Eight Ways To Stay Safer & Avoid Dangerous Chemicals At Home


Meet my über intelligent little brother* Dan. Growing up I was always referred to as “the creative one” which was the family’s way of saying “not the prodigy” which was my brother’s territory. It wasn’t that I was dumb, I routinely made the honor roll and even got accepted early admission into a prestigious university art program in NYC (graduating with only 13 others in my major). But Dan was a bit hard to compete with in the brains department. In high school he took nine AP tests and got fives on all of them (I took one and got a 4). Then he got into Cornell and graduated with the highest GPA of his

Adventures In Buying An Organic Latex Mattress


We upgraded to an organic natural latex mattress as an anniversary gift to each other. Here’s how we trolled the web to find the best one and assembled it when it arrived in three different boxes!

Tracey’s Design Dilemma


Tracey’s bedroom is primed and ready for a major makeover so we whipped up a mood board full of tan on cream patterns and a few punches of vibrant sky blue for a stylish and serene “after” that’s sure to please.

Layout Changes: Adding A Dining Area To Your Living Room

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We added a dining area to the corner of our living room to create an open living layout that’s right off the kitchen. And in closing off our dining room we gained an extra bedroom plus more cabinetry and counter space in the kitchen. It was win-win-win!

How To Paint Trim Like A Pro


We’re revealing one of our favorite painting secrets: this short handled angled brush is the key to cutting in, edging, and painting trim, baseboards and crown molding in a snap.

Susie’s Design Dilemma


We whipped up a layered and textured mood board full of cohesive style with slate blue and warm orange accents to take Susie’s living and dining room from fair to fabulous.

18 Tips For Picking The Right Curtains & How To Hang Them


We’re answering a flurry of window treatment questions in one fell swoop. If you’ve ever had a window treatment question, chances are the answer’s here!