Drilling Holes In Your Pumpkins For Spooky Wood Snakes

Just to be clear, that post title is meant to be said in a Dr. Dre-esque fashion like he does in this song (aw yeah, $herdog still rocks out to the clean version of this 1999 classic). And now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about something hardcore. Pumpkins, yo.

This year we got lumpy bumpy orangy-red ones instead of the usual smooth yellow-orange guys just for kicks. The coolest thing about them is that they have stems on the bottom and top, which is kind of fun. Pretty much as soon as we got them home we got to work hollowing them out, and I directed John to make a face like a serial killer (am I the only one who types cereal killer and then has to backspace and correct myself every time?) and we got this stellar shot. In John’s defense, he does look awesomely creepy… so… mission accomplished.

Mmm, pumpkin seeds. Those were all eaten before these photos were even uploaded. What does that say about us? Either we’re sadly slow bloggers or just very hungry for seasonal delicacies. I’ll go with the latter. And now, just because I’ve been having fun with “___, there it is” lately…

Scoop, there it is.

Once we had both pumpkins hollowed out we got to break out the power tools. Yeah buddy. I told you these pumpkins were gonna be hardcore. We actually came up with this crazy idea in bed a few days beforehand (wait, that sounds wrong, we were just doing some horizontal brainstorming, wait that sounds wrong again – we were just thinking about pumpkins before bed, ok?).

We were saying how it would be fun to do something wormy for our worm-loving Clara (like carving holes and then sticking gummy worms into all of them so they looked like they were creeping out) when we realized that we still had these wooden craft store snakes that I painted last year.

And since Clara loves these wiggly little snakes just as much as worms, we realized we could combine them with pumpkins for a snake-tastic Halloween effect. And thus, the idea of using the more snake-sized bit on the drill to make the holes was born. I loved how the drill made little ribbons of pumpkin as it went through.

Oh snap. Those are some bad a$$ pumpkins. Mixed in with some pretty sinister ceramic animals. You totally wouldn’t want to run into them in a dark alley, right? Let’s get a little closer…

Aw yeah, there it is. A lumpy wart-ish double-stemmed pumpkin that has been infested with snakes! And then a ratty old crow came down and landed on it. That’s some tough luck for Mr. Pumpkin, eh? Bummers for you dude.

Here’s the other guy. All holed up and snaked out.

And I couldn’t help myself so I rearranged my printing block letters that spell LOVE to say EVIL (I drew in the “I” on the back side of the O a few years back here) along with adding a few other you-shouldn’t-be-surprised things like…

… ceramic animals! Holla. Don’t they look awesomely creep-tastic when they’re grouped with a crow, some snakes, and two gnarled old pumpkins? I love how the frog and the pumpkins both have warts.

I even grabbed our white ceramic rabbit from the deck because for some reason he seemed like he could be a little “rabidly scary” in the right setting. I think it works. Plus, if you were a ceramic bunny, wouldn’t it be a little bit thrilling to end up displayed with other tougher creatures like snakes and crows? It’s like he gets to take a walk on the wild side for a hot second before ducking back over into cute fuzzy bunny territory the rest of the year.

I kinda wished I could paint “blood” in drippy red paint over the word “love” in the art, but that would be permanent, so maybe I’ll cut out the letters from red construction paper and delicately stick them on with poster putty or something. Or I’ll just leave it and ignore the uplifting and happy quote above my spooky little table of Halloween goodness.

Oh and we still have to frame our skullified selves (made a few years back thanks to Photoshop) in the hallway frame wall. This baby comes out every year and we play the “slip it into a frame grouping and see who notices” game.

Speaking of ghosts of Halloweens past, we have nearly a dozen Halloween posts on our Holiday project page, complete with a bunch of creep-a-delic projects, tablescapes, and more – so if you’re looking for puffy painted pumpkins, maniacal monograms, batty bid-ness, or bloody candles, we’ve got you covered.

What are you guys doing to spook things up at home? Does it involved ceramic animals and a power drill? If it doesn’t, $herdog strongly encourages you to reconsider. Ya heard?  *mic drop*

Psst- John misses you guys and is sorry he hasn’t blogged for a few days. He’s been working on our powerpoint presentation for our talk in Cincy this Saturday (I’ll pause while he mimes pushing his glasses up his nose and putting on his pocket protector) but he’ll be dropping in later and tomorrow with those posts for ya!


  1. says

    That is such a cool idea! Great job!
    We don’t celebrate Halloween here in Spain (at least we didn’t use to when I was a kid – we’ve received calls from several kids who were trick or treating these last few years and I keep seeing Halloween stuff pop up randomly at stores lately, so it might be a new thing) but I love seeing stuff like this! We don’t have those lumpy pumpkins either. They look more real than the others, somehow.

  2. Kathryn says

    Love the post BUT Next Episode had to have been way before 2006. I remember it as being one of the first songs I downloaded on Napster, I think in 2000?

  3. says

    I love this super simple idea. I feel like lately everyone has been trying to see how much MORE over the top they can get with their pumpkin decor. I think you guys simplified it perfectly.

    Does Clara love it? What are Clara and Burger going to be for Halloween?

    • says

      Aw thanks Mekenzie! She does love it and she and Burger have a costume pairing that they can’t wait to share! Pics soon I hope! This year I’m attempting to DIY her costume instead of buying it off the rack, so we’ll have to see how it turns out. Could be questionable… haha!


    • Kathryn says

      This comment made my day. I thought I was the only one who went there immediately when I saw the rabbit in the context of the display. “Well, that’s no ordinary rabbit! That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!”

      I go a bit crazy this time of year hunting down pumpkins to carve. They’re not as readily available here in Dublin, and my Irish husband just doesn’t understand this American girl’s NEED.

  4. lizaanne says

    Super super cute!!!! I love punkins that don’t look like typical punkins.

    Small suggestion – sometimes they like to get a little weepy in a warm house, so you might want to put a dish under them so they don’t weep all over your cool new dresser. :-) My mom ruined a beautiful piece of furniture one year that way when I was little – it was not pretty.

    • DawnSC says

      So wish I had seen this comment approximately 3 years ago, great idea! We’ve had terrible luck with the weeping in warm temps: after 3 years of every. single. pumpkin. we carved completely collapsing in a disgusting mess on our porch (one really bad year on our kitchen table before they even got put outside, yuck) out here in SoCal “fall”, we’ve given up on carving them. So sad. :( A small pie pumpkin has volunteered to be the victim this year to see if it holds up to being decorated but not carved…

  5. says

    Oh! I got a little creeped out looking at those guys.

    I did my porch (which I think I already posted the link here)

    and then the other day I made a little fall photo wall.

    I’m loving this whole having a house to decorate for the seasons thing! Just a few more things to do before Halloween! I’m hurrying to get my new dining table refinished for the party. No rest for the home obsessed.

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