I’m Kind Of A Big Deal


Hey guys, Burger here. I’m commandeering my parents’ blog to announce that as of quite recently, I too have a blog (and I’m not gonna get catty or anything but mine’s better). Because the most requested addition to Young House Love (according to mom and dad’s recent blogiversary survey, completed by over 1000 people!) was “more Burger” I was inspired to get my lazy duff off the sofa/armchair/daybed and begin chronicling my very own adventures for all to enjoy. In the words of Susan Lucci: you like me, you really really like me. Wait, that wasn’t Susan Lucci? It was Sally Field? Oh well, what do you expect? I’m a dog- I can’t retain useless

Reader Redesign: Facade Facelift


When Casey sent us these almost unbelievable photos of his home’s exterior makeover we couldn’t wait to share the goods. Here’s his letter: I’m a huge fan of your website and your remodeling. It’s simply awesome. I just bought my first house, and it was built in 1925. It’s in Dallas, Texas, and was completely remodeled in 2006. While I can’t take credit for everything that was done, I wanted to share the exterior before and after pictures. They’re pretty cool, I think. Urban Strong is the name of the company that did the renovations. They are based out of Dallas, TX. I’m just the lucky beneficiary of their fine work. Best regards and many

What’s The (Floor) Plan Stan?


We had so much fun showing you the ins and outs of our house’s exterior layout back in June, that we’re back to share Casa Petersik’s actual interior floor plan. We know it’s pretty hard to picture how rooms flow into one another when you’re looking at a series of photos (like the before & afters on our House Tour page), so here’s hoping this makes some sense out of the three bedroom, one and a half bathroom brick ranch that we call home… Of course the house didn’t start out as a three bedroom (remember we moved our dining area into the living room and converted the formal dining room into a third bedroom

Allyson’s Design Dilemma


Allyson’s bedroom is ready to be transformed. Here’s her letter: I absolutely adore your blog, I read it every day. I am so excited to get one of your mood boards and to finally love the look of our master bedroom. We really love a modern clean look. I hate clutter. So simple lines and geometric patterns are the way to go. I would say Ikea and CB2 reflect our design aesthetic most. Simple, modern, budget friendly pieces, how can you go wrong? I have a pretty tight budget for this room (pretty much everything furniture wise needs to stay – the bed, nightstands and dresser). I would also like to keep our wedding pictures

Halloween Fun: Making Paper Bats For Our Lamp Shades


Last week’s Halloween fun didn’t end with that post. In fact we had a few more easy (and cheap!) ideas up our sleeves so we’re back to share the goods. First we took another little Martha Stewart trick and added black bat silhouettes to the insides of our living room lamps: And it was really easy. Here’s how we did it in under ten minutes using stuff we already had around the house (total cost: $0.00). First I sketched out bat shapes (inspired by a quick google search) on small white pieces of paper (tip: it helps to cut the paper into rectangles that are about the size that you want your finished bats to

We Smell Some New DIY Projects…


We’re super psyched to announce that True Value has put together a little DIY blog squad and we actually made the cut! Yes that weird flesh squeezing sound accompanied by a soft whimper is us pinching ourselves. We’re among some pretty amazing fellow bloggers so we’ve both got jazz hands over being in such good company (one hand is pinching while the other one is jazzing). Check out our fellow squad members: Our girl Katie over at All Bower Power Layla & Kevin from The Lettered Cottage Josh over at Bungalow 23 Brian & Paul with The Handyguys Podcast Quite a bevy of brilliant bloggers, no? In fact we’re sort of spinning our wheels when

Ania’s Design Dilemma


Ania’s living & dining room is ready for a major style overhaul. Here’s her letter: Woohoo! I feel like I won something to score one of your fast selling custom mood boards! I need advice for my living room/dining area. My husband and I dig modern, contemporary, glamorous, and beachy styles. As for stores, we love Anthropologie, CB2, West Elm, Z Gallerie, Macy’s (where we have a major gift card) and Crate and Barrel (where we also have another big gift card). I absolutely want a new longer media cabinet. Between the sectional, coffee table, side table, and dining table, I feel like our furniture is oversized and I don’t like how everything is boxy. Any of

Is Antibacterial Soap Handy Or Harmful?


Every once in a great while we’re given the opportunity to share something that could actually help the planet even if just one in ten people who read our blog put it into practice (like toting reusable shopping bags or collecting rainwater in a barrel). And this, my friends, is one of those times. Please feel free to pass this info on to your friends and family members! And who do we have to thank for this wealth of information that just might change the world as we know it (or at least change your impact on the planet from this day forward)? Why none other than my über intelligent little brother Dan (also affectionately

Reader Redesign: Cheery Chairs


When Jamie and Carmen sent their amazing table and chair makeover our way we couldn’t wait to share their fresh little redo! Here’s their letter: Hello Sherry and John! My mom and I always find inspiration on your blog (I purchased the Target chair after seeing it in your living room and also have used your paint colors as a guide- plus I love that you have a room-by-room source list – very helpful!), so we thought we’d put our inspiration to the test with a table and chair makeover project. We needed something eye-catching for an outdoor craft show we were participating in this summer. My mom’s poor card table from the 1970’s just

Olivia’s Birthday Bathroom Makeover


You guys might remember the quickie $200 makeover that we whipped up for our niece Olivia last October. Just to refresh your memory, here are the before shots: And here are the we-only-spent-200-beans afters (and that budget includes the desk, the chair, the headboard, the dresser, the curtains, and a ton of other things in the room- see the details right here): Yes sir, Olivia’s room was definitely spiffed up. But when it came to her attached bathroom (yeah, she knows she’s a lucky girl to have one of those) well it was looking a little blah: But it was nothing a bit of avocado green paint and a few playful (and super cheap) accessories

House Crashing: A Luxe & Lovely Abode


Meet Stacie. She lives downtown in a gorgeous home that we actually got to help her decorate. And goody goody gumdrops, the time has finally come to officially House Crash her. Fasten your seatbelts, people. This is going to be fun. But perhaps we should mention that you’ve already met her bedroom. Remember, it used to look like this? And then we whipped up one of our first mood boards ever for her… which helped her transform it into this: But what about the rest of her home? Clearly this chick has some serious style right? Well here’s the hallway that leads from the foyer to her sleek and modern kitchen (just look at that

We Are So In

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 9.18.05 AM

Who’s with us? It just seems like a no-brainer when the alternative is to do nothing, and since we consistently cover ways to live greener and give back to the planet (we have an entire section devoted to Eco Living on our How To page and often have Almost-Doctor Dan on to weigh in on the topic, which was actually one of our most requested features from our recent reader survey) this little online event seems to fit right in. Plus a lot of the eco ides that we will be chatting about on the 15th will also simplify your life and save you money! What’s not to love? Oh and we owe a huuuge

Burning Question: Let’s Address This


When it comes to your casa’s house numbers, where exactly are they located? Does your mailbox boast your address? Or does your front porch wear its numbers proudly? Are they on a pane of glass above your front door or even your front door itself? Or do you have one of those fancy little customized plaques for the yard or next to the door? If your numbers look anything like this cover of the now-defunct Blueprint magazine, we totally covet your door. And speaking of curb appeal, here’s how we switched out our front door hardware and even added a spiffy little door knocker while we were at it. Psst- looking for a magazine to

Tristina’s Design Dilemma


Tristina’s freshly finished dining room was aching for some furniture and accessories to take it to the next level. Here’s how we hunted down serene and chic breezy additions to turn that space into something special. Gotta love luxe and lovely dining room makeovers like this!

I’ll Stop The World & Felt With You Freebie Winner!

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 9.09.11 AM

Thanks for taking a felt-inspired musical trip back to the 1980s with us as part of this week’s giveaway from Eleni Creative. Probably one of my all time favorite things from that decade is Sherry, since she (and I) are both eighties babies. Although I’m sure our nurseries didn’t have anything as (here’s that word again…) adorable as Eleni’s custom felt mobiles or Zoonie stuffed animals. But now that we’re two decades into the future, one lucky person will be getting a free playful felt creation or two for their nursery, kid’s room or anywhere else they’re looking to inject some fun into their decor. And even if you’re not that fortunate lady or lad