Wedding Week II: A Relationship Timeline

We often make mention of random milestones in our relationship – meeting in NYC, moving to Virginia, etc. – and we realized that the timing of all those events probably isn’t always clear. So we figured Wedding Week Dos was the perfect opportunity to chronologically recount how boy met girl, they fell in love, moved to the south, got a chihuahua and started a blog. You know, your typical love story…


  • June: I start my job as Assistant Account Executive at a New York City ad agency.
  • August: Sherry starts her job as a Copywriter at the very same ad agency a month later.
  • September: Sherry gets assigned to write commercials for the account I manage. We meet, but rarely interact.

2004 Business Cards


  • January – May: Sherry keeps getting assigned to projects with me. We bond over watching bad reality TV and begin spending more time together outside of work, moving past “coworkers” to “friends.”


  • July 7th: A casual after-work party turns into an unofficial first date. We cap off the night with a kiss (and although none of our friends believe it, I actually kissed her first).
  • Late July: Just weeks after beginning to date, I invite Sherry on a trip home to meet my family in Virginia (!), giving Sherry her first official taste of life in VA. Here we are touring my alma mater UVA:


  • October: We take our first vacation together to drive the California coast (from San Diego to San Francisco) with my cousin Travis. It’s one of the best trips either of us have ever been on.
  • November: I spend Thanksgiving with Sherry’s family in New York (our first official family holiday together).
  • December: We make the decision to move to Virginia together after just six months of dating with zero hesitation.



  • January:  We interview for jobs at the same Richmond ad agency (we like working together since it’s the way we met). After a bunch of undercover research, I buy an engagement ring.
  • February: Our new jobs at the same agency don’t come through. Employers won’t take us seriously until we live in Virginia, so we decide to make the move and find jobs when we get there. Scary!
  • February 25: We leave NYC in a minivan (after snapping this photo), arrive in Richmond and move into a new apartment together (which we furnish with mismatched hand-me-downs).

2006 Leave New York

  • March: Within two weeks, I land a new job at a downtown ad agency (were I still work to this day). Sherry builds up a client roster and decides to write commercial scripts and magazine ads as a full-time freelancer from home (lucky girl).
  • March 18: I propose. Sherry says “yes.” More on that later…
  • April 22: Our first weekend of casual house-hunting turns into buying our first home (a little brick ranch that needs a lot of love).
  • May 25: We close on our oldie-but-a-goodie house and begin the moving in and renovating process (three years later we’re still at it).
  • July 7: To celebrate our one year anniversary of dating, I surprise Sherry with a trip to the Outer Banks.


  • October: We take a second vacation together and this time it’s back to California, just the two of us. We marvel that we don’t even fight after a week of non-stop hanging out. Life is good.
  • November 28: After months of dog-hunting, we finally find a funny looking chihuahua that needs a good home. Hamburger (aka: Burger) joins the Petersik family.



  • January – June: Crazy wedding planning and prep fills every spare moment and we quickly realize that we like teaming up and DIYing out hearts out.
  • July 7: The backyard wedding goes off without a hitch. Travis (the guy who joined us on our first California road trip) officiates the ceremony. “I do”s are exchanged. Happily ever after begins.
  • July 10 – 16: We honeymoon in Alaska. A certain small dog joins us for this “family” road trip full of adventure and goofiness. More on that later…
  • September: With wedding expenses out of the way, we decide to put a bit of our savings towards a kitchen remodel.
  • September 24: I write the first post on a new blog that I suggest we call “Young House Love.” Sherry begrudgingly warms up to the idea of blogging about our home improvement projects in our spare time. The rest, as they say, is history.

Pretty much every milestone after that is documented right here on this blog. We know it may seem fast moving to a new city, getting engaged and buying a house within our first year of dating, but each step felt so natural and we didn’t feel rushed at all. We must admit that now we look back with a bit of amazement! But I guess when you know, you know.

Do you guys have any interesting relationship timelines of your own? Did anything happen super speedily or perhaps quite the opposite? Did you and your bf/husband meet at work or at play? It’s always fun to hear all the different ways we come to the decision to be with a certain person for the long haul, so share and share alike.

PS: For a photographic look back at our life’s timeline (even before we met) you can check out this Flickr set, an electronic version of the clothesline “slideshow” we displayed at our wedding.


  1. says

    I can truly relate to the “first apartment, filled with mismatched hand me downs”. I think most young couples can as well.

    Great timeline! My hubs and I are also celebrating our anniversary this month (7.23, 3 years) a timeline is in order. =)

  2. says

    Mountain Man and I met at a climbing wall (go figure) and became climbing buddies before our first real date (sailing and longboarding…again, go figure).

    Our relationship milestones include starting a long distance relatinoship after only one month of dating (kind of by accident), a relationship defining vacation, and MM moving across the country. We wont get married for another few years.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Angela,

      I built up my client roster working from our little apartment and actually went on to work from home for almost two full years as a freelance copywriter with clients in NY and California (before coming on full time to manage the blog last May). Hope it helps!


  3. jbhat says

    Happy Anniversary Eve, Youngsters. You too are truly perfect for one another, and you’re right–when you know, you know.

    I met my husband R through my best girlfriend. She and her sig other had a housewaring party where my intended and I met on May 30, 1992. My friend had gone to school with my husband’s roommate at the time, and they were both invited to the housewarming. R and I met that night, became inseparable, moved in together in August of that summer, and have been together ever since. We married in 1998, and are about to have 11 years wedded bliss (plus the previous 6 years of togetherness) in August.

  4. says

    Ooooh, I love wedding week!! It’s always nice to find out who the real people are behind the blog. Happy Anniversary to you two! And yes, my fiance and I met at work. We both worked at a cellular store. He in sales, and me in customer service. We moved pretty quickly too, but like y’all, it felt pretty natural. :) Congrats! BTW, Burger was a super cute puppy..makes me want one!

  5. says

    I love the play-by-play! Totally when you know, you know!

    My husband and I met at a summer camp when we were 13, and we were pen-pals, both over letters (we both still have them to prove it!) and AOL instant messenger (seriously in the pioneer days with S.L.O.W. dial-up). We saw each other every summer for 2 weeks, a few times in college (we had some mutual friends in college and I came to Virginia for school), and then I lived with one of his ex-girlfriend’s friends once I got a job in DC. He moved to DC a year after I did, convinced me to start dating him, and then we were engaged 6 months later! I may have written in my diary at age 14 that I was going to marry him… :) Life is so funny!

    Looking forward to hearing more during Wedding Week II!

  6. says

    Great timeline! So fun to read about how couples meet. My husband and I met at Disney World, on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, on September 19, 2005. Five weeks later, he flew home to Wisconsin to meet my family and attend a wedding with me. There, I let everyone know that he was the man I would marry. Six months later, he had the marriage conversation with my father, and on Christmas Eve of 2006, he proposed next to the bakery on Main Street, in the same spot we first said hello!

    We celebrate our two year anniversary on December 28th. It’s crazy to think that I moved to Florida for a four month internship, and four years later, I’m still here—married to the love of my life, with two dogs and a house.

    It’s definitely true though…when you know, you just know! Thanks for sharing your story!

  7. says

    My relationship with my now hubby is just as much a whirlwind as yours were. We are now married and having just celebrate our 2 years of meeting each other in June. A lot had happened in between, with time line very similar to yours, but it feels so right.

    You guys make such a cute couple.

  8. Heather says

    I had a little boy from a previous relationship, he was a bachelor living with his co-worker. We met, fell in love, and house hunted literally 4 months later.

    We too moved into a brick ranch filled with mis-matched bachelor furniture and here we are 2 years later with 2 little boys now and we’re slowly whipping this place into shape between his work and my pharmacy courses.

  9. says

    SO sweet :0) i love hearing about peoples courtships! My hubby and i met rafting on the kern river..He was my rafting guide and was very studly ;0) We quickly became best friends and got married 6 months after we started dating! People think were crazy sometimes but like you said…when you know..why wait?! We will celebrate our 3year anniversary in Nov. and were still best friends…

  10. elizabeth says

    we actually have a pretty similar relationship timeline (except we sped up some parts)…we met in november 2004, immediately started dating, got engaged in july 2005 and married in may 2006. you never know who you will meet in a parking lot, that’s for sure!

  11. says

    I was just curious, do the home owners that you bought the home from see your changes at all and comment? I am always interested to know if my old home owners drive by and see my changes.

    PS, my husband and I are planning a romantic getaway to San Fran in December! Love that city!!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Wow Danielle, that’s some psychic stuff right there. Just this weekend we got a letter from the girl who grew up in our house! Her mom and dad were the original owners and they have so many great insights about our house and what changed over the almost-50 years that they lived here. It’s amazing to connect with them and of course it’s nice to hear that they love our changes (they think that the house looks “so open and light”). Stay tuned for a big post all about the secrets that we learned about our house from the original owners! Isn’t it funny how small the world really is?


  12. says

    So cool to see the timeline of your relationship!

    We met in 2002, got engaged in 05, moved in together in 05, bought our first house in 06, got married in 06, moved out and bought our 2nd house in 08… next month will be 3 years for us!

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