How To Style A Bookcase


More than a few readers have asked for some bookcase-styling tips & tricks. Of course there’s more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to this subject, but this is our take on an often agonizing task. In terms of placing items on a bookshelf, there’s no cut and dry formula. You just have to play around with things and keep an eye on the overall composition. Do you have too many small items that look cluttered and busy? Try switching them out for a few bigger pieces. Do you have one heavy item that makes the whole arrangement feel unbalanced? Place a similarly sized object on the other side of the

Trudi’s Design Dilemma


Trudi asked for some help adding a dining space and a sitting area to her room (while clearing out a lot of old pieces). We got right down to business and dug up lots of fresh and fabulous finds. Check out our mood board makeover!