Demoing Tile, Mortar, & Metal Mesh In The Bathroom Walls


When we say we’re “tackling a room” it’s usually a figure of speech, but in this case it’s pretty close to being a literal description of our big bathroom demolition weekend (check out this post for more info on why we’re doing it and this post for our plan for the space). The biggest surprise from our weekend of knocking stuff out and gutting the room? Well, the bathroom sorta tackled back. Before we could be all “in with the new” we had to take care of that pesky “out with the old” part. Here’s what the bathroom looked like once we cleared all the simple stuff out (baskets, shower curtain, mirror, rug, etc). We told

Decorating For Christmas: Some Ideas And A Video


We actually whipped up this fast and easy holiday decorating video before we finished our tree (which we shared last week), but because we’re sticklers for order around here, we thought tree-decorating-video-numero-dos made more sense following tree-decorating-video-numero-uno so we’re squeezing this baby in at the end. But good things come to those who wait, right? According that that cliché they do anyway. So without further ado, here’s a video* (with plenty of belly for those on bump watch) all about seasonally decorating every nook and cranny of your home on the cheap and in a snap. And the best part is that we used things we already had laying around (so we spent zero bucks

Reader Redesign: Just Add Water


When Samantha over at one of our regular blog reads sent us an amazing armoire redo (just wait to see what she turned it into), we had to share her insanely inspired DIY undertaking. Here’s her letter: It’s probably too late in the year for an outdoor space before and after, but here’s our armoire-to-fountain makeover. The outside of the fountain is painted with weather-resistant paint. The inside tanks are coated with roofing sealant. The fountain pump is from Home Depot. It makes a wonderful refreshing sound that drowns out the traffic and (almost) the constant helicopters that hover overhead every evening. – Samantha That’s right. She turned her old pine armoire into a fountain! Here’s

Making Bifold Doors Into A Screen To Hide The Water Heater


We know this was supposed to be the final chapter when it comes to our big basement makeover, but because we tackled two different DIY projects (making a screen to block off our fugly water heater and frosting the windows for 100% privacy that still lets in the light) we realized it would be crazy to try to squeeze all those step by step photos and instructions into one post… so we’re breaking it down to two. Just look at it as twice the fun. So without further ado, here’s how we made a custom screen to hide our eye-sore of a water heater with $18 worth of secondhand bi-fold doors and a quart of

Seasons’ Greeting Freebie Winner!

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.48.13 AM

There’s lots of excitement going on today. Because as psyched as we are to give away a year’s supply of customized stationery to one winner this week, we’re also pumped that Emmy Lu Design Studio is giving the rest of you another chance to score twelve months of papery goodness for FREE. How so? Well, anyone who places an order for ANY Emmy Lu’s do-it-yourself stationery design gets a complimentary 2010 calendar! Just enter “YOUNGHOUSE” at checkout and pick one of their three printable calendar designs. Sweet, right? And since, like all of their other products, you can print as many calendars as you want, it’s also a great stocking stuffer or gift idea (so

Our Holly Jolly Christmas Gift Guide


Just like last year’s roundup of budget-friendly holiday gifts, we’re back to share what tickled our fancy this year. So we set off to three mainstream stores that hopefully many of you have access to (if not there’s always online ordering) and snapped a few pics of our favorite non-fund-depleting finds. The best part is that many of them can be had for just a few dollars and nothing in our roundup is over the 20-something range. Plus some of these items can be adapted or DIYed so you can whip them up for even less at home. Doesn’t that put some seasonal spring in your step? So without further ado, here’s what made us

Sourcing Tile, A Vanity, & Other Bathroom Accessories


As John mentioned on Monday, our full bathroom is in need of the full monty. Sure it’s great from afar… … but up close it’s a bit more, um, not great. Sadly, after over fifty years of use, the once wonderful black and white basketweave floor tiles are cracked, stained, and worn down beyond repair… … and the white tiled walls are in pretty scary shape (shattered in some areas and dingy and worn almost everywhere else). We’re all about saving what you can and working with whatcha got, but in this case we’re sorry to say that after a pretty serious cleaning and recaulking effort a few years back- which certainly tided us over

Abbey’s Design Dilemma: Solved


Oh happy day! Abbey sent us her lovely mood board after pictures and we couldn’t wait to share them. Her space is a great reminder that you don’t have to paint the walls a dramatically different color or spend big bucks replacing everything to get a majorly upgraded look. Sometimes just a few new pieces, a slightly more saturated wall tone, and some simple accessory switcheroos can make all the difference. Here’s her letter: I’m finally submitting my after pics of the family room makeover you helped me with this summer. I want to thank you sooo much for your design ideas. By adding in the chocolate furnishings and the rug it really helped provide

Citrus Christmas Tree: Making Dried Orange Slice Ornaments


We’re back to share the second half of our tree-decorating adventure (sped up with a bit of festive music to get you into the spirit). We last left off with this video of us setting up our pre-lit artificial (faux? reusble?) tree only to discover that a strand of lights in the middle of the tree was out. But fixing it was as easy as listening for the buzzing bulb and replacing it with one of the extras they included along with our tree. Then it was time for the ornaments, and this year we decided to deviate from our usual white/glass/silver scheme (seen here). Maybe it was a weird citrus-pregnancy-craving-inspired decision, but out of

Burning Question: Premature Decoration?

Ok, Christmas decorations. How soon is too soon to put them up? With stores beginning to display them on Halloween Day (someone even mentioned seeing Valentine’s Day stuff already at Target!) we’re dying to know what everyone thinks about this phenomenon. Are some of you so giddy for the holidays that you’re turning on the Christmas music in October? Are others so miffed by the ever-encroaching seasonal spirit that you go on a decorating strike until the week before Christmas? In short, if you were elected as the official person in charge of picking the exact date for people to start decorating (and no one could deviate), what date would it be? And while we’re

Color Study: How Wall Color Can Affect Your Mood


Now that my bun in the oven is totally “out” (there’s nothing like announcing it to the world at large) I’m liberated to admit things like “lately I’ve been reading nursery decorating books.” And my favorite one so far is Feathering The Nest by Tracy Hutson. But wait, don’t tune out yet all of you non-baby people… Because not only is it packed with gorgeous eye candy (much of which is totally green and intentionally geared towards stimulating baby’s brain and keeping children’s safety in mind), it also has lots of interesting researched information, like a detailed write up about the impact of color. And it’s not just baby-skewed. Many of the color studies were

Tackling The Basement: Organizing Our Paint Cans


We’re back with our weekly basement update and since we’re edging closer towards the best word ever (finished!) this week’s project is quick and easy. It actually has to do with that built-in cabinet (to the right of the Ikea workstation) that we painted white last week. Remember it was bare but we promised we had a storage idea in the queue for you guys? Well, here it is… Yup, those are matching paint cans. And yes, we’re ok with you calling us nerds. We’ve actually been meaning to move our paint from the garage to the basement for a while. It’s a lot more temperate thanks to its underground location (it stays cooler in

Reader Redesign: Patio Perfection


Even though spring is a ways off, Sara’s before and after pictures had us feeling all sunny and cheerful. Here’s her letter: I’m a longtime reader of your blog, and I have a big Reader Redesign for you. My fiancé and I bought our house last summer and have slowly been fixing it up. I’m so excited to share our biggest project to date: a DIY paver patio. We got a quote from a contractor that wanted around $8200 for the job! We decided to do the work ourselves, and also add a wall for extra seating. With no experience. And only two weeks to get it done before our big summer party. Yikes! We