How About A Bunch Of Photos Of Our New French Door?

Yesterday we shared a little ditty on DIYing vs. hiring things out with our busted old sliders as the star. They got stuck, had a broken screen, wouldn’t lock, and were rotting (you can read more about that right here).

Then we decided it was high time that we finally sprung for a set of pretty new french doors that were the same style as the door in our laundry room to keep the house from feeling too hodge-podge. Here’s a process pic during the whole switcheroo…

You can read more about the how and the why on the new french doors here. This post is all about the pictures (especially now that we’re done painting them – well at least one side of them, but more on that in a minute). First here’s a shot of the door after it was all installed. We just needed to paint the trim and both sides of the doors, which came primed but not painted.

So we taped off the trim and the hardware and John used a small foam roller to apply some Benjamin Moore Advance Paint in Decorators White (the same gallon leftover from this project and Granny’s bathroom cabinet) while I manned the short handled paint brush to get into all the grooves and around all the edges & trim that the roller couldn’t handle. In one afternoon we got one side of them done (the inside) since they only needed three thin and even coats, but we still have to do the outside. Maybe tomorrow…

In the words of Heather from the NY Housewives: Holla!

Isn’t she pretty? Don’t mind the hardware above that purty door, that’s just from the curtains that used to hang there (back when we were trying to hide the rotten parts of our old slider). We did try putting them back on for a hot second, but after seeing it both ways it was a lot better naked, if you know what I mean. But you can see the curtains in this pic that I took to demonstrate the coolest thing ever: when the doors are open, they don’t block traffic in the hallway. Thank goodness. It was hard to picture them before we got them installed, and we assured ourselves that we’d probably only have one door open most of the time (the one on the right) but it’s so nice to know now that they’re in that if we ever want to throw both doors open, the left door doesn’t block the whole hallway or anything. Whew.

And speaking of the little things that make ya happy, take a look at the sexy ORBed hardware. Me-ow.

But back to how we’ll use them. Most of the time we’ll just open this right door to slip in and out…

… but I have to admit that there’s something oddly thrilling about opening them both. It’s just so much openness that we didn’t have with the slider. And thanks to the screen being broken on the old doors, we don’t know what we’re missing (in other words, we don’t yearn for a screen yet since we haven’t used one in the almost-two-years that we’ve lived here, but there’s an add-on screen option for this door that we can later spring for from Home Depot if we change our minds).

Dear Old Slider, you had your day, but man, I won’t miss the front view…

… or the rear view.

New guy’s much better. Let’s call him Frenchie.

And thus ends the french door replacement picture-fest. Isn’t it crazy how a deck that takes months to come together can almost be trumped by a quick door upgrade? And once we stain/seal the deck, hide that ugly-riffic electric meter, and string some big bulb string lights overhead… well, I think this old alley will be straight up unrecognizable.

What have you guys upgraded that somehow made everything around it feel a little more swanky? You know how sometimes when you fix something up it makes the rest of the room just look bad by comparison? For some reason now I’m convinced that new doors have the opposite effect. Even our old scratched parquet floors look better when they’re next to Frenchie…

Psst- Clara + goats = love. More here.


  1. says

    I really like the way the door turned out, and it’ll be nice having such a large doorway (in case you ever buy giant furniture). Do you think you’ll add curtains on the doors themselves (like the kinds that are bunched in the center) or blinds or keep them as is?

    • says

      I think for now we love seeing straight out onto the porch (it’s a really private side of our house, so we don’t look out at people or the street or anything) – but who knows where we’ll end up!


  2. Janice says

    Are you going to replace the other two sets of sliders as well? You could do them all for around the $2000 you had allotted for the one set.

    • says

      Yeah, we have definitely thought about it, we’d just actually have to replace three (there’s one in the sunroom that leads out to the same upper patio as the left one in the living room, so to keep things consistent we’d have to spring for three new ones – and those are custom sizes, not regular sizes (more expensive). They also work perfectly (aren’t rotting, the screens work, they lock, etc) so we’re thinking for now they stay and maybe down the line if we have more loot saved up it might be something we’ll think about!


  3. says

    It really is SO pretty! Such a great upgrade! (We’ve got sliders in our den that we’d like to replace with French doors down the line, so I really appreciated the rundown on your options that you had yesterday…)

  4. Beth says

    Hi John and Sherry!

    I am so jealous that you can have the doors open like that! Here in Australia we are in the middle of spring and the flies and mosquitoes are already bad! I hope you have some good weather to enjoy the deck before winter hits you :)

    beth x

    • says

      Aw thanks Beth! I wouldn’t say we leave them like that all day, but it’s nice to crack one for Burger to slink in and out. The deck is his new favorite place!


  5. MJ says

    I really want to “hide that ugly-riffic electric meter” of mine, too. Will you go ahead and get on that so I can get an idea of what to do to mine? ;) Everything looks great!

  6. says

    Do you guys plan to paint the exterior side white also? Just curious…I was thinking black or yellow like the front doors could be nice. Maybe that’d be too much color out there. That’s why you guys are the experts and I’m not!

    • says

      We’re going to keep the doors white from the outside for now, just because we have an identical door on the side of the house (that leads to the carport from the laundry room) and it’s white too- we like keeping it balanced and cohesive.


  7. Christina says

    Looks so pretty and clean…isn’t it amazing how a simple door style alteration completely makes ya want to just *sigh*?

  8. says

    Wow! It looks great! Hard to believe a door could make that much difference. Happy to hear you had it installed, it is a lot harder than it looks, we had two replaced last year and there were all sorts of complications.

    I do not know if you posted about this I am behind this week but I saw this…

    on Martha Stewart Blog, a great review and give away of your book!

    Congratulations on all of your success.


  9. says

    WOW! This looks AHHHHmazing. I know the feeling though…after we spent weeks prepping and doing our bookshelf demo to add the pallet back it ended up being the $13 chandelier from Habitat that I spray painted that finally made the room make sense. *sigh* I guess it’s all in the details…

    Are you guys planning to keep that light fixture in the hallway?

    • Margaret says

      I always liked that fixture, I was hoping that you’d keep it! I just moved into a new apartment with parquet floors – never had them before, and the jury’s still out on them. Sometimes they feel splintery (maybe that’s ours though) – our dog is still a little leery of them. Which leads me to a question – when you finally tackle the big floor refinish, do you think you’ll try to refinish the parquet or replace it with something like what’s in your bedroom or dining?

    • says

      Yes, I think since it’s sold wood we’ll just refinish it and help it feel more seamless with the other hardwood floors here (ripping out wood parquet to replace it with other wood flooring seemed expensive to us).


  10. says

    Hey Sherry! Your door looks awesome. We did a door upgrade and LOVED the results!
    Just curious> Are ya’ll gonna paint the interior some crazy fun color or leave it white? For some reason I cant see you guys leaving it plain….
    Blessings from IN,

    • says

      All white for now! It’s the same as the other identical door that we have that leads from our laundry room to the carport so we’re embracing the seamlessness of them looking alike for now!


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