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Reader Redesign: Tiny Toddler Room Transformed

Everyone loves an imaginative and awe-inspring kid’s room, am I right? Which is all the reason we were psyched to see this cheery redo from Amandelin. Check out her letter:

My son’s room was desperately in need of some redoing. Beyond the aesthetic problems (like the knotty wood paneling and bargain bin particle board furniture that my mother kept “gifting” us) the room is also 23 feet long and 9 feet wide. Three of the four walls are monopolized by windows and the fourth is broken up by double french doors. Needless to say it posed quite a challenge.

I painted all of the paneling white, replaced the mismatched denim curtains & “custom” 80’s paint-splattered roman shades with cheap white Ikea curtains. All of the furniture in the room, with the exception of the Expedit and the two Ikea toyboxes, is thrifted. I think the most expensive thing was the bed, at $19.99.

The sidetables were $5 for the pair; I painted them with white lacquer, used a jigsaw to cut a thick piece of wood to the curves on the top, and stained the wood. The lamps were $10 each at my local Habitat for Humanity REstore. I painted them out in red and hand-cut a robot stencil, using leftover table paint to get the graffiti effect.

The lamp on his Expedit was originally one of a pair I had in my bedroom. Until he broke one. I hand-painted a treasure map on the base and used white contact paper to put a skull and crossbones on the inside of the shade, which is only visible when you turn the lamp on. Months and months of work and elbow grease and combing through thrift stores was totally worth it for my almost-four-year old to have a bright and functional room! – Amandelin

We can’t believe that’s the same room, Amandelin! It looks so cheery, and the fact that it was done so inexpensively and with so many hand details is just awesome. Your son must have so much fun in there. Kinda makes us wish we were four again. What about you guys? Do you have a favorite project or thrift store find in this makeover? So many great DIYs, so little time.



Office Progress: Squeezing In A “Playroom”

As if our 10′ x 10.5′ home office / guest bedroom didn’t have enough requirements (must accommodate two bloggers 50+ hours a week and sleep two people comfortably every now and then all while keeping our paper clutter tucked out of sight) we ambitiously decided to force yet another function on the space: playroom. We wish we could dedicate an entire room to that playroom title, but with three small bedrooms – one serving as the master, another as the nursery, and the third one being this room – we had to face the music and make it work a la Tim Gunn. So we decided that along with making a lot of rug space an absolute necessity for Clara (think tummy time, bouncy seat, play mat, etc) we also wanted to dedicate this little sliver of wall to her as well in the form of a small already-had-it bookcase full of her favorite toys and books.

Not only is the new setup a pretty sweet deal for Clara, it’s also super convenient for us. Because we’re switch hitters over here at YHL, which means that one of us is on “entertaining duty” while the other person writes posts, coordinates giveaways, answers comments, and does all the other blogging stuff we’ve come to know and love. So having books and toys at arm’s reach really keeps the back-and-forth trips to the nursery to a minimum for whoever is hanging out with Clara. Anything to make it easier, right?

All it took was a few more half-priced baskets from Michael’s (just like the ones we used for our bookcase makeover) and items that we already owned (from stuffed animals and wooden blocks to books and even a fun little alligator pull toy that mesmerizes Clara every time we show it to her). And just as we mentioned, we already owned the bookcase which used to live in our sunroom. Oh and don’t worry, we plan to anchor it to the wall well before she’s mobile enough to pull herself up on it. Safety first!

Perhaps the best part of moving it into the office was that something that used to live in the office (before it became an office) found a perfect spot out in the sunroom to replace the bookcase we stole. Note: stay tuned for our mini sunroom makeover after we finish tackling this office project.

So for the price of two deeply discounted baskets (which are full of more toys, books, and stuffed animals) we worked in a sweet little baby-focused area for our sweet baby girl.

And since we can’t get enough of the whole multitasking thing in this room, we also hung an old mirror and seized the opportunity to make it work as a To Do list of sorts with the addition of a blue dry erase marker. The most fun thing about our little mirror presto-change-o is that we also love that we can erase our list and write a “Welcome To Casa Petersik” message for our guests whenever they come to stay with us. Plus every guest bedroom should have a mirror so family and friends can check their hair before emerging in the am.

So that’s the latest office / guest room / playroom news. Now we’ll pick your brains. Have you guys ever added a small item of furniture to a room and in doing so completely expanded the function of that space? We’d love to know how you make your rooms multitask with minimal effort and expense. Do tell.

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