House Re-Crashing: Stacie’s Insane Porch

When Stacie told us she was redoing the front of her amazingly glorious home in Richmond’s Historic Fan district, we knew she wouldn’t disappoint. I mean, she totally wowed us with her style here and here, so we were prepared to wet ourselves a little when we saw her exterior upgrade. Good thing we were prepared, because her overhaul was nothing short of insane. And like any sweet homeowner she wants to shout out her restoration guy for his commitment to keeping things historic and cutting no corners (his name is Eric Schmoldt at Advantage Construction, whose house we actually crashed here – small world). Hats off to Eric and Stacie. Between her vision and his amazing handiwork, it seriously doesn’t even look like the same house. So if we’re late to her annual Christmas party, Stacie will know why (because we might not recognize her place). Enough gabbing. Here’s the before:

And a few durings:

And here are the amazing after shots:

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s so funny that the exterior in the before could ever become the one in the after. How is that even possible? It’s like a unicorn or a transported cupcake that doesn’t get smashed in the car. The stuff of legends. Anyway, thanks for sharing your gem with us Stacie! It’s a great reminder that houses that don’t always look lovely from the front often leave the most room for improvement! Off to stare at our new house’s exterior with renewed enthusiasm…

Pssst- We’re selling our slipcovered Pottery Barn sofa (which looks like new, thanks to those handy washable slipcovers) for nearly 60% off what we paid for it over on craigslist. And since we know you locals like a heads up about those things, we thought we’d share the link. If you’re interested, just respond to the craigslist ad and we’ll get back to you.


  1. says

    I luv it! Next Spring we’re going to start doing outdoor work and an enclosed porch is on the list. Finny thing we just had a debate about, “what makes a porch a porch.” we even looked up the definition b/c we have a porch, but no stairs. It’s hard to explain w/o a pic. There’s a pic on my blog.

    I luv luv what they’ve done. It’s totally my style.

  2. says

    Hard to believe that is the same house! And while it is most definitely gorgeous, I have to say, as the daughter of an iron welder, I was just a little sad to see that beautiful, decorative wrought iron gone!

  3. says

    …”so we were prepared to wet ourselves a little..”
    and, “It’s like a unicorn or a transported cupcake that doesn’t get smashed in the car. The stuff of legends. ” I LOVE IT!! You guys crack me up. What a beautiful home. Wish we could pull it off, living in the fan, but with 3 elementary aged kids, Chesterfield County will probably be where we stay. We are new to Richmond and did a little sight seeing up near Church Hill (love that area!) and met some home schooled kids who lived there. I kept thinking, “Why can’t I be brave enough to home school my kids so they can experience the culture and arts of living OUTSIDE of suburbia??” Oh well..
    Anyway, love the blog! Can’t wait for your NEW home pics!

  4. Rachel says

    That is one gorgeous after! I have loved seeing pics of this gal’s house. It is probably my all time fave from all of your house crashing adventures! That porch looks like it is meant to be there (and it totally looks original to the house).

  5. Meredith says

    I don’t know how you can part with such a fantastic basic sofa. I know you guys live on a “shoe string” to do what you love but I could never part with that. You may not actually have room in the new place…I guess I can get that. I just live in a small place now and have a few pieces stored for WHEN we move to a bigger place. But your small place now with less square footage has two more spaces for sofas. Just jeal I guess….

    • says

      Yup, we’re getting a sectional (something I’ve dreamed of for years) so to offset the cost we’re selling that sofa since we don’t have a spot for it and want to roll that money over into our new couch. We still have two daybeds and another sofa so we figure we didn’t need another extra couch sitting around since we couldn’t find a spot for it!


  6. Tessa says

    Love it. That’s my dream color scheme for our home – but with a pop of turquoise door! I hope she kept that wrought iron as pretty trelis or something for their backyard…

  7. Jennifer says

    I didn’t even think the “before” was that bad, but holy cow, the “after” is amazing! Looks expensive. I love the railing. Grey was, is, and always will be my fav color.

  8. Lindsay L. says

    Hey Sherry thanks for recommending the Karlstad series! I’m thinking of getting the corner one and then adding on a chaise unit (in the Sivik beige). But are y’all getting a corner one? To me a sectional just isn’t a sectional without a corner.

  9. Nancy says

    SO, so beautiful. I thought the “before” picture WAS the “after”!! lol… I can’t even begin to imagine how much that cost!!! Great job!
    Good luck selling the couch.

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