From Third Bedroom To Nursery: It Begins…

Now that we’re done with the big bathroom makeover it’s nursery time, baby. Pun intended. The sad thing is that we love our third bedroom, so the idea that it has to somehow disappear to make way for the bean is a tad bittersweet.

Of course we’re over the moon to meet our little girl in May and can’t wait to start whipping up the perfect nursery to welcome her to Casa Petersik. We’re just use-what-you-have kind of people, so the idea of suddenly having a daybed, table, chair, rug and ottoman without a happy home had us stumped for a good half hour or so.

Then we channeled Tim Gunn (picture us putting on our make-it-work hats) and got brainstorming.

Thankfully we had already thought to relocate our third bedroom’s little wrapping paper/letter writing table down to the basement for that big makeover a few months back (along with the chair and a second chair that we’d been storing in the closet ever since we switched out two of our dining chairs for a bench).

But what about that daybed? Unless we were willing to forgo a crib (uh, not an option) it had to find a new place to live since the nursery is by far the smallest room in our house (except for the bathrooms if those count). Happily, the sunroom quickly came to mind. Sure we already have one totally cozy daybed in there that we lounge on pretty much from spring to fall. But why not bring in a second one for twice the fun? That was pretty much our thought process. And after a bit of grunting and shimmying we had it in place (don’t worry, John did all the heavy lifting while I played the role of “supervisor”).

And it didn’t look half bad. In fact it made us wish it was a bit warmer out so we could both settle in with a few good books and officially put them both to good use.

Oh and one sort of surprising discovery was that we didn’t mind the darker wood tone of the new daybed next to the existing white one as much as we thought we would (probably thanks to all of those oil-rubbed bronze sliding door sashes that bring a similar tone to the space). We’re still planning to eventually paint it white for a bit more balance (we like the idea of the daybeds being the same color but different styles with complementary but not identical bedding and pillows to avoid complete matchy-matchy overload).

And speaking of pillows, we kept many of the same ones that were on it in the third bedroom and tossed an oatmeal colored blanket over the mattress to help it fit right in with the similarly accessorized existing daybed. We like the serene and layered look but also think adding some punchy pillows to both daybeds would really wake up the room for spring so stay tuned for that in a few months…

Probably the best thing about placing the daybed along the wall where we formerly just had one small teak chair and a side table is that it provides the best view of our private backyard (since the other daybed faces in towards the house). And we can accommodate a lot more people in the sunroom now that we switched out one teak chair for an entire daybed. I smell a game night coming on…

We’re definitely glad to have found a little “interim place” for the daybed to live before it potentially goes back into the nursery-turned-big-girl-room in a few years (we’ve heard from more than a few friends and family members that daybeds make great big-girl beds when the crib is no longer necessary). Although we can see “sunroom sleepovers” in our future once more than one kiddo comes along, so who knows. It might just stay put for the long haul. I guess only time will tell…

Next we had the third bedroom rug to deal with. Since it’s jute we reasoned that we wanted something cushier like a plush wool rug underfoot for our little one. So it definitely needed a new home. But where? Well, it’s actually the exact same rug that we have in the kitchen (we loved it so much we got it twice).

So the idea of rolling the extra one up and tucking it behind the blinds above our laundry nook didn’t seem like the worst plan in the world. Now if we ever have a spaghetti sauce or grape juice incident in the kitch, we’ll have a spare squirreled away in the mostly-empty storage area above our washer and dryer (ever since we finished the big basement makeover clutter in our house has been radically reduced- woot woot).

Then it was time to ponder a new place for the ottoman. And after a bit of thought we figured that it would actually come in handy if it stayed in the nursery (for toy storage, putting up my feet when I’m nursing, etc). So our little woven friend gets to stay- at least for now- along with the asymmetrical photo collage on the wall. We might switch out a few of the framed items for some fun baby-focused art (with punchy colors to work with the new yet-to-be-revealed color scheme) but for the most part we think that the wall of frames will create a great little stimulating focal point for the beanette (of course it’ll be out of reach for quite a few years, and once she’s taller and more mobile we’ll securely fasten them all to the wall or move them entirely if we ever think they pose a danger).

So that’s how we managed to clear out the nursery without amassing a graveyard full of sad displaced furniture.

And there’s nothing more full of promise than a bare room just waiting to be transformed. It certainly came in handy when we repainted the walls (and the ceiling!) this weekend. So stay tuned for those details…

What about you guys? What have all you new moms and dads done with an old room’s furniture to make way for baby? Have you relied on Craigslist? Adapted it for the nursery? Put it into storage? Moved it to other rooms around the house? What about all you non-baby-having-individuals who converted one room to something entirely different (bedroom to library, den to home office, etc)? Do tell.


  1. says

    Yay, nursery! I’m so excited to see how your nursery will look. The daybed looks great in the sunroom, it looks like a very cozy place to curl up with a book. Of course, with the new Beanette, you probably won’t have much time for reading! :-)

  2. abriana says

    I know this sounds weird, but I was sad to think that the asymmetrical wall frames might be going- glad to see they are staying! Can’t wait to see the nursery!

  3. says

    We don’t have kids yet…none in the oven yet and probably won’t be for the next year or two, BUT I’m all about planning! We have a three bedroom home, which includes a master, one room as an office, and the third as a guest. When baby numero uno comes along we plan on turning the office into the nursery which means we will have a lot of shuffling to do. The plan is to move the office into the guest bedroom. Currently the guest has a double bed in it and the plan would be to get rid of the double bed and purchase a sofa bed, a classy futon, or my favorite idea, install wall to wall bookcases and hide a murphy bed behind it! I’m a graphic designer and when the first baby comes my plan is to go freelance and work from home, so keeping some type of office is a must! So we would get rid of some of the current office furniture like the large sofa, and put some things in storage until we have a larger house…I LOVE how you found new homes for many of the things in the room, and especially love the placement of the daybed in the sunroom – it looks even more relaxing then before!

  4. says

    I was going to say that I’ve known people to keep daybeds in their nurseries – often they’ll stay there the first couple of times the baby sleeps in the nursery, the dad sleeps while the mom nurses, etc.) but I think it looks GREAT out in the sunroon. You hit the nail on its head with the “I smell a game night coming on” because it looks absolutely perfect for it.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

  5. Erin says

    When we moved into our house (2 years ago) i refused to make a guest bedroom- planning ahead that it would be a one day nursery. Some people might be bothered by having an empty-ish room (has weights and a yoga mat in it) for a couple of years but we’re all about not having anything you don’t NEED.

  6. says

    Since I knew I wanted the 2nd bedroom to be a nursery in the not-distant future, we just stuck our old bedroom furniture in there and turned the small 3rd bedroom into the official guest room using another old bed. Now that the baby is on the way, we’ll likely put the furniture on Craigslist. The challenge will be finding a spot for my off-season clothes, and all the linens that are in the nursery’s closet, since we don’t have a linen closet. At least I have a few more months to figure out the details!

  7. Leigh says

    Yay for nursery posts! I can’t wait to see what you guys are planning. I love the daybed in the sunroom and I was so excited to see the wall of pictures stay!

  8. Jill Stigs says

    Looks awesome so far! Loving the 2 daybeds in the sunroom.
    The rug I use for my entry way was on sale so cheap I bought two right away and one is rolled and tucked into a closet until needed.

  9. says

    I think your guests will love having the two daybeds to lounge on when they come over. Sounds like you guys need to plan some parties! The entire sunroom looks cozier with the addition of the second daybed. I think painting them both white will look stellar. :-)

  10. says

    No babies, but in our family when someone changes out a room or updates furniture there’s always a line of kids/siblings/cousins looking for some freebies. I like knowing that my stuff will be used and appreciated somewhere else, though it’s just as nice being on the receiving end. Certainly helped when we had to furnish our new house last summer!

  11. says

    We recently got rid of all the furniture in our den to make way for new furniture and a complete redecoration. We haven’t bought new furniture since we’ve been married (almost four and a half years), so it was time for a little upgrade. I’m with you that the best way to completely redo a room is to get rid of what’s already there so you start with a clean slate. Thankfully, my husband’s younger brother is just out of grad school and needed furniture, so we sold all of our den furniture to him for a very reasonable price. More than the money, I was glad to get rid of it all at one time! We’re in the process of redecorating the room, so stay tuned to our blog as that continues! We’ve taken lots of decorating advice from you! :)

    Can’t wait to see what your nursery looks like!

  12. says

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby in early June, and we just did the exact same thing with our home office!

    We managed to find a place for everything, since we didn’t want to permanently part with anything. My art desk went into storage (a.k.a. my mom’s basement), his desk was painted and moved into our living room, the filing cabinet went into our storage room, and the two huge bookcases are staying in the room (filled with kiddie reads).

    We are finding out the sex in a week, and then we’ll begin painting and decorating. Can’t WAIT to see what you guys do in the baby’s room! I’m sure it will inspire mine!

  13. Catherine M. says

    We’re starting the same process over here. My office is turning into the nursery. The biggest difficulty is what to do with my roll-top desk. The only logical place is in our dining room, but unfortunately it’s huge and it’s an entirely different wood color from our dining room table, etc. Hopefully we’ll find a way to finagle the space so it won’t be too obvious!

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