A Few Mail-Friendly Christmas Gifts

It’s time for: Secret Santa: Revealed. That makes me laugh because I imagine some man with a deep serious voice introducing a show with that name after Dateline or something. Anyway, since a bunch of you have asked for the Secret Santa dirt (and I couldn’t wait to spill who I had and to learn who had me!) here it is:

I had… (drumroll? anyone? can I at least some table slapping or something?)… House Of Smiths! It was so much fun to pack up two little surprise care packages for her. The first one included two decorative frames from Michael’s that I personalized with some paint in the name of some Christmas cheer (they were both originally dark brown).

I thought the red and the green combo was cheerful and fun for a Christmas gift, so the round one got a few thin coats of the glossy red spray paint that I also used to paint my paper maché reindeer and the rectangular one had such a cool wood grain (it kind of looked zebra-ish to me) that I painted it glossy white and dragged a dry brush with some lime green paint over it to catch just the raised part of the grain, while the sides remain white (then I sealed it with some spray poly). When I was at Michael’s I also grabbed a little ceramic container that I doodled on with a few permanent sharpie markers and filled with toffee. Mmmm. I heard it was devoured pretty quickly over there too! So glad.

It was amazing to me how many commenters guessed that I had House Of Smiths right away (how’d you guys know!). My second little holiday care package was more of a clue, I think. I went with a paint theme. Haha. See… that’s a clue. I couldn’t resist these sweet tiny paint can containers in the food aisle of Michael’s so I decided to fill them to the brim with red and green M&Ms and write a little holiday message on a paint stick.

I even used paint chips from my weird leftover paint chip bin (yes I have one of those) to cut out little homemade “tree” tags for the top of each can. And in went another little dish of goodies (this time I went with the famed cookies from Ukrops – they’re the best!). Any yes, my scissors do say “no John cuts!” in Sharpie. He kept using my good scissors to do things like cut sticky tape. Now he’s banned.

So that’s what I gave my sweet bloggy buddy, Shelley. Is it weird that I had so much fun putting these little things together? Oh Christmas, I miss ya already.

As for who had me, it was Tanya at Save The Date For Cupcakes! I was completely surprised by the way (not just saying that – I honestly had no idea). I actually had a hunch it was someone else but the postmark on the package shot that down – and being that it just said NY it was vague enough to confuse me enough to keep the mystery going until the big ok-who-had-who email where we all spilled the beans.

I already shared my first surprise here (a gorgeous little silver box with three glittery personalized ornaments):

And my second surprise was just as sweet! A box of vintage Vanity Fair postcards with another pretty glittery ornament for the tree (feathery wings)! It’s so much fun to flip through my new postcard collection – and I actually think I have a great project that I can do with them so I can’t wait to see where that leads! You know I’ll keep you posted.

A big thanks to Mrs. Limestone for organizing this whole shebang and all the other Secret Santa cohorts like:

So much fun! Did any of you do any Secret Santa business this year? Did you know who had you the whole time or were you surprised? And how the heck did so many of you know that I had Shelley the second she revealed my frames? I thought it was so obscure and random that no one would know it was me! Haha.

Psst- Check out John’s weird little lighting obsession (and imagine what he’d look like in a Snuggie) here.


    • Leslie Ann says

      i agree. definitely the writing in the frames. it was cute, and it had a cute saying in it (“chica”), and it had a heart. heart’s are SO younghouselove, haha.

  1. Morgan says

    I love that your scissors say “Good Scissors”. I had to go buy a new pair bc my husband kept fussing at me about using his kitchen scissors!

    • Sharon says

      Ha, my sewing scissors are marked in Sharpie with SEW and my husband looked at them one day and asked why I had his brother’s scissors. His brother’s name is WES and he was looking at the scissors upside-down.

    • says

      You shouldn’t use your good fabric scissors to cut anything but fabric! You can really dull the blade so I have a pair of fabric scissors and another great pair for paper crafts and then of course the household pair.

    • says

      I looked over the other day while cooking dinner and my husband had my nice sewing scissors and he was cutting a meat package open. My fault, I left them on the counter. They have now been relegated to kitchen & other shiz scissors.

      Note – always put my scissors away – and mark them.

    • says

      Haha- the funny thing is that was weeks later! We were instructed to send off our first gifts to arrive around the beginning of December. A few weeks later I thought “if I’m switching out 25 frames in the hall, who is going to notice that?” – but observant folks like you do!


    • says

      But, I didn’t even see House of Smiths’ post until after you guys posted about your Secret Santa gift and linked over there. And that was after you’d revealed the frame wall changes. :)

  2. Penny says

    I’m probably the 100th person to say it by now, but it was the holiday tweak to your hallway frame gallery that gave ya away. You did a lovely job! And I like the sharpie doodles on the ceramic dishes. Maybe I’ll try that next year. Do you know if sharpie doodles can survive the dishwasher?

    • says

      Hmm, I think it depends how shiny your ceramic is. I think some sort of rough ceramic (like a mug that feels matte) might hold it forever. But something too shiny might wipe off with hot hot water and lots of pressure, so maybe just hand wash the inside after use?


    • Penny says

      Thanks for the tip! Also, “sharpie doodle” now looks like the name of some breed of dog. Whoops!

  3. says

    I also guessed you were the one who sent the frames!! It was just so “sherry” :) I loved reading all the different posts about the gifts! You guys should do another one like “sneaky bunny” for easter or something!

  4. Heather C says

    I knew it! I knew it! I totally guessed it was Save the date for cupcakes! :) So glad you had so much fun! I think I’m going to have to start something like this with my friends next year! I love the thought and craftyness of the gifts!

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