Hanging Our Shower Curtain Higher (Ah, Much Better)

By the time we unpacked our shower curtain last week, it had been 48 hours since either of us had showered. And those two days were filled with lifting heavy objects, if you catch our whiff drift. So hanging the shower curtain was a welcome step in our moving process. What was not so welcome? This result:

You know we love hanging an extra long shower curtain all the way to the ceiling to add height to the room (the 95″ waffle curtain is from amazon.com and the 86″ fabric liner is from Bed Bath & Beyond by the way). But the trick doesn’t work so well when the tension rod you inherit is too stumpy to hang on the higher tile-less portion of your shower wall (it was literally about a half-inch too short to grab the slightly wider wall up top). Then the tricky part becomes being ok with the bottom of the extra-long curtain sitting bunched under the toilet seat.

We were not ok with it.

Which is why our first post-move trip to Home Depot was to get a new longer tension rod. And now we have this going on. Ooooh. Ahhh. Note: You can read more about raising your shower rod and finding extra long liners and curtains here.

It’s a small start in the process of making this bathroom feel a bit more like our own. It’s a great bathroom with lots of good stuff already, but not necessarily an overall style that we’d pick for ourselves. So eventually we’ll do some tweaks / upgrades / remodeling to make it more “us.” And yes, we’re definitely planning to swap out the light fixture for something smaller that doesn’t encroach as much on the newly hung ceiling-height shower curtain. And speaking of light, anyone who is wondering if it’s super dark with the shower curtain that high- amazingly it’s not. It sort of glows and light shines through the light curtain and the liner so the whole shower is lit up through the curtain if that makes sense. In our old house we didn’t even have a ceiling light (just a wall-mounted one above the mirror) and it was still nice and bright.

‘Til then, we at least get to enjoy nice finishes like these sleek stainless shower fixtures.

And these spa-like glass shelves:

We don’t really have a clear vision of what we’d eventually like our master bathroom to be, but there’s a good chance both of those items will be kept long term. The only thing we can say for certain will be going sooner rather than later is the mirrored door. Shocking I know. When have you known us to remove a mirror from our house? We can usually be found hanging them left and right.

But we already have a nice chunky floor length mirror in the bedroom (the one seen in this post, that I got Sherry as a surprise wedding gift) so there’s no need for the slightly less exciting door-mounted one a few steps away. Here’s hoping we don’t break it during removal and suffer a seven-year span of bad luck. And for anyone else out there who’s ready to remove a big mirror on their door or wall, we’ll be sure to post about our hopefully-not-bloody-at-all removal process when we get there…


  1. says

    Do you find that you still get enough light in the shower area? It seems that having a shower curtain all the way up to the ceiling would block light and make the shower area rather dim. Or maybe you have a light directly over the tub. :)

    • says

      Hey R8chel, Abby, Kristen, and Emily,

      Amazingly it’s not super dark in there with such a high curtain. It sort of glows and light shines through the light curtain and the liner so the whole shower is lit up through the curtain if that makes sense. In our old house we didn’t even have a ceiling light (just a wall-mounted one above the mirror) and it was still nice and bright.


  2. Emily says

    Love the look of the long shower curtain! Glad you’re planning on changing the light fixture, but that got me wondering if it’s a tad dark inside the shower with the curtain closed (since it’s sorta blocking the light) or is it not a problem because the curtain is white?

    Just curious.

  3. says

    I love the look of your shower curtain! But I have one question. Do you have a light in your shower? With the curtain all the way up to the ceiling does it get a little dark in there?

  4. Jennifer says

    I agree that raising the curtain is awesome, but I’m a little confused. Why couldn’t you use the current curtain rod and just move it up towards the ceiling? Was it a tension rod, too?

    • says

      Hey Jennifer,

      It was a tension rod but it was slightly short since the untiled part of the walls was a bit wider (and it wouldn’t grip). So we needed something a half-inch longer.


  5. 4 critters says

    You know…you could do a DIY of your floor mirror just for fun by using that door mirror. Just build a frame(4 pieces of wood) for the mirror-you could stain/paint the frame and place that mirror inside. My husbands a carpenter BUT he said doing this would be a piece of cake ( we have a door mirror waiting for this treatment). Nice to see your tweaks for settling in-happy settling!

  6. Amy says

    I have the opposite problem. My shower curtain rod won’t stay put on the tile because I guess it’s too slippery. Usually it’s not a problem but I bought a cute curtain on sale not paying attention to the length so it’s a little short but I’m living with it. :)

  7. Sherry says

    Oooh the Kohler Purist series! Those are some nice fixtures. Did you guys put those in or inherit them from the move? I just put the Purist series in a client’s bathroom and now want those in our house! Have you ever seen the Kohler yin yang sink? Another one of my loves!

    Anyway, enough drooling over your shower fixtures! Your new bathroom has some good bones. Love the natural light from the window! Can’t wait to see what you guys do with it.

    • says

      Hey Liz,

      We’re big fans of white tile (subway tile, basketweave, etc) so the neutral thing isn’t something we would have chosen ourselves but it’s in great condition and is definitely liveable for a while- of course you know we love a project so down the line we might retile if we find something for a great deal and feel like getting our hard hats on…


  8. lauren says

    we completely renovated our bathroom this summer and those are the fixtures we bought! they’re pretty pricey kohler fixtures (and there are other matching pieces), so you should try to keep them if they’re in good shape.

  9. Bonnie says

    Great look with the shower curtain. I’ll have to add shower curtain to the list of things that go in the “First to unpack” tote along with TP and cleaning products. :)

  10. julie says

    You should totally DIY the mirror. Put it on a larger piece of plywood and add moldings around the mirror. I’m sure you can always use one more mirror. Maybe in clara’s room. I love your blog.

  11. Cate says

    Having a mirror on that bathroom door is really good feng shui. It helps deflect the draining energy of a bathroom, and keeps it out of your peaceful bedroom. Just something to consider!

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