Budget Blooms: Lily Lovin’

I’m back to share my monthly bouquet (a super sweet Christmas present from the hubs). And just like last month’s roundup of roses, this month’s blooms didn’t hail from the grocery store at all. In lieu of the normal $3-5 bouquet, we spent nada and headed out the back door to clip some white lilies for a quick little display in our sunroom. Here they are adding some life to a collection of vases and recycled beverage and wine bottles (some which are left over from our wedding):


I love the big white petals and the chocolate polka dots that seem to hover above each bloom.


I’ve also noticed that we seem to especially love putting our budget bouquets in different vases and locations for a totally new effect each time around. While last month’s collection cheered up the living room, our new arrangement greets us at the door (we park in the back and enter through the sunroom so we get to see ’em coming and going). It’s also nice to remember that anything can be a vase (so save those Pellegrino bottles and old toothbrush holders!).


What about you guys? Have you clipped any happy little flowers courtesy of your backyard or rescued any bouquets from your local grocery store? We’d love to know what blooms are tickling your fancy these days- and what free fauna your backyard is yielding now that summer is in full effect.

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  1. says

    I think white lilies are so beautiful and classic. Here there are wild orange lilies all along the roads which is pretty, but I’m not a fan of orange. How great that you inherited landscaping that included so many pretty flowers!

  2. Jill Stigs says

    Oh, what gorgeous blooms! Great that you have them in your yard for another “score” free bouquet.

  3. says

    I was fortunate to inherit a huge perennial garden when I bought my house two years ago, so I make it a habit to cut a large bouquet in the backyard, arrange it in a vase and bring it when I visit someone’s home.
    I cut daisies, chrysanthemums, tiger lilies and some smallish yellow flowers. I use big fern fronds to frame the back of the bouquet and the result is a very fresh, summery bouquet. I brought a bouquet into work yesterday for a company breakfast meeting and got several compliments.

    I even taught my 13 year old son how to properly cut the stems and arrange them – explaining that if he does this with a handful of flowers before giving them to a future girlfriend, it will have way more impact than handing her a cellophane wrapped bunch and he will be a superstar!

  4. Carol from Indian Springs says

    Beautiful white lillies! Right now I have some leftover carnations in red and white from the 4th tablescape and a couple of weeks ago I was sporting the hydrangea blooms from the front yard. Once the carnations are done I’ll probably grab some of my herbs for just a simple, clean look that also smells good!

  5. says

    I love the two blue frosted vases and the larger round bright blue one! I just cut bright yellow and orange lilies to bring them in (and put them in a rice vinegar bottle – round bottom skinny neck), I LOVE it! Usually I have a hard time cutting flowers from the yard, but there were plenty so I did it. Next up… callas!

  6. erika says

    Beautiful flowers! I was able to cut some beautiful glads from my garden this year, and I should have zinnias within the next few days!
    Fresh flowers just add such a nice touch to a home.

  7. Natalie says

    The arrangement is beautiful. One important note though – you should cut off the little brown balls on the spikes in the middle of the bloom as they tend to disintegrate into a powder like susbstance which will stain anything they fall on. I would hate for your tray to be ruined.

  8. says

    As Natalie said, the pollen from lilies stains. My method for removing them is to grab a kleenex, wrap it around the stamen, and pull them all off in one go (they pop off really easily).

  9. Amanda says

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but Lillies (of all sorts) are poisonous to dogs and cats. They are especially dangerous to cats who can more easily jump onto tables with vases of flowers and injest some of the pollen. They are pretty and cheap, but for pet owners, please be careful! I have three cats and I won’t let Lillies into the apartment because its just not worth the risk.


  10. says

    I think the best arrangements come from the yard. I planted 2 bold, blue endless summer hydrangeas last year and they provide me blooms for months in the summer. The bonus is how long the blooms last. As they fade, they change colors but still look as beautiful. Flowers brighten up every room (even my office…)!!

  11. Heather says

    YOU’RE PREGNANT, AREN’T YOU??? HA! I knew this was coming!

    If not, well.. that’s just not an option!

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