Best Spam Comment Ever

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Every day we get about fifty spam comments that promise everything from naked pictures of Lady GaGa to free payday loans (all of which get caught in a spam filter and then get deleted). This one (left on our Pulling Out The Rug post by “Lexus Dealer”) made me snort. As far as spam comments go, it’s definitely more entertaining than most. No further explanation necessary.

Original Ideas? Pish Posh.


Q: How do you come up with your amazing home ideas? Is it all on your own? Do you have some secret inspiration method? Like the built in wardrobes in your master bedroom and the doorway widening trick that you pulled in your den/kitchen/dining area. I just wish you could teach me how to think like you so I could come up with some original ideas to make my house feel like it’s unique and cool instead of lame and boring! – Lisa A: First of all, we’ll say this: we’re 100% confident that nothing that we’ve ever done to our house or on this blog hasn’t been done before. We repeat: there’s probably not

House Hunting: Pimped Out & Priced To Sell


This next house we toured was pretty sweet. The owners had just dropped the price nearly $40,000 which suddenly put it within our range. The sellers had already moved out and after having the place on the market for 4 months were quite motivated to sell. And perhaps that fact would motivate us to buy? Let’s meet the house: THE STATS: Age: 1977 House size: 2,772 square feet Lot size: 0.4 acres of land Bedrooms: 4 Bathroom: 2.5 THE PROS: Great deal Beautiful exterior and landscaping Polished details like crown molding, plantation shutters, and exposed beams Tons of extras like a Wolf range, two outdoor deck heaters, a car lift in garage, and a full

Window Shopping: Swedish Sightseeing


We finally got back over to Ikea to see all the new stuff this year (and to pick up a catalog in person since we waited and waited for one to come to our door with no avail). Let’s just say it didn’t disappoint! So we snapped a few photos of some of the things that inspired us most. Here’s an office that we really liked. Although having all that space in our current house to devote to an office is a pipe dream, maybe our next house will allow for it. And even if not it’s still fun to look at. Speaking of dreams for our future house, we’ve always adored the idea of

House Hunting: Cute Cape Cod Near Shops


So with the Cottage In the Woods off our list, let’s turn our attention to another house that we toured: the cute cape cod near shops. We were a bit skeptical about this one because it was in a totally new area for us, but we though its hints of city feel might reawaken the part of us that once loved living in NYC and being able to walk to the store. So we decided to check it out. Here it is in its slightly-doctored-photo glory (see why we’re not sharing tons of pics out of respect to the sellers here): THE STATS: Age: 1945 House size: 2,001 square feet Lot size: 0.25 acres Bedrooms:

This Pretty Much Made Our Year (Meeting Nate Berkus)


Picture me miming the act of getting out the ol’ Bucket List and crossing off one of the most major “pipe dream” things on there. As we quickly mentioned here, three Wednesdays ago The Nate Berkus Show contacted us and asked if we’d be interested in being on their show… which was taping just two short days later in NYC. If so they’d fly us out the very next day. Uh, yes please. See, I’ve been obsessed with Nate for years. And not just mildly obsessed, we’re talking can’t-mention-him-without-my-voice-going-up-an-octave status. The man just does something to me (check out a few I-love-Nate posts of yore here and here). But what the heck would we be

House Hunting: The Cottage In The Woods


We’ve been passively house hunting for a few weeks now (driving around different neighborhoods, checking out pics on MLS, and popping into a few of them every now and then) and are finally getting around to writing about it. It’s amazing how frantically cleaning your own house and scheduling showings can distract you from actually blogging about the thrill of the hunt for a new place. Part of our delay has also been deciding the best way to share this house hunting journey with you guys. We’d love to show every nook and cranny of each place, but at the same time we want to respect the privacy of each home’s seller (after all, unlike

Today’s Project: Spackling Uneven Drywall


This morning, while Clara was doing this: I attempted to tackle this: A few days ago I slapped some spackle on the walls in the bathroom (we like Dap Crackshot), because as happy as we were with the big bathroom overhaul, you could tell it was definitely our first rodeo when it came to drywalling. And in our hurry to get paint on the walls we were a wee bit less careful with the mudding and taping than we could have been. But thanks to Operation Sell This House we’re making all those never-got-around-to-them tweaks to get things looking as close to perfect as possible. You know, tackling all of those projects that we’ll never

Mood Board Making: Dark Teal, Wood, & White Bedroom


I can’t promise that we’ll execute this mood board to a T when it comes to our future bedroom – heck, the entire vision could easily shift by the time we move into a new home. But as of right now, this is what I’m loving (and John’s surprisingly right there with me): 1. I’m dreaming of a cozy and enveloping room painted in a rich and saturated teal like the stripe of color across the top of the mood board (Benjamin Moore’s Rendezvous Bay 726). I’d temper the bold color by adding some white furnishings/accessories and some rich dark woods to ground things. And then I’d add a pop of tangerine, just because I’m

Making Puffy Paint Pumpkins (They’re Not As Cheesy As It Sounds)


I know, I know. The idea of puffy paint in most craft projects makes you skeptical. Me too. But a few weeks ago John and I were brainstorming about what we should do to our pumpkins this year, after painting them last year: … and carving intricate designs into them the year before: Anyway, so somewhere along the line John said “too bad we can’t use nail polish or something to build up shapes on the pumpkins.” I sort of looked at him sideways at the nail polish suggestion, but I liked the idea of somehow creating raised designs on them… and so the idea of puffy paint was born. We figured it was made

Hanging With Nate Dog


This post might be filed under the annoying “teaser” category but we can’t tell you anything other than to cryptically announce that you might want to watch The Nate Show next Monday (the 25th) or DVR it if you’re fancy like that because… we’re going to be on it!!! It’s a syndicated show, so we don’t know what channel or time it’s on in your area (in fact it doesn’t even air in Richmond, which is the bane of our existence) but if you hit up you can use their station finder feature for more info. We’ve always been huge fans of Nate and his work (check out this post and this post of

Staging Our House To Sell: Cleaning & Mulching Like Crazy


If it’s true that cleanliness is next to Godliness, then selling our house is practically turning us into saints. Not that we weren’t teetering on clean freak status before, but I’ve always considered myself more tidy than clean (i.e. clutter’s a no-no, but the tub can go unscrubbed a little longer than I’d like to admit to my mom). But now that we’ve got strangers touring the place it has kicked us into cleaning hyper drive – which I should note is much needed considering that having a newborn all but halted it for a good while this summer. Yes, that’s me breaking out the ladder to give a good wash to the outside of

Turning Small Metal Cups Into Two-Tone Votive Holders

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When we spotted these odd little metal cups for $1.50 a pop at Goodwill (which you may have noticed in our recent Halloween post) we decided to take them home for a speedy little spray paint makeover. We fell in love with the little cut-out shape and since we already had yellow and white spray paint around (thanks to this project and this project) we got right to work. Our concept was to make the inside of each cup yellow and the outside of each one white, just for a little two-tone fun. So we thought up a few ways that might work when it came to accomplishing that effect. First we debated spraying the


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I was going to do it. I was finally going to buy the Coco mirror from West Elm that I’ve been obsessing over forever. Yes, we’re moving, but it’s such a classic piece that it could be hung anywhere in this house or the next one. And I was just gonna go for it- all $199 of it. Even though I’m usually too cheap to buy things full price (even if I’m head over heels in love) I had this whole talk with myself about putting on my big girl pants and bucking up and just splurging for something that I’m 99.9% certain would make me happy for decades. Then I saw this when I

Katie Bower In The House


Well not anymore, but she was this weekend. Along with her main man Jeremy and their adorable bambino Will (who happens to be betrothed to Clara so back off all you other baby ladies). And if you don’t know who the heck I’m talking about, you can catch up on the Bowers over at their blog: Bower Power. We had tons of fun feeding them, showing them around, rehearsing/performing a baby wedding, and just generally having a grand old time from Friday all the way through Sunday. We even squeezed in a little video (as is the tradition whenever we’re together- check out this original one along with these three shot during our rendezvous in