Everyone Loves A Freebie…

Ain’t free stuff awesome? If it weren’t, why would Oprah’s audiences blow a gasket on national TV every year when she says “Faaaay-vo-rit thiiiiiings!”

But enough about Ms. Winfrey (Sherry’s perma-smiling over here, because Oprah’s her jam). We’re bringing up freebies because we’re making a swag related declaration. Moving forward, we’re just saying no. We’ll still offer up free house stuff to you guys in the form of our weekly giveaways, but we’re not going to accept products or services for our casa at any special “blogger discount” or for free – even if we genuinely love them.

We have absolutely nothing against other bloggers who do (it’s definitely an obvious perk of the job) but especially since we’re both able to do this full time, we’re appreciative of a few other perks (like working from home with our pooch & our girl by our side). This way it makes it easy to recommend an amazing piece of furniture or a great floor refinisher based on the job that person has done or the item they’ve sold – not based on any special arrangement behind the scenes. We don’t want you guys to ever question our motives for blogging about something. And although we’ve always tried to be totally transparent when we’re writing about an item that was gifted (like this faucet & this lawnmower) and only agreed if it was something we really liked (and always tried to snag a second freebie for a reader, like we did with the faucet & the lawnmower), now no one even has to wonder if we’re endorsing something because we truly love it or because it was free.

Why now? Well, over the next few years, our new house will need lots of stuff. But we want to stalk every single thing down ourselves and buy it (or make it) without any other reason than it’s what we love and it’s actually within our price range. And we don’t want a post about how we need a new dining table to be misconstrued by you guys as “fishing for a freebie” (and we don’t want companies to consider it to be an invitation for them to offer something up in exchange for a post about it). Besides, being constrained by a real budget is when we come up with our most creative ideas.

And although we’re happy to pass on the free stuff from now on, we’ll do our best to pass it onto you guys whenever we can. A lot of our weekly giveaways already come from that technique, so we’ll continue to give away stuff that we think you’ll love. Our little declaration definitely means we’ll be hunting down discounts, sales, and even free stuff on craigslist like it’s our job (oddly enough, it kind of is). As long as it’s a deal that each of you could score too, we’re game (special blogger discounts & freebies are out, but deal hunting in the clearance section & haggling at garage sales are definitely still in).

Oh and this is probably a good time to remind you guys that things in the new home will be happening on a real timeline. No same day 10K makeovers a la HGTV. So we hope you’ll bear with us as we save our pennies and take on Operation New House one project at a time, just as we did when we started this blog during our big kitchen reno three years ago. We’re definitely not high enough rollers to get our new place renovated and decorated anytime soon (remember our current house took 4.5 years to get to where it is today!). So the new one will be a work in progress for a while as we slowly decorate in stages and share diary style updates as they occur. Hopefully you guys are more into the journey than the destination…

Psst- By this time next week we should be settling into the new casa. Just 5 days (!!!) until we get the keys. Can you tell we’re craaaaazy excited? As in Oprah audience excited.


  1. Alison says

    I’m so glad to hear you guys say this because I sometimes wonder about that with full time bloggers. Kudos to you guys! I am really excited to see the direction you will take in your new house. Everything you do is inspiring!

  2. says


    I especially find this full of awesomeness because there are so many people in true dire need, so accepting freebies just for staying at home, blogging in your pjs, just doesn’t seem right. This just shows your integrity.

    Kudos to you guys. <3

    Good luck with the new house (uber-exciting!)… I'll be watching!

    (Wait. That sounded creepy.)

  3. Jennifer says

    Neat! Now I can continue my home-o-vations with you and not feel rediculously slooow. Like you, I can only do one project at a time. Keep up the awesomeness because I (and many others) enjoy it.

  4. Amy says

    I was just telling my Husband last night that I will be so relieved when my favorite bloggers move into their fixer-upper, because it will make me feel better that our home is in the “make do until I can afford what I really want” stage.

    I’m also hoping it will light a fire under my butt to get more stuff done around here (not to put any pressure on you or anything.)

    Also, Kudos on the integrity.

  5. says

    You two are so wonderful I can’t stand it.

    Actually I can stand it. I love it. Which is why I come here twice a day every day and recommend your blog to anyone with ears.

    So excited for you and your new digs!

  6. ColeyB says

    Class act. Y’all rock my face off.

    Thanks for being honest in your dealings and with your readers. I’m sure as you continue in these principles, you’ll be entrusted with even more.

    Love reading your blog. I check it everyday with my coffee, and have been inspired to clean more, organize more, purge/declutter more, and decorate in new “out of my box” ways since I stumbled upon it. We are moving into a new home at the beginning of the year, so we will definitely be adopting some of your fabulous ideas.

  7. Aaron says

    I’m surprised the FCC’s disclosure rules on compensation and freebies didn’t scare you into this official stance a while ago; but regardless, it’s probably not a bad position to take.

    Good luck with the closing – my wife and I discovered your blog when we started our own search just a few months ago, and we just closed on Monday, so I know exactly how you feel!

  8. christa says

    Good decision, I think.

    You guys seem to have the proper amount of common sense, business acumen plus creativity and goofiness to strike a good balance on serious and not so serious issues alike.

    I am so happy to be here to follow you through your next huuuge project!

  9. Sarah says

    I think that not accepting freebies and writing posts “diary style” are both great ways to appeal to your readers-it will make all your home improvements seem more realistic and do-able! Rome wasn’t built in a day…

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