The (Joss &) Main Event

So… our afternoon post is a few hours early. Surprise! Fancy meeting you here. Anyway, after teaming up with Joss & Main on one of our most entered giveaways (apparently you guys love you some Joss & Main), they asked us if we’d be interested in curating a sale event over on their site. Which essentially entailed doing some virtual window shopping (sifting through hundreds of items in their database) and telling them everything that we loved, which would then make up a “Young House Love collection” over on their site.

Uh. Let me think about it. YESSSSSSS!

Never in a million years did we think that the title of “curator” would ever be used to describe us. Except maybe Curator Of Too Many Pins On Pinterest for me and Curator Of Too Many Soda T-shirts for John. Of course we screamed yes while holding hands and jumping up and down calmly told them we were game as any proper “curator” would do, and promptly called our parents to beg them to buy something small, like it was some elementary school bake sale that we were worried would flop.

But seriously, getting the opportunity to open up a little virtual decor store of sorts over there for the next 72 hours is the stuff of dreams for me (which usually also involve Nate Berkus, Eric Northman, and fried oreos). And although we didn’t set the prices ourselves, we did our best to find a variety of items in a nice wide price range (from under-$25 accessories to $250+ furnishings). So without further ado, here’s just a part of our little collection that you can find over at Joss & Main through October 6th (there’s a lot more over there). If you’re not already a member, just click here for an instant invite (so you don’t get wait-listed). Then you can find your way to the sale by clicking here:

Oh and because we like to be 100% transparent with you guys, it’s Joss & Main’s protocol to offer a small commission to the folks who curate sales on their site (and a small referral fee, which is actually available to any Joss & Main member). So it’s just like any other side gig that helps pay the bills, like writing magazine columns or our book (more on those here) except more fun. Way more fun. Speaking of fun, what would you select if you could “curate” your own collection? Typographic prints & maps? Punchy fabrics a la Amy Butler? Faux books & magnifying glasses like the “Library Decor” section at HomeGoods?

Oh man, that picture never fails to crack me up. Yes ladies, that man is all mine.


  1. says

    Love your selections, especially the blue herringbone rug and the greige pendant! Oh, if only we hadn’t just decided to (maybe) move!

  2. Tabitha says

    Didn’t have to worry about your parents buying stuff… Things are already sold out!!

    And speaking of soda t-shirts do ya’ll do the coke rewards thing…they have tons of them on there that you can add to your collection with.

  3. Sharee A. says

    Their wite lists the sale as starting today at 11 am eastern. That would mean 10 am central, in Chicago. Still in preview status. Am I off the mark on this one? Soooo excited for you guys!

  4. Katie G says

    I don’t think you have to worry about it being a flop…I was on Joss & Main within 3 minutes of receiving the daily email from them, and multiple items have already sold out (including those awesome regent chairs)!

  5. Lauren F. says

    I got the Joss & Main email before your post popped up in my Reader, so of course I hopped over to your blog cause I knew you were spilling all the deets. Love it! And so what if I keep refreshing the page to see if people are buying your stuff. . . that’s not weird. . .

  6. Merideth says

    I love that banana – great pick! Also, I had my first YHL dream last night…you guys were really concerned about ornaments. Now I feel like a crazy :).

    • tracy says

      I had a YHL dream too! You guys went camping with us and brought your hardrive with all your future posts on it, and some random person on the campground stole it! I must have had all that stuff from blogiversary week floating around in my brain…

    • says

      We’re in love with a ton of the mirrors, lamps, and of course that dachshund light and banana vase! Heck, we love everything. The rugs are awesome too!


  7. says

    I was so surprised when I opened my daily Joss & Main email and saw you guys! That is sooo cool! Congratulations! I am in love with the banana bud vase, although I don’t think it goes with my decor and I can imagine the kids demanding to play with it. :) I also love the amberlyn mirror. Good job!

  8. Jeanne says

    Must be honest, I have never heard of this site until you mentioned it. I figured I’d sign up for the heck of it, check it out, you know. Oh-em-gee! I feel like I’m a part of an elite club now! Congratulations and thank you! :)

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