Five Random Bits

Since it’s Thursday afternoon and we’ve been known to veer off into random territory (like this, this, this, and this), I thought I’d toss another one on the barbie, er, blog. Below are things you probably never knew about me and John. Is it proof of our over-sharing tendencies? Yes. Evidence that we’re more than a little weird? Absolutely. But we just had so much fun with a Ten-Things-You-Didn’t-Know-About-Us post waaay back in 2009…

… that we thought it was high time we broke out this post three years later. So without further ado, some random bits:

1. I’ve always wanted to name a band. Not be in one or marry a rockstar. Just name one. All the time I say something weird and exclaim “that would make a great band name!” My favorite band name brain child: “What Ever Happened To Breckin Meyer?” (said out loud after seeing an old Road Trip trailer). Other favorites: “Exhibit A” and “Venn Diagram.” I know, I know. I’m certifiable. But it’s my idea of a good time. Also, I came up with “Pass The Mustard” last night and I’m kinda into it…

2. We assign babies to correlating animals. In a very very loving way. For example Clara’s a turtle. And a little bird. We see both of those animals in her all the time.We have about a million pictures that we glance at and say “Tuuurtle!” or “It’s The Bird!” She also has cousins who are a chipmunk, a bear, a monkey, and a puppy. Seriously, they all have assigned animals – at least in our heads. Here’s Clara’s “angry bird” face.

3. I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea (and I might be a little scared if she was), but I’m totally under (as in, in no way over) Bethenny Frankel. I’ve seen every episode of Housewives Of New York, Bethenny Getting Married, Bethenny Ever After and even read her book called A Place Of Yes (I thought hearing about things like almost getting on the regular Apprentice and ending up on the Martha Stewart one were fascinating because there’s lots of behind the scenes stuff). And this next part might be polarizing to admit, but once a few years ago after a particularly good old episode of Housewives of New York I turned to John and said “now I totally understand why people get tattoos of celebrities.” Yikes, right? I just adore her hilarious honesty about herself – and I know some people are over her now, but I’m still on the train. She’s just so quick to confirm that she went crazy or had a lapse of judgment instead of denying it. I think it’s refreshing and I try to use that as my inspiration when I’m feeling defensive. That’s right, Bethenny Frankel is my inspiration. Hey, whatever works, right?

4. Nearly almost every day of Clara’s first six months on this planet she peed on her dad while he changed her diaper. We heard that was only a boy thing, but as soon as the first diaper came off, she just let it flow. And she usually made the face below. Is that not a Dr Evil/Mini-Me face or what? Hilarious. Note: John did not find it as hilarious as I did.

5. John’s favorite comeback (well, maybe second to “That’s What She Said”) is “Your Face.” No matter what someone says. For example, this dialog has actually transpired in our house – Sherry: “Oh man, did you leave that bag out in the car?” John: “Your face.” And for some reason I laugh every time. It’s his catch phrase. And I guess if pressed mine is “I do what I want!” spoken in a faux bratty tone. Even as a response to John asking if I’ll hand him the remote (which I then do and follow up with a pouty “here, but only because I wanted to”). Dorks for life.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me five random things, or at least one, about you. Do you put ketchup on your steak? Sing show-tunes in the shower? Count stairs whenever you’re on them (I totally do that in my head most of the time). Come on guys, let’s have some Thursday afternoon bonding, shall we?


  1. Robin Benard says

    I always proclaim “STOP TELLING ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE”(in a very dramatic fashion) Whenever someone suggests something mundane.

    ex: Boss:”Robin, You seem to have dropped your pencil”


    Permanent roommate: “Thats the turn off coming up…”

    I cant even say why I do it. I just…do.

  2. says

    I’m totally with you on the naming of bands! Way back in middle school I thought Screaming Trees would be a great name for a band, and after a quick google search, it appears it IS a band name. Apparently I never got that memo. I also think Psychedelic Pop-Tarts would be a great name as well.

    1. I’ve never had a pedicure. My friends think I’m crazy and deprived.
    2. I count stairs as well. 36 at our last apartment. 0 in our house now.
    3.I hate talking on the phone. Even to my husband. My mom and best friend are the only two people I actually enjoy talking on the phone to. I’d much rather text someone.
    4.I’ll only ride thrill rides or roller coasters at the Disney Parks. Any other place it freaks me out too much and I will not ride them.

    • says

      Hey, Melissa! I’ve never had a pedicure, either, and am similarly judged for it. (I don’t like folks touchin’ my tootsies!) I ALSO hate talking on the phone — except with my mom and best friend (same as you regarding hubby).

      It’s nice to find folks with things in common. :-) And I don’t think these things are weird, at all. Folks are just quirky in their own ways.

    • Alisha says

      LOL! I have since college insisted a great name for an all girl punk band would be “Roast Beef Pussy” but it has yet to catch on….

    • Jessica Feinberg says

      That IS crazy!! You should get a pedicure!! Or does it freak you out? I have a friend that’s never had a manicure or pedicure – but it’s mostly because she is very frugal. :)

    • Aaroohii says

      Thanks for making me feel normal!
      Recently my friend got married and every girl got mani’s and pedi’s and I was like why do u guys waste money on such a small part of ur body! They call me crazy.
      I also don’t like to talk on the phone except with mom and my bestie. Weird I know, but its awkward to think about things one after another to talk about.
      I thought I was weird for these two qualities, but good to know m not alone :).

    • Kari says

      My husband and I constantly come up with band names! I came up with my best one while pregnant, researching breastfeeding: NIPPLE CONFUSION. Unfortunately, I am not very creative because the all-mom band in the movie Young Adult (starring Charlize Theron) is called Nipple Confusion. They must have gotten the idea from me!!

    • Mari says

      On the theme of trees…my best friend in elementary school and I definitely came up with the band name “The Slap-Happy Trees”. That provided at LEAST an hour or two of entertainment.

    • Kristin says

      My freshman year of college, my roommate and I were in our respective beds, lights off, having one of those late-night roommate talks, and we somehow got talking about colors. And about some color (I can’t remember which), I said, “Oh, that’s probably my second place favorite color.” And she like, YELPED, “OMIGOD! SECOND PLACE FAVORITE COLOR?! THAT’S LIKE, THE BEST IDEA FOR A BAND NAME, EVER! I am so naming my future band that.” As far as I know, name’s still available…..

  3. says

    Love it!!! We do the That’s what she said” too.
    1. Whenever my hubby and I get off the phone we never say bye, we always say “till then” some
    2. My family has about 5 nicknames for each person
    3. We frequently weave movie lines into our conversations
    4. I call my sisters who live in Canada every morning as a “wakeup call” a tradition started by my dad
    5. My little JBear and I always say:
    Me: When your right……
    JBear: your right!

    • Chyenne says

      Haley – My sister and I have decided what animal people are since we were kids. Some times there was no animal. ie we went to school with a kid who was in fact a Gollum, and my sister is a critter from the Little Critter kid books.

  4. Anne Marie says

    In response to number 4 – the same thing happens to my husband with our daughter. I die laughing, he too does not fine it as funny as I do! :-) Our girls must find the need to start training their fathers young to make sure they are always on their toes!

  5. Kim B says

    Wow, no one has commented yet??? Well, I won’t leave you hanging. I talk to my dog, which I know is not strange, a lot of people do that. However, our entire family has a different voice we use and answer for him too…wierd, huh?

    • Kaity says

      In a similar vein, I talk my house the same way I talk to my dog. Like I’ll get home after being away for a couple of days and say ‘did you miss me? I missed you. Who’s a good house!’ If it had ears i think I’d scratch behind them. My partner/mother/everyone thinks I’m nuts. Actually, having typed that I’m starting to see their point.

    • says

      We reply on behalf of the dog all the time too! Our friends think we’re insane. If one person asks the dog a question, the other one answers based on his expression.
      Yeah, guess we are crazy after all. :)

  6. says

    So I LOVE Bethanny too! I can’t help it. Her story is amazing and while I have vowed to never watch a single episode of any housewives show of any kind, I watch her “getting married” and “ever after” shows every season. Love.

    And something random…I always wear slippers around my house. Always. I hate being barefoot and our hard wood it too slippery in socks. Even during the summer—slippers. Right now, in fact, I’m sporting a pair of fleece lined ones I bought on sale for stu, but took possession of even though they are way too big.

    • says

      Oh my gosh! I always wear slippers too! I hate being barefoot in the house (floors are too cold, might step on a crumb and totally freak out, etc). When I walk in the door, I go straight to the closet to take off my shoes and put on my slippers. And my husband’s all like ‘Why don’t you just leave your shoes on?’ He’ll never understand. (and maybe nobody else will understand either?)

    • Megan says

      I always have socks or slippers on. I hate being barefoot. I will never understand people who go barefoot!!

    • Stephanie says

      I’m a “slippers in the house” girl too! As soon as I get home from anywhere, my shoes come off and slippers go on. And they’re actually my husbands, and they’re a tad big, but I hate the slim petite womens slippers!

      I have to confess, when I see pics of Clara, Sherry, or John not wearing any shoes around the house I cringe!

      I also have a problem going bare foot in a hotel room or someones house. Gross!

  7. says

    Hahaha! This was a fun post. My husband and I are totally nerds too! I usually say “Your mom” and he’s the “I do what I want.” We also are obsessed with Lord of the Rings so we call each other “my precious” or talk like LOL Catz.

    “Can haz Christmas presentz tonights precious?”

    • Melissa says

      Was not planning to post here, just enjoy, but I HAD to respond to this! My husband’s nickname for me is Sméagol because we were living together, but planning on engagement when the movies came out and he thought it was hilarious to imply I was coveting a ring. Irony is, the wedding band he picked out for himself looks EXACTLY like the One Ring. 8.5 years of marriage later and that’s still my nickname. And our 4 year old calls me that sometimes. Which is hilarious.

      His come-back is “you’re a___” as in, “could you bring up the laundry basket?” “you’re a laundry basket” I think it comes from the South Park “you’re a towel” thing. And we also use “I just saying” all the time, based on a comment our nephew made as a toddler after dropping the f-bomb.

      Also, I create movie casts in my head for any book I am reading, LOVE advice columns, swish my favorite soda, diet 7up around my mouth once before I swallow it and practically have a meltdown when I get the hiccups.

    • Annmarie says

      YES! My husband and I talk in LOLcats language to our cats. “You can’t climb that! You has no claws!” Or, “NO! You can’t has spaghetti!”
      It slips into normal conversation and now my family thinks I’m insane.

  8. says

    Lol to #4!

    -I get the most random cravings for artichokes. As in I will go to the store just to buy an artichoke, spend 18 minutes steaming in in the microwave & then just sit down & eat an entire artichoke with nothing but a little lemon juice & olive oil. Anyone else? No? Just me? sigh
    -I randomly start singing about what I am doing at the time. (“I ammmm foldddddiiinnnngggg the laundry”) & never really thought about it much until my toddler niece started doing the same
    – Peanut butter & pickle sandwiches are the shizz
    – I can not sit still. Ever, & I’m not even aware I’m fidgeting 90% of the time (until my husband tells me to stop it)
    -Even when I’m hot I feel like I need a blanket on me… I think I just like the weight on my legs or something… I dk

    • Christi says

      If you love an artichoke, then steam it then baste it with olive oil, grill for 2 minutes per side and did it a remoulde (sp?) sauce…. I can eat a whole artichoke easily!

    • Alisha says

      I LOVE pb and pickles sammies!!!! with cheese! and a glass of OJ!!! all my fav flavs all in one place!

    • Chelsea says

      LOVE LOVE LOVE PB & Pickles sandwiches.. everyone thinks I’m crazy. In college, I would even buy the little pickles and dip them in PB!

    • Amanda says

      I do the artichoke thing, too – except I didn’t know I could just MICROWAVE THEM OMG. Here I’ve been steaming them on the stove all this time! It takes, like, 35 minutes. I eat mine with mayo and curry powder.
      I will totally nuke/steam an artichoke in your honor.

    • says

      Haha love that How I met your mother episode! It is totally how I am in real life.

      Yes people always think I’m crazy for PB&P but I’ve managed to convince a handful of those people to try it and every SINGLE one has ended up raving about it.

      Amanda- I used to do them on the stove to but it is so much faster in the microwave! Only 15-18 minutes and it should be done (but otherwise the directions are pretty much the same- cut in half, rub with lemon juice & then olive oil, salt & a small amount of water in the dish)

    • Kristy H. says

      Ha! My sister is fidgety like that too… we call her Fidgets and she happily answers to it.
      I’m with you on the blanket thing too… I just stick my feet out!

  9. Cora says

    I have had way too many dreams about you guys! I wonder what my brain is trying to process in that moment when you appear in my dream and I’m at your house watching Clara. Totally cray I know!

    Also, your blog is the only blog that I have read on a consistent basis for 3 years! I usually stop reading blogs or only check them once in a while but I just love hearing about the house or getting a Clara update!

  10. Emily L says

    Sometimes if I’m thirsty and want salt, I’ll have a swig of pickle juice (from a jar of Claussen pickles). Yum!

    • Jamie F says

      I LOVE Claussen pickles too! But I have this weird texture issue where I cannot stand to eat the seedy parts of pickles (same applies to cucumbers), so I fillet them like a fish and just eat the outside. Mmmm, now I want some pickles :)

    • bonniek says

      pickle juice is my jam. But only dill.

      This post and the comments are killing me tonight. Thank you all for entertaining me on what was looking to be a very boring Friday.

    • Nadia says

      Omg! I’m not much of a drinker, but when I do, I’ll go for a dirty martini, extra dirty, which basically means they just put in a bunch of the olive juice!! Sooo good! And I drank pickle juice as a kid too. Ha!

    • Annmarie says

      When I was little, my younger sister would drink pickle juice (to my disgust.) So I told her pickle juice was the digestive juices from cows… I know I’m evil. Now we both LOVE Claussen pickles. I’ve apologized profusely.

  11. K says

    Every single time my husband, who I have been with for 10+ years, gets a check at a restaurant he makes a shocked expression, then an “Oh.. my bad” look, flips the check.. then once again makes an even more Shocked expression. I don’t know why.. but I laugh every time.

    • says

      My husband opens the little folder with the check in it, then slams it shut, declaring, “I won’t pay it!”

    • Sally says

      My dad always asks the server (in a very serious voice) “Do you take cash?” I roll my eyes, but love it as a dad-ism.

    • Michelle B says

      My husband likes to pretend we aren’t actually together wherever we go. Like when it’s just the two of us at a restaurant, and the server brings the check, he’ll say, “Oh can you split this please.” Or even if we’re with our kids, he’ll say, “I’m on my own check.” When we’re at the grocery store, and we both start loading the stuff onto the conveyer belt, he’ll say very loudly, “Excuse me, ma’am, could you please not put your stuff so close to mine!” It always makes people feel uncomfortable so we laugh!

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