We’ve Been Shot: The Double Whammie

It’s a crazy-but-we-wouldn’t-have-it-any-other-way day here at Casa Petersik. We actually have a photography crew from BHG here (!) to shoot our newly transformed nursery and our recently renovated bathroom for two different publications: Kitchen + Bath Makeovers and Do It Yourself magazine. Fun, right? We’re all geeked out about it.

We’re super excited to watch the stylists work their propping magic (how do they make bottles of soap look so good?) and we actually know the photographer Erik Johnson since he shot the rest of our house a while back for a three-issue article in Do It Yourself (see them here, here, and here). In fact here we are with Erik and the crew from that shoot of yore. Note to self: so THAT’S what my thighs look like- I haven’t seen them in months. Although they might not quite look like that anymore…

And speaking of the baby bump, my mantra of the day is “don’t go into labor yet, don’t go into labor yet.” Of course with over two weeks til my due date there’s no reason that I would (in fact we’re betting I’ll be late), but you know how you have some deadline in your brain that you just have to get past because of something important that you committed to? Well, this is it.

Plus I don’t want to miss a moment of photo shoot magic. Look, in magazine world even dogs need to sign releases:

And fresh flowers are par for the course- even when the rooms to be captured are a bathroom and a nursery:

It’s always fun to see how they tweak our rooms to give them a bit of glossy I’m-ready-for-my-close-up attitude. In fact, check out this old post full of behind the scenes tricks from our last Do It Yourself shoot and this writeup full of dirty details from our big photo shoot with The Nest magazine last year. And we promise to share some more backstage secrets about this adventure when we can. Until then the name of the game is keeping my belly out of the shot. And when you have a 43″ circumference that’s actually quite a feat…

But enough about the goings on here. What’s up in your neck of the woods? Anyone have any fun Friday plans or big weekend projects on the agenda?


  1. Diane says

    Hi you two – how exciting! Both of those rooms deserve to be in magazines for sure! I was cracking up that Burger has to sign a release, lol. I can’t wait to see how they “gussied” up your rooms. Any idea on when these will be in the magazines?
    Sherry – I have to ask, did you have any cravings with your pregnancy? I am always curious about this, I craved lobster for some strange reason.
    Have a great weekend – and hugs to Burger!

    • says

      Hey Diane,

      Good question! We’re not sure on the Kitchens + Baths one (shoots usually take place at least 2-3 months before things come out, so we’re guessing around late summer or even early fall). And as for Do It Yourself, since we have a column with them we’re a bit more in the know. The nursery pics should run in their fall issue (which comes out in late summer). And of course we’ll have a little show & tell fest when they do. Stay tuned…


      p.s. My cravings have been super consistent pretty much my whole pregnancy: baked potatoes (like three a day), chocolate milk, and pistachios. Just not all together- haha.

  2. Keren says

    I wonder how they will stage rooms that are already staged perfectly?? We are planning on finally finishing my painted vanity table project (just the drawers left)…then we are going to start building our raised vegetable garden…can’t wait for the yummy crop!!

  3. Misty says

    Funny. I have been clicking refresh for the last 30 minutes…waiting for your update today.
    I was going to give you till 10:30 central time before I assumed you went into labor! haha.
    Busy day for your household, even though its not delivery day!!

  4. says

    Congrats, you two! You deserve it with all of your hard work and the inspiration you provide to us all. I have to ask – since you’ve already pretty much re-done all of the rooms in your home, are you thinking of making any major changes to any of them again soon, or are you going to sit back and enjoy it for awhile?

    I’m sure you’ll always have the fun smaller projects, but I’m curious if you two will ever be “done” with the major renovations, or if it will be cyclical. Seems like you might always have new ideas you want to try. ;)

    • says

      We used to fear that we’d someday be done, but we never are! Our needs just keep changing and our house keeps evolving right along with us. In fact we have another MAJOR room makeover in the hopper (which we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks) so stay tuned…

      This one’s gonna be a doozie!


  5. Stacy says

    That is wonderful. I’ve been green with envy since you posted your Craigslist dresser makeover for the nursery. The way in which you approached the entire project, was essentially an economics class. Now even more folk will see how much can be accomplished on a tight budget.

    p.s. Pretty sure I’m going to have to buy some flowers today. Living in Colorado, I have to wait quite some time before I can start cutting from my own garden; and I got giddy just looking at that picture.

  6. Danielle says

    S and J,

    Congrats on another job well-done. I just wanted to let you know that today my entire class looked at your blog. I teach in upstate NY and my students are starting their own sites so I wanted to show them an example of a site that I follow on the regular. They all grabbed a laptop and logged in to see all your site had to offer. So, after your done being all “geeked out” about being featured in popular mags, you can be geeked out that 20 high school students loved your site too! Again, congrats!


    • says

      No way Danielle! We’re certifiably geeked out about that news. And can we just say that you sound like a very cool teacher indeed? Thanks so much for sharing our blog! We’re blushing over here.


  7. Sarah says

    Our big weekend plans are cleaning the heck out of our apartment so our landlord can show it and rent it ASAP. Because we close on our first home in 27 days! It’s already been reno-ed but we can’t wait to put all the decorating tips and tricks you’ve taught us to good use in our own new old (1924!) home!

  8. says

    So exciting – can’t wait to get my hands on those issues when they hit the stands (as I assume you will let us all know when they do!)

    Also – as per your above response, can’t wait to hear what room you’ll be doing next! Have a fun day!

  9. Rebecca says

    It’s opening weekend of the South of the James Farmer’s Market! That’s where I’ll be.

    Congrats Petersiks. Your rooms are definitely magazine worthly.

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