And Now A Letter To Ikea


Dearest Ikea, We love you. We really do. But yesterday you exploited that relationship and I just can’t bite my tongue this time. Just because “some assembly required” is one of the terms of our relationship, it does not mean that we want to put together every single thing that we buy from you. This means you Kassett storage box. Sure, putting together your furniture is often part of the Ikea fun. Not only do we gain an affordable and stylish item for our home, but it comes with a guaranteed sense of accomplishment. But there’s no pride in having to assemble my own cardboard box. None at all. Need I remind you that an item

Bethany’s Design Dilemma


This room off of Bethany’s kitchen and dining area is ready for a multifunctional makeover. Here’s her letter: My husband and I are so excited to finally get one of your coveted weekly spots! We’d LOVE to add this large, first-floor room (which is adjacent to our kitchen and dining area) to our existing entertaining space. The room is fairly large but we have no need for a library, and while the room appeared to be perfectly suited as a dining room (hence the garish faux gold and plastic chandelier) we have yet to actually use it for that. As I mentioned, the location and layout of the room make it great for entertaining, but we’d also like to be able to use the space on a

Window Shopping: It’s Target Time


We’re back with another fun virtual shopping trip to Target (like this one and this one of yore). We slipped through and snapped all the purrrty holiday and non-holiday themed things that tickled our fancy and John even got a chance to make fun of my Twilight obsession. Sure it felt a little soon for all the Christmas things, but there was so much good stuff to be found that we just kept clicking away. Let the fun begin… In those impossible-to-resist decorative rows up near the front of the store there was suddenly lots of chic holiday paraphernalia to be discovered. And I was all over these amazing faux-bois silver vases (the picture doesn’t

Calling All Experts: Critter Control?

When Rebekah emailed us with a doozie of a question we were pretty much left scratching our heads. Here’s it is: Q: I’ve become an addict of your blog – just ask my husband! I can’t help but check it multiple times a day. Your posts are always so informative and they keep me motivated to keep working on our 1960’s home. Anyway, my husband and I purchased the brick ranch with a lovely yard about four months ago. My only problem is that we’re starting to see more pests (i.e. roaches… ewww!) due to the weather getting colder here in Georgia. I can’t live in a house and accept that the pests will always be there. We woke up at 4am

Reader Redesign: Second Time’s The Charm


When Totty sent us photos of her almost unbelievable bathroom makeover we just had to share the big transformation. Here’s her letter: My husband and I are fellow Richmonders and have been following your blog for quite a while. I wanted to share some pics from our newly renovated bathroom. This poor room has had 2 makeovers in 4 years. It hadn’t been updated since the 60’s so it was in dire need of one and we unfortunately chose a bad tile guy who did a HORRIBLE job, hence the 2nd makeover this summer (I posted the full story on my blog). We were definitely budget conscious when planning this redo, but knew that re-tiling

Phuong’s Design Dilemma


Phuong’s gigantic bedroom is about to get a major overhaul. Here’s her letter: Our overall taste is simple & understated focusing on comfort & timeless design (clean lines, contemporary style) but we’d like to give our bedroom a little style and personality since it feels too stark. Items that should stay: bed & headboard, armoire, night stands, our swing-out TV (which we can watch from bed), ceiling fan, window blinds (we’d like to add curtains), bed linens (but we want to add accent colors through pillows, throws, etc). The lamps can be replaced but we’d like to keep the current wall color. When it comes to adding style to the room we prefer soothing colors. It’s

Burning Question: Over it?

This week’s question is sure to start a rousing debate. We’re talking about toilet paper ladies and gentlemen. When you put your TP on the dispenser do you intentionally place it so the paper comes over the roll or under it? Or are you one of those people who just doesn’t care either way? We’ve heard people proclaim that there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to dispense toilet paper so chime in about where you stand (or sit) on the subject of TP. And speaking of toilet paper, here’s a post full of a fun ways to keep those extra rolls on hand without junking up the bathroom. Good times.

Reader Redesign: One Dashing Dresser


When Monica sent her amazing dresser makeover our way we couldn’t wait to share the goods. Here’s her letter: I just recently found your blog and let me tell you, like everyone else around here, I’m totally in LOVE with everything you guys do, plus your How To tips are super! My boyfriend and I just moved to a new home (rental) and like anything that is not yours, we’re tying to put our stamp on it. I inherited my boyfriends dresser and I wanted to incorporate it into my kitchen nook, thus a PROJECT was born. While I love wood and before I paint anything I really think about it, I knew that the