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Finding A Discounted Sink For Our Kitchen Renovation

Making over the kitchen meant that we had to say bye bye bye to our old farmhouse sink in favor of a sleeker undermount stainless steel model. We loved our old one for its depth (9″ is more than enough space to hide loads of dirty dishes) but this new double bowl undermount stainless version (also 9″ deep) will look fantastic with our swank granite countertops and the heck-of-a-deal faucet I won on eBay yesterday.

stainless kitchen sink

Similar models sell for about $250+ at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot, but thanks to my new superpower (finding great deals online) I scored it for $163 on (with free shipping!). I even hit up Google for a coupon code which ended up saving me an additional five beans. Hey, every little bit counts.



Light My Fire

I’m still not used to the weather here in Richmond. Growing up in Jersey and living in New York for 6 years taught me that come September, mother nature means business. Up North, it routinely dropped from the high 90s in August to the low 50s in September, and I hardly ever got to beak out my shiny new fall jacket before I needed my big down winter one.

Well Richmond is a completely different ballgame. Averaging 0.00 inches of snow accumulation every winter, it’s a much more mild climate and snow shovels are optional. And we have four full seasons here! I’m still adjusting to the 74 degree fall weather (Thursday’s forecast) in November.

But the nights are finally getting chilly, and yesterday was an exciting milestone. We lit out first fire of the season and broke out the flannel sheets. I blame our 50 year old drafty windows (which we’re replacing within the next month- whew) for the cold evenings of late, but I have to admit sitting by the fire and snuggling up under flannel sheets is fun after a long hot summer. Who knows, we might actually have to turn on the heat in a week or two…