Five Random Bits

Since it’s Thursday afternoon and we’ve been known to veer off into random territory (like this, this, this, and this), I thought I’d toss another one on the barbie, er, blog. Below are things you probably never knew about me and John. Is it proof of our over-sharing tendencies? Yes. Evidence that we’re more than a little weird? Absolutely. But we just had so much fun with a Ten-Things-You-Didn’t-Know-About-Us post waaay back in 2009…

… that we thought it was high time we broke out this post three years later. So without further ado, some random bits:

1. I’ve always wanted to name a band. Not be in one or marry a rockstar. Just name one. All the time I say something weird and exclaim “that would make a great band name!” My favorite band name brain child: “What Ever Happened To Breckin Meyer?” (said out loud after seeing an old Road Trip trailer). Other favorites: “Exhibit A” and “Venn Diagram.” I know, I know. I’m certifiable. But it’s my idea of a good time. Also, I came up with “Pass The Mustard” last night and I’m kinda into it…

2. We assign babies to correlating animals. In a very very loving way. For example Clara’s a turtle. And a little bird. We see both of those animals in her all the time.We have about a million pictures that we glance at and say “Tuuurtle!” or “It’s The Bird!” She also has cousins who are a chipmunk, a bear, a monkey, and a puppy. Seriously, they all have assigned animals – at least in our heads. Here’s Clara’s “angry bird” face.

3. I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea (and I might be a little scared if she was), but I’m totally under (as in, in no way over) Bethenny Frankel. I’ve seen every episode of Housewives Of New York, Bethenny Getting Married, Bethenny Ever After and even read her book called A Place Of Yes (I thought hearing about things like almost getting on the regular Apprentice and ending up on the Martha Stewart one were fascinating because there’s lots of behind the scenes stuff). And this next part might be polarizing to admit, but once a few years ago after a particularly good old episode of Housewives of New York I turned to John and said “now I totally understand why people get tattoos of celebrities.” Yikes, right? I just adore her hilarious honesty about herself – and I know some people are over her now, but I’m still on the train. She’s just so quick to confirm that she went crazy or had a lapse of judgment instead of denying it. I think it’s refreshing and I try to use that as my inspiration when I’m feeling defensive. That’s right, Bethenny Frankel is my inspiration. Hey, whatever works, right?

4. Nearly almost every day of Clara’s first six months on this planet she peed on her dad while he changed her diaper. We heard that was only a boy thing, but as soon as the first diaper came off, she just let it flow. And she usually made the face below. Is that not a Dr Evil/Mini-Me face or what? Hilarious. Note: John did not find it as hilarious as I did.

5. John’s favorite comeback (well, maybe second to “That’s What She Said”) is “Your Face.” No matter what someone says. For example, this dialog has actually transpired in our house – Sherry: “Oh man, did you leave that bag out in the car?” John: “Your face.” And for some reason I laugh every time. It’s his catch phrase. And I guess if pressed mine is “I do what I want!” spoken in a faux bratty tone. Even as a response to John asking if I’ll hand him the remote (which I then do and follow up with a pouty “here, but only because I wanted to”). Dorks for life.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me five random things, or at least one, about you. Do you put ketchup on your steak? Sing show-tunes in the shower? Count stairs whenever you’re on them (I totally do that in my head most of the time). Come on guys, let’s have some Thursday afternoon bonding, shall we?


  1. says

    Let’s see…..besides the usual knocking on wood….my family likes to make fun of me because of a cheer I did in middle school when I was a cheerleader for our middle school basketball team. Ready for the inappropriate lyrics? “Shake it, don’t break, it took nine months to make it….” The cheer goes on. We finally do make reference to “the team.”

    Sooooooo inappropriate for a middle school cheerleading squad. However, I have a wall art idea and the main phrase will be “Shake it, don’t break it.” Ha!

  2. Diana says

    I TOTALLY used to assign animals to my teachers in high school! Not even kidding. Actually, my now-brother-in-law used to sit next to each other in biology class and assign them together. Sometimes they were pretty obvious (we had a for sure poodle and polar bear), but some were more hilarious (like the disgruntled duck).

    Here is a random confession: Yesterday I made myself a bowl of popcorn while my 2 year old was SUPPOSED to be napping. But when she came out to stall bedtime again, I shoved the whole bowl under a pillow just so I would not have to share :-) And I may have done that several times before, too!

    • says

      I do that, too! I’m so glad I’m not alone. I will confess, one time I hid a bowl of ice cream under my shirt when I was pregnant and pretended to pet the baby. :P

    • kourtney says

      Omg… my husband and i do this all the time. Sometime we don’t even wait until our 3 year old is in bed. Riley will be watching tv or concentrating on something else i will try to get his attention by calling his name and get totally ignored. Then i get some sort of food I don’t want him to have and miraculously he is immediately like ” oh mommy what do you have?”. I guess from now on I need some sort of decoy candy wrapper to get his attention right away.

  3. says

    lol I’m definitely a “that’s what she said” person too. Someone once told me I look like a baby bear… not sure what that means, but I kinda see it! If you watch the Office, Dwight looks like “Tard the cat”. Google it. That cat is hilariously similar to Dwight.. in looks and personality!

  4. Sara B. says

    I give my dog many, many nicknames.

    His name is Hobbes, but he’s also Hobbes Goblin, Gobblin, Monster, Monstrosity, ‘Strosity, Bucket, and Monkey.

    He also responds to them all. And I sort of pretend like he listens better when I call him Monster.

    • Chaley says

      Our cat’s name is Mandy, but we call her chichen wichen and I don’t know why… She will answer to either.

      My mother renames her cats like you do your dog. She had a cat named Daisy who became Daisy May who became Maisey.

    • Chelsea says

      My dog also has many names and somehow still knows who he is! hahah Here they are! Ruger, Ruger Bug, Bugs, Rugs, Rugsy, Rugsy Boo, Bugger Boo, Boo Boo Kittens (my husband continues to remind me he isnt a kitten haha).. poor dog!

    • Amanda says

      My mom has an orange tabby who came with the name “Flower” when she adopted him. Great male cat name, right? LOL. Somehow it became Fava, then Fava Bean, and now he’s just Bean. At least it had an evolution. We just randomly started calling our terrier/chihuahua mix Puppa or Scooter one day. His name is Emmett. :P

    • Alisha says

      My dog Gracie goes by Monster, too! There is even a canister of dog treats in the car labeled “Monster Treats”

    • Annmarie says

      We named our cat Carley, and our nicknames for her are: Carley Fries, Carls Barkely, Carley Sheen, Carley Davidson, Larry, Moe, and Carley, Carley Chaplin, Carlow Richie, and Fat Carls (because she is kind of large.) Most of the time we refer to her simply as Carls.

  5. Katie says

    I’ll bite….as I should be finding something to do with my time other than sitting here…

    1. Whenever I see a digital clock, I do math in my brain, always dividing the minutes by the hour.

    2. I also think of words in my head that I hear and think of other words that I can make out of it.

    3. I have a tendency to get started in a project and not be able to finish it for whatever reason, leaving a big mess for my husband to finish up and interrupt whatever his plans are.

    4. I wait around for your post to show up some days. What can I say, I lead a dull, watch the paint dry kind of life.

    5. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up…at the age of 31 with 5 kids…

    • Andi says

      I do math on the clock too! Only I have to find some way to make the numbers be equal. Doesn’t work for lots of them. Here’s an example: if it says 12:36, I say one times to times three equals six! I am so weird.

  6. Ali Miller says

    1. I also exclaim, “I do what I want!” often.
    2. I sing Queen songs in the shower…, and typically while playing their Live Aid performance (from before I was born) on my phone.
    3. I will now be making name signs to go in my houseplants a la Katie, an above commenter, starting with the ones that don’t grow as fast as others.

    • Ali Miller says

      Oh! And my favorite one: I play hide and seek from my dogs. I call them from the end of the hallway, and they run into the bedroom, but sometimes I slip into the hall bath or another bedroom….they come looking for me and sometimes I pop out and scare them. It is HILARIOUS. My dog Bear gives what we call the “aw shucks” where he tilts his head sideways and swings one paw up in the air for a shake.

    • Ashley says

      I definitely do the hide and seek with the dog. I can hear him running up and down the stairs looking for me. However, he has gotten clever and now knows where my hiding spot is! Guess I need a new hiding spot!

    • Kaitlyn says

      Haha, I like to tease my dog too. He totally loves my mother and loves to sit on her lap. If I say “Mummy’s home!!”, he will dash off her lap and jump around at the front door to welcome her in… the very woman he was with two seconds earlier!

  7. says

    As demonstrated at the book signing in DC last night, I like to name inanimate objects (Seymour the sea urchin, Steven the dinosaur lamp, etc.)
    Other random things: I would love to be the lead singer of an 80’s cover band and I like Worcestershire sauce on my baked potato.

  8. Lindsay says

    1. I can flip my eyelids inside out.
    2. I am certified to operate a forklift (it was for an old job).
    3. I am 29.5 (and married) and still sleep with a teddy bear named Gundie that I was given at birth by my aunt.
    4. A good friend of mine plays in the WNBA for Seattle.
    5. I REALLY hope my brother made it to WestElm in Chicago to patiently wait in line for ya’ll to sign your book for me:)

  9. says

    I’ve got one for you: I love, love, love Taylor Swift. Like giddy tween love her. I am determined to meet her one day (when she will, of course, want to be my best friend! Ha). Ok maybe I’ve got two for you…I like a few gummy bears in my chocolate frozen yogurt or ice cream. Is that gross?

    It was great meeting you last night in DC! Thanks for coming and signing my book!

    • Casey says

      Oh.em.gee! I love Taylor Swift too!! My sister and I are totally obsessed with her! We have seen her in concert a half dozen times and she even touched my hand once!! We constantly talk about her like she is our real best friend.(I’m 29 and she is 27)

    • keri says

      you have another fellow swiftie — 5 concerts in, and i frequently have dreams where her and I are BFFs and hanging out. not TOO weird right???

  10. says

    Probably the most random thing about Brian & I is we write each other notes each day. We are super dorks. We have this notebook that we write how we are feeling, what we are thinking, anything really into and leave it around the house for the other person to read and write back. It’s like passing notes in school – except we are adults and doing it as a way to talk to each other since we don’t see each other much. Nerds.. I know.

    • says

      That’s really sweet! I was deleting emails from my old email account the other day and realized that I used to send Sherry a good morning email every day when I arrived at work (when I was at my old job). How thoughtful I was back then! :)


    • says

      That is quite possibly the most adorable thing ever and now I’m pissed my husband isn’t that sweet/thoughtful. I’m going to find a notebook and make him write me a note! ;)

    • Marci says

      My husband goes to work before I do and makes my coffee every morning, with a sweet “Have a good day” note on top of a clean coffee cup. Then, because I go to bed later than he does, I write him a note back so that he finds it by the coffee pot in the morning. :)

  11. Chelsea says

    If I named a band it would be The Hudson River Diamond Pickers. Diamond Pickers were the nickname for the kids who were paid to pick horse poo off the ice that was cut on the river and then put into the ice houses waaaay back when.

    Also my husband’s redneck catch phrase is “Sure smells like it.” Classy.

    • Kathryn says

      This is my new factoid of the day! (I meant about the kids, but appreciate that that sentence could have been followed by a ‘sure smells like it’). Thanks!

  12. says

    My mom has always called me by my middle name (Michelle), but I go by Lauren by everyone else. It’s super confusing because I don’t think a thing of it, but it always throws off my friends and in-laws. Once I even had a friend tell my mom “you know her name is Lauren right?” which quickly lost him all respect as a human being to my mom.

    • Stephany says

      My family is the SAME way- both my sister and I went by our middle names with family… got even more confusing when I had nephews as they had an uncle aaron (and my family calls me erin) so I am stephany to grown up friends, erin to family and kid friends, and ali to my nephews!! People thought I was TWINS when I was in middle school -so I actually hyphenated the two names together for middle and high school… LOL!

  13. Kate says

    My boyfriend and I do the create a band name all the time, sometimes we get too into it and plan out the albumn names too!

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