recently

Easy Upgrades: Organizing Old Photos (Numbered Albums)


Maybe it’s the whole organize-everything-because-it’s-spring thing or even a bit of last minute nesting, but lately I’ve been all about whipping things into submission. As in, finding a place for every last paperclip and utensil… even putting every single one of our photos into coordinated leather albums and chronologically numbering them. Yeah, it’s a little crazy but I’ve always been a nerd for organization. And looking at those nice little hand-numbered tags just makes me smile. It’s the little things, right? The first stage of the project was to go through all my mismatched old falling-apart albums (and stacks of sad album-less photos) and put them all in chronological order. Then I grabbed some nice-enough-but-not-bank-breaking

Budget Blooms: May Madness


As most of you know, every month we like to enjoy one inexpensive- and sometimes free- bouquet to keep things feeling fresh around here (the idea actually stemmed from a super sweet Christmas present from the hubs a while back). But this month we got lucky. Nope, not with a free backyard bouquet, but with the photo shoot that we mentioned this morning… which involved a cooler full of flowers provided by the prop stylist, many of which weren’t even touched when the cameras were being packed away. And what did that ever-amazing prop stylist do? She offered all the floral outcasts to us as she left. Did I mention said prop stylist happens to

Behind The Scenes: Our Friday Photo Shoot


We’re back to share the “backstage” details of our recent photo shoot with the crew from BHG for Do It Yourself magazine and Kitchen + Bath Makeovers (with our newly transformed nursery and our recently renovated bathroom playing the stars of the show). Let’s just say it was a day full of prepping, propping, shooting, eating, secretly high fiving when no one was looking (ok, that was just me and John), and standing around staring as the masters worked their magic (again, that was just me and John). And we had a lot to stare at. There were large panels of fabric to soften any outside light, big worth-more-than-our-house camera lenses, and computers hooked up

House Crashing: DIY Done Right


When Kara from Made 2 Create invited us to crash her Tulsa, Oklahoma house we decided that even though we couldn’t make the trek over there in person we needed to virtually cover her casa. Because it’s just that good. And to preface this amazing house tour we should mention that almost everything you’ll see in Kara’s gorgeous home came from a garage sale, Craigslist or she and her hubby Tim made it with their own four hands. Now let’s meet Kara the handy homeowner herself: And now that we have the formalities out of the way, let’s poke around inside. Kara built a faux fireplace to create a focal point and put her favorite

Reader Redesign: Mobile Magic


When Isabel and Thomas sent over some photos of their DIY mobile project (which was reminiscent of the one that we featured in this nursery makeover of yore) we had to share the eye candy. Here’s their letter: You’ve inspired yet another project, and since you’ve recently completed your nursery I thought this was timely. I learned how to make folded Moravian Stars from a tutorial online (in three different sizes, all in a variety of patterns I printed myself). I used this site and this site for reference, although the former is better. My husband invented the actual “hangers” for the mobile. He’s amazing! So with nothing more than paper, scissors, Mod Podge, a

Burning Question: Take It Off?


When it comes to shoes in your house, what’s the deal? Do you have an always-off-at-the-door policy? Do you wear them inside and out without a second thought? Do you encourage kids to remove their shoes while adults may leave them on if you’re hosting a party? Or do you have that pile of adult shoes near the door with guests walking around in their socks or stockings when you have people over for dinner? We’re itching to hear where you stand on the issue. In fact, we whipped up this handy little poll to keep everything tabulated: [poll id=”10″] And we’d love to hear more about why you voted the way you did, so

Corrie & Don’s Design Dilemma


Corrie and Don are ready to transform their bedroom into something cozy and romantic. Here’s their letter: We’re pretty open to anything you want to do. As you can see by the room, anything will be better than what we have! We’d really enjoy a romantic, cozy, and comfortable feel in the room. The only thing that must stay is the bedding (which photographed much shinier/brighter than it is) and the weenie’s dog room (aka: the crate). Everything else can go. I think that I’d like to try a DIY headboard, so I need a fabric suggestion. However, I might staple myself to the headboard, so I’d love your thoughts on a “pre-made” one as

There’s A New Depot In Town…

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 2.25.39 PM

Have you guys heard of Green Depot? We’ve been checking out their stuff for a few months and it suddenly dawned on us that we should post about them to spread the word since we’re so often directing people their way via comments and email when they’re asking where to find low-VOC primer or eco friendly polyurethane. Basically they’re the green version of Lowe’s or Home Depot and they even have eco friendly home accessories like rugs, table lamps and baby stuff. Plus they have a little key below every item that explains exactly “what makes it green” so you can immediately see if something is free of harsh chemicals, made from renewable resources, or

Reader Redesign: Another Insane Overhaul


You guys have to remember Krystol thanks to the amazing porch makeover that she sent our way a while back. Well, she’s done it again. And her kitchen is nothing short of fantastic (not to mention budget friendly). Here’s her letter: Thank you so much for posting our porch reno on your blog. I was so amazed at the response and wanted to share our latest project: the kitchen reno. We ripped out everything right down to the studs and started over with new Ikea cabinets, new appliances, a new laminate counter and my favorite: a zinc topped work island which we made by “wrapping” the top half of an MDF sheet with zinc that

Our Quickie Glass Cabinet Update


As many of you know, I recently snagged some cheap-o drinking glasses that rock my world, which spurred on a full fledged glass-fronted cabinet makeover here at Casa Petersik. Here’s what our glass fronted corner cabinet looked like before the big spring switcheroo. We love that it was full of plates, glasses and bowls that we use all the time (we’re all about enjoying out servingware on a regular basis so nothing feels too precious or underused) so of course when I picked up those new glasses I made a promise to John that they wouldn’t be tucked away for “special occasions” and that we’d use them on the regular. And what better way to