Wedding Week II: A Relationship Timeline

We often make mention of random milestones in our relationship – meeting in NYC, moving to Virginia, etc. – and we realized that the timing of all those events probably isn’t always clear. So we figured Wedding Week Dos was the perfect opportunity to chronologically recount how boy met girl, they fell in love, moved to the south, got a chihuahua and started a blog. You know, your typical love story…


2004 Business Cards






2006 Leave New York




Pretty much every milestone after that is documented right here on this blog. We know it may seem fast moving to a new city, getting engaged and buying a house within our first year of dating, but each step felt so natural and we didn’t feel rushed at all. We must admit that now we look back with a bit of amazement! But I guess when you know, you know.

Do you guys have any interesting relationship timelines of your own? Did anything happen super speedily or perhaps quite the opposite? Did you and your bf/husband meet at work or at play? It’s always fun to hear all the different ways we come to the decision to be with a certain person for the long haul, so share and share alike.

PS: For a photographic look back at our life’s timeline (even before we met) you can check out this Flickr set, an electronic version of the clothesline “slideshow” we displayed at our wedding.






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