Reader Redesign: Color For Dinner

The boldest color we’ve ever used on any wall is Martha Stewart’s Plumage (which we slathered all over our guest room walls). Long story short: we’ve loved it ever since. So when Jackie sent us her dining room makeover boasting lots of Plumage, of course we were all over it. Here’s her letter:

“When we moved into this house, the dining room started with just a table and the bamboo armoire. We didn’t even have dining chairs.

Over the last six months I prioritized finishing this room in time for the holidays. It is filled with DIY projects including art silhouettes, board and batten walls, mercury glass vases, jute wrapped monogram, and my favorite: the DIY linear crystal chandelier.

After making the head chair slipcovers from tablecloths, I followed your tutorial to dye the side chairs a coordinating color.

It took me two tries to get the right color too, but your story gave me confidence for the second round of dying.

I have blogged about all the DIY dining room projects on my blog, aptly named Teal & Lime (I promise I do like other colors too). Thank you for your continued inspiration and over-sharing. I’ve really enjoyed watching you transform your new home.” – Jackie

Since it’s no mystery why we fell for the teal and lime color scheme, we just have one question: what time is dinner? Thanks for sharing Jackie! Aren’t those silhouettes mixed with the curvy wood mirror fun? Can you believe they DIYed the board and batten walls and even made those slipcovers from tablecloths? Such an inspiring room! Let’s play the what’s-your-favorite-part game. Mine is the dapper dog silhouette and Sherry’s is the curvy wood mirror (closely followed by that homemade linear crystal chandelier).


  1. says

    Wow, what an awesome re-design! I love all the added touches, especially the wall board and the silhouettes. What did she use for those, it almost looks painted on? I also love the added height of the ‘H’ on top of the armoire.

  2. Marsha says

    I literally got dizzy when I saw those slipcovers! And to think I bought the same tablecloth to use for my kids! Time for a re-trip to Target! It’s amazing what an inspiration you four are! The end of my day is always complete with a visit to your blog (I snuck a peek here at work…shhhh, don’t tell!) ;)

  3. Denise says

    We just painted the walls in our bedroom in Plumage. I loved it immediately. Once it was finished my husband confessed his love for it too. Now we just need to paint our bookshelves and dresser white.

  4. says

    What a great make-over! I can’t believe she did so many DIY projects, all in one room! I really need to roll up my sleeves and get started with ONE of the projects that are continually running through my head. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. says

    I really love that color. At my last apartment, I painted my bedroom a really deep peacock blue/teal with lots of dark wood and white fabrics throughout. I LOVED it. Like, it made me happy every time I walked in. One day I’ll do it again.

  6. Sarah says

    Love this! I need to do a silhouette of our dog now. thanks for the inspiration!!

    P.S. – You can always tell when a site crashed with YHL viewers flooding it… right now, none of the links are working! haha (not in a mean way, just in a oh-wow-this-is-popular way)!

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