At Long Last, An Updated House Tour Video

It’s been over half a year since we shared our last video house tour, and since a bunch of you’ve been requesting an update, we finally cleaned the whole house shoved everything into our closets and made an all-one-take video. At first it seemed like we didn’t have that many new things to report, but then we realized that there were tons of changes since our previous tour (a freshly redone hall bathroom, a storage-room-turned-playroom, new lighting in the living room and dining room, lots of sunroom updates, a new fireplace facade and a fresh color in the kitchen, hallway board & batten, etc). So without further ado, let’s walk around the house together. I’ll chat while John mans the camera (you don’t want me holding the camera, trust me).

A few notes:

  • We filmed this on our Nikon D3200 (we mainly use it as a digital camera, but occasionally make videos with it too).
  • I’m not sick this time (I was for the last two video tours, so I’m breaking that stupid tradition). Huzzah!
  • Why a towel falling to the ground as we made this video was so funny to me, I’ll never know. Watching it back, it’s not even remotely entertaining. Maybe I’m just a hyper/nervous tour giver? Yes, probably that.
  • Are the in-yo-face brassy doorknobs in the laundry room making you itch? I ORBed every other knob in the house, but dude I haven’t gotten on those yet…

And now, I thought I’d end with our last video tour from September, just because it’s fun to watch the evolution. I always drag my feet when it comes to making these videos, but then when I look back on them I’m so grateful that we make them because they’re like little bi-annual time capsules.

Do you guys ever videotape your house, just to see how it changes over time? Would your hubby ever walk around with you and hold the camera while you jabber on right next to him? That’s totally our method. Yes, John and I stroll around the house together while he holds the camera and I talk. I think he deserves 65,790 man-points for coming up with that insane technique, but somehow it works. Because if he were narrating it would sound like this: “this is the dining room (long pause) and this is the office (long pause) – ok we’re done.” And if I was chatting and holding the camera, 7 out of 10 people would lose their lunch while watching. Hence the four-legged video house tour tradition. Yeehaw.

Oh and if you’re watching our most recent tour and wondering what we still have on our to-do list, here’s a somewhat updated rundown that has all that info for ya. I smell a guest bathroom update along with some porch and carport projects. Can I get a what what? No? A high five then? How about good old fashioned talk to the hand?

Psst- You can peruse all the other house tour videos that we’ve made since we moved in here, here, here, here, here, and here. And here’s an outside tour from last summer. Viva la video camera!


  1. says

    I was seeing double Burgers! That was so funny!

    I’m thinking I need to do this because we were just talking the other night about how the Mr can’t remember small details (okay, or big ones) where home things are concerned. So that might be a good idea just so he’ll remember things like paint color, floors, blinds, etc. Me, I can tell you every surface of the 6 different homes I lived in as a child. *shrug*

  2. Amanda says

    Update on the art in the new board and batten hallway. please! Looks so cool! Are they places you’ve been? Or, places you want to go?

  3. Allisen says

    Wow! You guys sure have come a long way in a *relatively* short time!

    What is the art in the board and batten hallway? Looks interesting!

  4. Ivana says

    What happened to the dining room chandelier?
    I love your view from to office -> dining room. Everything is so beautifully centered and kinda of symmetric, without being too matchy-matchy.

  5. says

    This was my first house tour and I loved it!!! Makes me want to go do some updates :)

    When you first said “Burger is in the window”, I thought you were talking about the statue dog on the table and I was concerned that Burger was staying so still! Ha!

    • says

      Ha! In re-watching it we realized the same thing. In person we could see him clearly in the windowsill but then on camera you could only see the cardboard one. Glad we moved closer so everyone could see him!


  6. says

    Thanks for the tour! I don’t do videos, but I do take before/after pics of each room and keep them in an FB album. I’m always surprised how many times a room has changed since we moved in here 6 years ago. And we’re not done! I don’t think I’ll ever decide on a final paint color.

  7. jillian says

    Love this! I feel like there’s always a ‘Where’s Burger’ aspect to it, haha. You never know when he’s gonna up pop up! Could be a could idea for Young House Life? Find Burger in this photo! ;)

  8. J. says

    Thanks for the updated tour! I love seeing how everything is connected and views of rooms from different areas of the house!

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