Knock Knock… Who’s There?


Moose Who?

Moose Lamp!!!

Wait, but some of that pic is photoshopped. I can explain.

It all started when I saw a moose lamp at an moving sale back in West Virginia when we were there to makeover Granny’s bathroom

I couldn’t resist grabbing him for ten bucks.

His shade was an odd too-small shape and his paint was flaking off in a few places…

… but I knew I could take him from log-cabin to log-cabin-chic with a little spray paint and a new shade. So guess what? Dude, I got on that (see how these odd, usually-animal-related “Dude Get On That Already” challenges started here). I got on that moose like a cowboy. That’s totally a thing right? Moose-riding cowboys?

As for a color, I knew I could go a bunch of ways with him (blue moose? yeah, buddy!) but after some serious moose-related thought I went with white. Why? Duh, because he looks like a ceramic animal first of all. And second of all, because that frees me up to do something crazy fun with his shade. We’re talking patterned fabric. Oh yeah. I’m a wild woman. I even have the exact shade in mind, but it’s a secret book project so I can’t share it until the 6th when the book is officially out – but I’m totally planning to pair that DIYed fabric shade with Malcolm (what? that’s my moose lamp’s name) and hook up Clara’s big girl room with a super fun dose of color and ceramic moose power.

The best part? When I had the lamp out on the table before I got around to spray priming and painting it (I just used Rustoleum Universal since it has a built in primer in it) I said “What’s that?” to Clara and pointed at the lamp and she said “I don’t know what it is” and I said “It’s a lamp with a moose on it!” and she said “I want a moose with a moose on it!” and I said “well I don’t have a moose with a moose on it, but it’s a lamp with a moose on it!” and Clara looked me in the eye and totally deadpanned: “moose… with… a… moose… on it.” Like she was spelling it out nice and slow so I’d understand. That chick is hilarious.

Thankfully after I sprayed him white and paired him up with the secret fabric shade that’s waiting in our crazy cluttered playroom (can’t believe it fits perfectly! it’s actually the original shade from the glass based lamps that a certain mischievous painting broke – we’d replaced the shades with whiter versions and had old ones around for secret book projects last December) Clara was 100% down with Malcolm…

… as in, she can’t wait for him to live with her in her big girl room. And she says goodnight and good morning to him every day (and even offers him snacks sometimes). The moral of the story? When in doubt, introduce a moose lamp to encourage manners and sharing.

And as for the photoshopping that I said I’d explain, I just faked a patterned shade (by grabbing this one from here and photoshopping it on). And while I was at it, I showed how a white moose on a white table might be blah, but could be amazing on something painted – like a soft celery green table (or even a rustic wood dresser).

Moose, there it is.

What have you guy been getting on lately? Anyone else doing any other ceremonial spraying of animals? Or ceremonial spaying of animals?


  1. Sarah says

    Dude, I got on my mantle this weekend. Well, not literally. But I did give it the fresh coat of white paint that it needed so badly, and I finally decorated for fall/Halloween.

    Sweet Moose lamp, my little brother always wanted and asked for a Pineapple lamp when he was younger. Not sure why, but now I want to find one as a gift for the upcoming holidays!

  2. says

    I LOVE the moose lamp. Homes should be fun and funny. I love how much humour you bring to your style. Do you ever hit up garage or moving sales and not find something awesome?! Maybe my neighbors are just lame and don’t appreciate the awesomeness of things like a moose lamp! ;)

  3. says

    I love how whimsical the moose looks. Every time I go to the thrift store I ALWAYS look for ceramic animals to paint. Everyone else must have the same idea because I honestly can never find one. One of these days I’ll find the secret door to the ceramic animal mecca.

    As for what we’ve been doing lately… keeping sane. We’ve had quite the fiasco hanging barn doors in the basement. Shattered egos and hair loss have been the major consequence of that. It’s finally sorted out though.

    Can’t wait to see the lamp shade and to read your book! I am seriously counting down the days :)

  4. Stefanie says

    Is Clara getting a big girl room sometime in the very near future? I think that’s the room I’ve been anticipating the start of the most. I remember how sweet those heart covered laterns you bought 100 years ago were and long for them to be used. haha.

    The lamp looks great..can’t wait to see it in all of it’s glory after the book release.

    • says

      We’d love to get on that soon! Probably in a few months when we’re back from the tour and finally have all the secret book projects cleared outta there!


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