Hanging Our Shower Curtain Higher (Ah, Much Better)

By the time we unpacked our shower curtain last week, it had been 48 hours since either of us had showered. And those two days were filled with lifting heavy objects, if you catch our whiff drift. So hanging the shower curtain was a welcome step in our moving process. What was not so welcome? This result:

You know we love hanging an extra long shower curtain all the way to the ceiling to add height to the room (the 95″ waffle curtain is from amazon.com and the 86″ fabric liner is from Bed Bath & Beyond by the way). But the trick doesn’t work so well when the tension rod you inherit is too stumpy to hang on the higher tile-less portion of your shower wall (it was literally about a half-inch too short to grab the slightly wider wall up top). Then the tricky part becomes being ok with the bottom of the extra-long curtain sitting bunched under the toilet seat.

We were not ok with it.

Which is why our first post-move trip to Home Depot was to get a new longer tension rod. And now we have this going on. Ooooh. Ahhh. Note: You can read more about raising your shower rod and finding extra long liners and curtains here.

It’s a small start in the process of making this bathroom feel a bit more like our own. It’s a great bathroom with lots of good stuff already, but not necessarily an overall style that we’d pick for ourselves. So eventually we’ll do some tweaks / upgrades / remodeling to make it more “us.” And yes, we’re definitely planning to swap out the light fixture for something smaller that doesn’t encroach as much on the newly hung ceiling-height shower curtain. And speaking of light, anyone who is wondering if it’s super dark with the shower curtain that high- amazingly it’s not. It sort of glows and light shines through the light curtain and the liner so the whole shower is lit up through the curtain if that makes sense. In our old house we didn’t even have a ceiling light (just a wall-mounted one above the mirror) and it was still nice and bright.

‘Til then, we at least get to enjoy nice finishes like these sleek stainless shower fixtures.

And these spa-like glass shelves:

We don’t really have a clear vision of what we’d eventually like our master bathroom to be, but there’s a good chance both of those items will be kept long term. The only thing we can say for certain will be going sooner rather than later is the mirrored door. Shocking I know. When have you known us to remove a mirror from our house? We can usually be found hanging them left and right.

But we already have a nice chunky floor length mirror in the bedroom (the one seen in this post, that I got Sherry as a surprise wedding gift) so there’s no need for the slightly less exciting door-mounted one a few steps away. Here’s hoping we don’t break it during removal and suffer a seven-year span of bad luck. And for anyone else out there who’s ready to remove a big mirror on their door or wall, we’ll be sure to post about our hopefully-not-bloody-at-all removal process when we get there…


  1. says

    Have you ever thought about using one of those curved rods to give you more space? I’ve always wondered if those really give you the “extra 8 inches” they boast about, or if they really just serve to make a small bathroom seem smaller since they jut out into the room.

    • says

      Yeah, we wondered if the jutting-out-into-the-room aspect of a curved rod would crowd the space, so we’re happy with a straight rod since the shower doesn’t feel tight or anything as it is.


  2. Carol says

    I’m curious to hear about the mirror removal. We have a similar one mounted to our bathroom door. We thought it would be an easy removal, but after unscrewing and removing the clips, we found that it was also mounted with double-sided foam tape. Thus, it is still attached to the door for fear that it will break when we apply any pressure in our attempt to remove it.

  3. Regina says

    I removed a large mirror that used to span an entire two sink bathroom vanity. It was super easy to remove and we cut it down and framed three smaller mirrors from it which looked much nicer hung over the new countertops. The mirror was heavy though, so I recommend more than one set of hands and a few towels to lean it on.

  4. Amy says

    Just be glad that mirror on your door was on the outside, not inside! In one of the houses we rented there were mirrors on the counter/toilet side and the opposite wall. It’s kind of awkward to use the toilet while looking into a huge mirror!

  5. Regina says

    Carol, you can try steaming off the double-sided tape. Also, I once had success using fabric softener diluted with water (which also works as wallpaper remover).

  6. says

    love what it does to the room when you hang the shower curtain so high and would love to try it myself, but am nervous it would block a lot of light in the shower. Have you had any problems with that? Or perhaps choosing a white curtain allows enough light to come through… would you ever try it with a darker or print curtain?

  7. says

    Sorry if someones already asked this, im at work and beinG sneaky! hehe

    Are you planning on putting the mirror by to use it at a later date somewhere else, obviously if it doesnt break on removal from the door?

    • says

      Hey Georgia & Kelly,

      It’s definitely a possibility! We’re just taking things one day at a time and seeing where we end up. Trial and error and taking on new projects as we go has always been our chosen method to try to keep from going crazy with such a long to-do list. But we promise we’ll share every detail of repurposing that mirror if we tackle that someday!


  8. Steph says

    If you want to be extra careful about the mirror make a star pattern with masking tape on it before taking it down. If it does break that should help keep some pieces together. When we moved in there were no less than 5 of those mirrors around and yet there’s only 1 full bath and 2 bedrooms; why so many mirrors? We masked the first one, then just went with it.

    Our tried and true method was I hold the mirror from tipping forward while DH unscrewed the top clips. Then I would lean it far enough away from the wall/door to get a grip on it and DH would unscrew the bottom clips. Oh, and this may be obvious to you, but close the door before you start trying to unscrew things!

  9. says

    Looks great guys! I love how one small touch make such a difference. Where do you think you’re going as far as a lighting type in the bathroom?

    We’re renovating our master bathroom right now and took down two huge mirrors that ran along two whole walls of our bathroom. In addition to be ridiculously heavy, I was SO scared we would drop it and shatter it! Slow and steady wins the race.

    • says

      Hey Michelle,

      Wehn it comes to what type of light fixture we’ll go for, we have no idea! We’re just taking each project one day at a time so we don’t go crazy! We promise to share the new light fixture in there when we find it (eventually). There’s lots on our to-do list so we’ll get there someday…


  10. Molly P-H says

    Another option with tall shower curtain and small bath is to hang the shower curtain high but the liner a little lower (on a 2nd tension rod) and then have a “hidden” place to hang the damp towels. That’s what I do and love it! The shower curtain doesn’t seem to get wet/damp for the 4-6″ that aren’t covered by a liner. Molly in Fla.

  11. ShannonF says

    It’s already looking great.. you guys rock!

    While on the subject of bathrooms I have a question for you 2 experts… is a good idea to use wallpaper in the bathroom (upper part of the wall, above the tile) and if so do you need a special kind? I really feel a good design would give ours what it’s missing.

    Thanks & congrats on the new place!

  12. says

    Don’t these little upgrades make you feel like progress is being made? That small change makes a big difference. I never even knew there were tension-style shower curtain rods until we showed up at our house and found no rod at all. I was surprised to find that they look and work just like the installed version.

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