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How To Paint A Metal Or Wood Garage Door

A super speedy garage makeover is easy as pie, especially if you have wooden or metal doors that do particularly well with a few coats of exterior paint. Our double garage has one big metal door (but it’s painted to look like there are two) so applying two coats of black semi-gloss exterior latex paint took no time at all- and only set us back about $20 for the paint.

We’ve always thought the maroon doors were a bit dated and a coat of glossy black would instantly update our almost 20-year-old garage. Sure enough, the crisp & classic black paint (Glidden’s Dark Secret) was just what the doctor ordered. Here’s the ho-hum before (we used large pieces of cardboard to keep from dripping on the concrete below the doors):


And now for the obligatory in-progress shot. John painted that odd diagonal stripe right before I snapped the picture… he’s such a rebel.


And here’s the crisp and clean after picture, thanks to little more than an hour or so of painting. We actually started this project at around 5:30 in the evening so we were racing the sun. And we’re happy to say that we finished well before it set (it would have been quite a messy task to be out there applying black paint in the dark).


We used a regular wool roller to apply the bulk of the paint (a foam roller is known to create more bubbles and inconsistencies so we stick to the wool/poly ones whenever we can) and a simple angled brush to get into all those cracks and trim out the edges. By the time we finished our first coat it was ready for a second, and the second coat did the trick (and of course went on much faster than the first). It’s really nice coming home to a “new” garage, and when we recently got the house appraised (stay tuned for those details) the guy actually asked if we got a new garage! Gotta love that $20 upgrade.

What about you guys? Do you have any painting projects on the horizon for spring? From adding color to your front door to gussying up some terra cotta pots, we wanna hear all about your hue to-do list.



Chantel’s Design Dilemma: Solved

When we whipped up a custom mood board for Chantel (all the way up in Canada) a few months ago, we couldn’t wait to see how her living room turned out. Well she’s baaaack! And she sent us a few fabulous after pictures along with this lovely letter:

Thank you again for all your help with our living room in January. We followed all of your advice to the letter (except for the pillows because they wanted to charge me $200 to ship to Canada). I hope our replacements are up to your standards! We love the transformation, and everyone who’s visited has loved it, too. I don’t know how you did it, but you managed to make it feel like a beachy summer day in our living room, even though there’s two feet of snow outside! And we hope you’re up for another transformation. We’ll be sending you before shots and a plea for help for our master bedroom later this week. Thanks again! – Chantel

Aw shucks Chantel, we’re so pleased that you’re so pleased! First lets remember what the room looked like back in January before the big makeover:



Chantel asked for “a beachy casual space” with pops of green and blue to work with a large work of art that she already had on hand for over the sofa. So here’s the mood board that we whipped up for her (see more details about it here):

And here’s her room after the big mood board makeover:



Sometimes a few simple changes can really make all the difference. Switching out Chatel’s old leather sofa for a slipcovered one from Ikea and painting the walls a serene blue hue took the entire space from white on white to beachy and light. Painting the TV component shelf white and introducing another white piece of furniture under it really made it appear more integrated and less invasive. And bringing in some texture in the rug, the sweet printed curtains, and even the woven table lamps that flank the sofa really added to the casual-chic vibe that Chantel so desired.


She even took our advice and painted the nook above her fireplace a slightly deeper tone of blue to accent the lovely little mobile we found for her which serves as a charming focal point in the space. Gotta love a 3D piece of art in an empty enclave just begging for an airy and ethereal accessory.


And of course we adore the pillows that Chantel picked up to finish everything off! They’re full of the same soothing tones that can be found around the rest of the space, and we love that the stitched look mimics the printed curtains that we picked out. Deeelicious.


Thanks so much for the fabulous after pictures, Chantel! You’d never know there was snow outside with an airy and inviting living room like that! What do you guys think of her transformation? Did she not do an utterly amazing job?! What’s your favorite part? I’m trying to decide between the mobile and those leafy curtains…

Update: We sadly can no longer find the time to take on client commissioned mood boards (we now whip up general inspiration boards instead) but if we ever reinstate them we’ll make a big announcement!