What’s The Commode-tion? (Switching Out A Toilet)


First: I apologize for subjecting you to more pictures of toilets. I’m sure you don’t read our blog for pictures of toilets. But on the other hand, I’m kind of excited to show you pictures of our new, distinctly not-almond toilet. Because, if you recall, this guy wasn’t exactly our cup of tea. We know some folks would have been just fine with Mr Almond, but a crisp white toilet makes us very happy Petersiks. Not only to brighten things up, be more true to the mid-century age of our home, and tie into our newly white-ified trim & shower curtain, but to LOOK CLEAN. I can’t explain it, but even after we scrub this

Fab Freebie: Bada-Bing, Bada-Bloom


***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – see who won below!*** Random.org has helped us select the winner of this craft-tastic giveaway as… Sarah Spitser (who loves the Spring weather, even though in Texas it only lasts about 3 weeks). Congrats! Last winter we had a blast at the Richmond Craft Mafia’s Handmade Holiday fair (and later gave away some of our favorite finds). And when we caught wind of their Spring Bada-Bing event happening this Sunday we were all sorts of excited. So we worked with them to put together another craft-tastic, wholly-handmade, reeking-of-Richmond prize pack featuring some of the Craft Mafia’s most active members – and it totals over $350 in value! So

Planting Progress: Bushes, Flowers, & A Dwarf Maple


Yup, we’ve been digging. And my arms are sore. But they don’t look like Madonnas yet so it couldn’t have been that bad. We still have a ton of things to do outside, so this is one of those it’ll-take-years-things, and not a ta-da-here’s-the-after-by-the-end-of-the-post things, but it’s nice to focus on one small area at a time to keep from getting overwhelmed (last year we limbed up the magnolia, transplanted/removed a lot of the bushes, and painted the front door). And for this installment of Petersiks Vs. Wild, we tackled the sad little garden bed to the right of the front porch: If you look closely, you’ll see what looks like a rectangular brick patio

March Superlatives


For those asking where March Superlatives went, here they are! So a happy belated April to ya (it took everything in me not to say “hoppy belated April” by the way). And with the new month already here, that means it’s also time do our regular look back at what March held for the Petersik household (in yearbook style superlatives, of course). We even tossed in some never-before-seen stuff for kicks. Oh and you can check out all out all of our monthly superlatives dating back to January 2011 right here (it’s over a years worth of projects crammed into just 14 posts). This month we’re starting off with some not-yet-mentioned happenings that kept us busy

Reader Redesign: Ka-Powder Room


Before getting to the Reader Redesign goods, we have a quick Burger-related story. Yesterday was a very scary day for us. Burger was sitting on Sherry’s lap and Clara and I came home and Burger was so excited to see us that he jumped off her lap (as he’s done a million times before) and somehow lost his balance and flipped in the air and landed on the floor on his back and neck. He yelped and Sherry scooped him up to see if he was ok but he shook his head and acted fine. So we put him on the floor but he couldn’t walk. He had no balance and walked into the walls

Look Who’s Hanging Out In Our Bathroom


This guy: You saw the wall we were dealing with before we removed the not-very-functional shelf and towel bar here: And you saw it again after we spackled and sanded those holes from the fixtures and painted: Well now, thanks to two nails (it’s a pretty light canvas), we hung up the DIY art that I made a while back (I originally whipped it up for the bedroom, but it’s nice to tie this color in here and it was aqua overload in the bedroom). Thankfully I used latex wall paint to make the painting (the same thing you’d use on the walls of a bathroom) so it should hold up well in here. It

Patio Problems: Let’s Plant Something!


It looked sweet when we finished it last year, especially if you ignored the fact that we had lots of landscaping stuff to attend to behind it. But these days it’s looking more like this: That’s a whole lotta ugly going on. The patio itself still looks great (and is weed free thanks to this step, while our un-polymeric-sanded cobblestone driveway is covered with them), but the “garden” area behind the patio has never looked worse. We even learned from the Katherine (the certified landscape designer who recently came over) that some of the trees were diseased and dying (which we actually heard from the previous owners as well but didn’t want to believe) along with

What Up, Succa?


Yes, that is a succulent pun. And no, I’m not proud of it. I’m sort of on a greenery kick (both outdoors and apparently indoors as well), so this is the story of four cheap-o succulents that I impulse-bought from Home Depot and then decided to plant in kind of a weird way. The two small ones were $2.98 and the two middle ones were $3.98 a pop. Oh and I used to have a red cactus for years throughout middle school and high school. Seriously, I couldn’t kill that thing if I tried. So that’s why he’s in the mix for nostalgia’s sake. Then I hunted around or some planters or baskets or old

Getting A Consultation From A Certified Landscape Designer


Who watches Jersey Shore? Remember when they went camping and Deena stood on that picnic bench and said “the wilderness!”? For some reason it made me laugh. I’m from Jersey though, so it might be a you-had-to-be-there you-have-to-be-from-there thing. Anyway, we mentioned that we had lots of outdoor upgrades on the agenda this spring, so let’s get into it, shall we? Remember how our yard looked like this when we bought the house?   And then we limbed up the magnolia and transplanted/removed a lot of the bushes and painted the front door, to get it looking more like this?   Well, it has definitely come a long way, but it’s still a far (far!)

Fab Freebie: Sharing The Love


*** This giveaway is no longer accepting entries – see who won below! *** Good news – the prize pot is now up to over $500! Even better news (at least for one lucky person) random.org has selected our winner as… Karina (who notes that both teaching and learning to share is hard, just ask her kiddos). Congrats Karina! As we mentioned last week along with our curator collection, Joss & Main offers small referral fees in the form of store credit to anyone who refers someone who makes a purchase, but we wanted to pay those forward. So instead of accepting the referral fees, we saved all of those credits up in a separate

Blue Light Special


The evening after posting our plans for a mini-update to our master bathroom last Monday, Sherry had us in the car and off to hunt down the blue light fixture in her mood board. It’s a Shades of Light fixture that we hoped to find at a local lighting outlet called The Decorating Outlet (which is also where we bought the glass pendants over our peninsula, Clara’s capiz chandelier, and the shade that we added around the chandelier in our office). Sherry was nervous that our luck would run out and they wouldn’t have any in stock – but they actually had not one, but two to choose from. They were half off the original

The King Of Thrones


Yup, it’s a rare Sunday post- just because we have an exciting bathroom update to share. I know we mentioned that we’ve had great luck with under-$100 American Standard toilets, but we’re eating those words. Why? Because we just discovered the most amazing toilet that we have ever heard of. It’s like the Jake Gyllenhaal of toilets. As in, there is nothing better. Feast your eyes on this sexpot: I mean, who wouldn’t want a toilet with: a heated seat and heated foot blower ambient lighting (right in the bowl!) a motion activated lid and seat (it opens and closes for you) advanced bidet function built in speakers and a remote docking station for playing