Table Talk

Who doesn’t love 1,909 words about searching for a dining room table? Here we go.

We’ve been on a big round table hunt pretty much ever since we first set foot in our house. See, as soon as we walked into the small-ish formal dining room that fateful night in late fall of 2010 while house-hunting, John said “this room should be the office- and we can add french doors for you.” Sold.

Since we have a pretty huge family (there are at least 12 of us when we get together for birthdays and even casual movie nights or spaghetti dinners) we knew that room would never accommodate a table large enough for more than around six people (which is what we had in our last house, and it just wasn’t enough). Slowly after lots of floor planning and sketching and arguing passionate discussions we decided it would be awesome to knock a huge 5+ foot opening in the wall between the kitchen and the former living room and turn that room into a casual dining room/library off of a nice defined entryway over by the door. Here’s the original house’s floor plan (look at the room labeled “Living Room”):

And here’s a rough future floor plan for reference (now look at the room labeled “Dining Room”):

Note: Click here for a lot more floor plan info and the answer to every possible question you may have in the comment section.

Oh and here’s a pic of the future dining room as it looks now (just patiently waiting for a table):

I’m standing in the middle of the room, so here’s an older shot before we spruced up the built ins to show more of the space (the wall on the left is where we’ll bust through to the kitchen and create a giant 6′ wide doorway):

And here’s a shot of the other side of the room (where we’ll add a nice defined entryway so it won’t feel like you’re walking into a dining room):

But back to the dining room table hunt. Long story short long, that room is just a lot more accommodating when it comes to a huge table, but to keep it from feeling too formal and wood-riddled I always pictured a nice round table (which just seems softer and somehow a bit more “friendly” than an angular rectangle). I also have a craving for green leather (or faux leather) parsons chairs (like this, but apple green) so it doesn’t feel too formal and wood-riddled. You know, to try to keep it casual and inviting with lots of different textures playing against each other (maybe even a slightly rustic table pared with bright clean-lined chairs). The goal would be not only a table for big family meals, but for kid crafts and after school projects (hence the kid-proof chairs that are easily wipeable).

But the challenge with something round is that it usually seats 4 people. Rarely you’ll find something that’s around 60″ wide, which seats six people. But our goal was seating for eight. Since we’ll be adding an island in the adjoined (well, it will be once we make that big opening in the wall) kitchen, which will hopefully seat at least four people, that should do the trick. Feel free to do the math with me. 8 + 4 = 12. Oh happy day. But math solves nothing.

Of course that’s a false statement. My dad (the math teacher) will probably want to disown me for it. But I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic, so now that I have your attention (or at least the attention of my dad) I’ll revise my statement. Math is nice, but it doesn’t make a round table that seats eight people materialize out of nowhere. That takes a little legwork.

So I let my fingers do the walking and googled my brains out to determine what sized round table I was in the market for (and taped it off on the floor to make sure it would fit). I learned that a 70″ table should easily accommodate eight people (not in giant arm chairs, but it should work with modesly sized parsons chairs). So then I just had to find a 70″ round table. Easy right? Not easy. But that’s ok. I like a challenge. Here’s what I came up with after lots o’ digging around.

This 60″ round table for $998:

This 70″ one for $1995:

This 48″ round table (which extends to a 72″ oval) from Pottery Barn for $1299:

This 60″ pedestal version on sale for $1499:

Kind of a bummer, right? Everything was either too small (and still in the $998 – $1499 range) or big enough but in the $1300-2K range. Yikes.

So then we hit up a number of thrift stores and antique shops and even the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. But a 70″ round table is a pretty specific thing. So the closest we got to it was a 50″ laminate table that looked like it hailed from a 50’s diner. Not gonna work. We briefly considered DIYing something, but the idea of somehow crafting a round top that large had us both worried that it would be nearly impossible to find one solid 70″ piece of thick-and-not-cheap looking wood to use, so then it would have to be made of planks which just felt sort of cobbled together and not chunky and solid like the table we both envisioned. So sad. Hear the tiny violins playing in the background? Yeah, me too.

Then John’s sister recommended that we hit up The Dump. Pardon the slightly totally offputting name. It’s actually a discount furniture store here in Richmond that runs commercials all the time about their extremely low prices.

So we gave it a shot. And wouldn’t you know it there was a heartstoppingly beautiful rustic yet clean-lined 70″ round table there. And it had a nice non-invasive pedestal base, which was on my “icing on the cake” category. I thought it would be nice to have everyone gathered around it without worrying about table legs that encroach on actual human legs. Not mine because they’re not long enough to have those issues (for which I’m forever resentful since my short stature is always the reason I get assigned the back middle seat in a packed car, which can best be described as slightly more comfortable than sitting on a see-saw for an hour or so). But I do think about our guests’ comfort. And my tall hubby’s. And Clara’s someday. Did I mention my baby is in the 90th percentile for height and I couldn’t be prouder? Literally couldn’t. be. prouder.

Here’s where I’d insert a pic of the beautiful table, but I was too busy falling in love to snap pics. Total brain fart. Sorry! It can best be described as a mix between the top table and the bottom table listed above. It’s rustic and chunky like the bottom table but the base is a bit more like the top table. Sort of.

But the price was $1800. Wop wop. I petted the table. I snuggled up to the base (yes, picture me kneeling under it and embracing the pedestal and sighing). Then from the depths of my sorrows under the table I heard John’s voice from above saying “wait, the $1800 price tag also includes eight chairs.” I swear it was like the voice of an angel. I sprung up from my awkward table embrace, hit my head loudly on the lip of the table, quickly declared that I was fine to everyone within a ten foot radius who was staring at me like I was some sort of weirdo, and then shouted “best news ever!” while fist pumping my way to a standing position. Yes, that really happened.

That news just meant that I would have to sweet talk someone into selling me the table without the chairs (because I was already mentally married to green leather or faux leather parsons chairs and spending $1800 just wasn’t in the budget for us anyway). So I found a sweet lady and asked how much the table was without the chairs. Sweet lady says “they won’t sell it without the chairs.” John gets that uncomfortable look that he gets when he’d rather just walk away but knows that I’m about to make it my personal goal to change this lady’s mind. I followed up with “What if I buy the floor model? Right now. In cash. Well not cash, because I don’t have that on hand. But with a credit card. And we walk away into the night. Will anyone really care if I pay for the table right now and those chairs get snatched up by someone else later?” Compelling argument, right? Sweet lady says “I’ll have to ask my boss but he doesn’t usually split things up that way.”

Long story short, the boss-man agrees to sell us the table for $799 without the chairs after a fair amount of begging/eye-batting (I may have told him that no one will love the table like I will, and as a fellow furniture connoisseur he’d be pleased to know that I vow to give it a great home for years to come). Nope, I didn’t mention the blog or promise a post about The Dump in exchange for a good table price (I’m serious about our no special treatment declaration). But my vow to love the table like my own daughter seemed to work. The moment “ok” escaped his lips I seriously had to resist every urge to hug him while jumping up and down (so I ended up doing some sort of weird handshake/Elaine-from-Seinfeld dance) and then whipped out the ol’ credit card and bought the table before anyone could change their mind. I probably made a face like this while John was in the corner making a face like this:

So that’s how we snagged an authentic solid wood 70″ round table that will seat at least 8 people and will probably host its fair share of holiday and birthday meals for years and possibly even decades to come. Oh and guess what it’s made of. Sheesham. No I didn’t sneeze. That’s really the name of the wood. According to WikiAnswers, “Sheesham (also known as Indian Rosewood) is a fast-growing hardwood, sourced from sustainable, government managed plantations. Being a hard wood, it can be used to make functional furniture that copes with the stresses and strains of everyday use.” Isn’t that nice? Durable is absolutely 100% the goal when it comes to our house in general (we want this place to really get used and loved and filled with family and friends while we unwind and enjoy their company instead of worrying about nicks and scratches.

Oh and speaking of standing-up-to-all-sorts-of-abuse, the top of the table is actually really cool. It’s not jagged, but it’s not 100% smooth either. It’s sort of wavy and hand-carved so if Clara’s one year old cousin comes over and smashes his firetruck onto the surface, a nick would be pretty well hidden among all of the natural peaks and valleys of the tabletop. It’s not too bumpy to rest a glass on or anything, just sort of subtly rippled and irregular. And I love it. Growing up we had one of those super glossy lacquered tabletops that was so pristine that you could see every little hairline scratch in it, so this baby strikes me as the polar opposite in a really really good way.

So that’s 1,909 words about a table that we can’t wait to welcome into our home. Pics to come when Woody arrives within a week or so!


  1. Barb says

    Yea Sherry and John!!!
    Isn’t it great when you find what you really , really love!!! I know price is something we all have to consider…but as I have gotten older, my philosophy is…..IF YOU FIND IT AND REALLY, REALLY, LOVE IT…WHO CARES WHAT IT COSTS!!! AFTER ALL, YOU DESERVE IT!!!

    Words to live by as life is too, too short.

    You made the right decision, now love it to death!!!

    So thrilled for you and the dining room.

  2. says

    Can’t wait to see the photos and go visit the Dump when we move to richmond this summer! So excited to affordably furnish our next place. Thanks & good luck!

  3. says

    Awesome buy! Everything is negotiable! I love when that happens… it makes you love the buy even more because it’s like you had to work for it and “win” at negotiating.

    I’ve been meaning to visit the Dump every weekend, but haven’t gotten around to it. Did they really have a ton of stuff for cheap? Their advertisements sound too good to be true.

    • says

      They do have some really good deals for some things, other things feel like they’re averagely priced. Rugs seemed really expensive but then we’d see a chair for a really good price. I guess you could call it hit or miss. But it’s huge so it’s fun just to poke around and look for deals!


    • Jessica says

      Speaking of rugs… Have you found any good buys on 8×10’s? I’m sure you are searching high and low for one to go under Karl.

    • says

      They’re tricky for sure. For some reason 8 x 10 is so much more expensive than 5 x 8s and even 6 x 9s. Like a lot more. Sad face. But we keep checking. We like to hit up and places like HomeGoods, etc.


    • sarah says

      try for rugs. It is a site through overstock. You have to sign up for free and then they will email you daily about the new items that they are dealing. They regularly have really nice rugs offered for very reasonable prices.

    • says

      Still speaking of rugs, they are so expensive! A few years ago we needed a 10×10 rug for our living room space. We ended up getting a carpet remnant from a flooring center and having it cut to size and the edges bound. It’s been awhile, but I think you can usually get the edges bound for around $1 per foot. (For an 8×10 you would be looking at about $36 plus the price of the carpet.) Just another option to check into, and you might be able to find something with great texture.

    • Sara says

      I purchased an 8×10 rug online from Lowe’s for $140. It has a geometric design sort of like your Pottery Barn Moorish rug, but it’s been discontinued.
      Dash & Albert is another site with beautiful rugs that aren’t crazy expensive.

  4. kyla says

    WOW! I love a great deal, but love a great story even more! Congrats on finding a table the makes your heart thump, so exciting!!!

  5. says

    800 bucks AND sustainable! whoohoo! Great job! Can’t wait to see it in it’s new home =) I like that you were able to rearrange the room’s identities to suit your needs! <3 Way to think outside the floorplan! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. Katie D. says

    You really brighten my day when i ready your goofy posts. I love how the little things in life can make you freak out with giddiness. Its kinda awesome.

    • says

      That totally must be a “girl” thing, because my 4 month old son immediately grabs my hair, the second I hold him close to my face. He’s going to be that 1 year old with a truck damaging everything.

  7. Donna says

    When Woody arrives later this week? Last time I bought something at The Dump in Richmond, it was cash and carry. And it was a HUGE armoire!

  8. Cristen says

    I have been reading your blog for awhile and this is the first time I realized you live in the Richmond area. I live in NOVA but went to college in Richmond. Next time I visit the area I will have to stop by the Dump. The table sounds wonderful!

  9. beabee says

    You are lucky! We fell in love with some chairs that they wouldn’t sell us without the table. :( I still mourn those chairs.

  10. Chelsea in Richmond says

    What do you have in mind when you say “defined entryway”? Does that mean just with a little paint, accessories etc or are you thinking about adding a wall/ doing some building? Just curious.

    and yes, I hate that they call themselves ‘The Dump”! And the way the announcer says it on the commercial? Gives me the hybygybies (spelling?) every time.

    • says

      We have some preliminary ideas like using bright colorful art and a weighty console table near the entryway along with a big entry rug to define that zone. We also plan to drop in a giant ceiling fixture above the table to further define the dining area. We’re open to things like half-height built ins or columns to separate things, but you know how much we love open living so things to delineate zones without blocking things off might be the way to go for us. Should be interesting!


  11. Laura says

    ” I sprung up from my awkward table embrace, hit my head loudly on the lip of the table, quickly declared that I was fine to everyone within a ten foot radius who was staring at me like I was some sort of weirdo, ”

    I’ve totally been there. Congrats on the awesome find! I wish we had a place like that nearby.

  12. says

    Can’t wait to see the table! I’m usually the one with the embarrassed look on my face, as my Mom is the one to express her opinions very freely in front of salespeople :)

  13. says

    I can’t wait to see the table! I am also a huge fan of big, round tables. Our little 4-person glass-top table is way too small, and I declared to my annoyed husband that I refuse to buy a large rectangular table. Round-tops are so much more friendly. I would also be very happy with an oval Saarinen Tulip, but that’s just a dream. Love your blog.

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