Steals & Deals: Stone Cold Fox

Surprise! John and I actually snuck off to the beach in Rehoboth Delaware (where John’s parents have a lovely beach house) around the 4th of July. And yes, John did take this photo to document our trip with his freakishly long arm:


We didn’t do much except for veg on the beach, publish posts so you guys wouldn’t think we went missing, and whip up this watermelon project. Oh and of course we did a little deal hunting by swinging through our favorite secondhand store while we were there: Beach Plum Antiques.


You’ll notice me getting my Vanna White on above (look, second picture in a row where I’m not wearing black!). The reason for the big smile and the gameshow pose? I’m standing next to the cutest little carrera marble topped table that I dug out from under a pile of stuff. It’s as if the universe hid it until I could show up and unearth it. Let me loose in a thrift store and I’m like an archeologist hot on the trail of a T-Rex femur.

We’d been looking for a small table for the sunroom for a while and this baby fit the bill. Plus we’ve never had anything marble in our house so the idea admittedly felt very swanky. But how much would the fancy pants table set us back?


What? Does that price tag really say $20? You betcha. And do you know how much we actually paid? $19 (because they only accept cash and that’s all we had on us). Again, the universe wanted us to have this table. The owner actually laughed when we approached him to buy it saying he had just marked it down from $45 the day before (and sure enough, when we peeled off the stickers after we got it home we saw that it had originally been $75, then $45, and finally $20 after sitting around for a while without getting much attention).

How this little gem of a table could go unnoticed for so long is beyond me. I mean she’s almost as cheap as an Ikea lack table and SHE’S MADE WITH CARRERA MARBLE. In mint condition no less. Just for comparison’s sake, here’s a marble table from CB2. It’s $149! And here’s a Knoll one on sale for $607! Doesn’t that make $19 sound even better? Plus our sunroom could totally use a little side table. So we brought her home.


Here’s a close-up for you marble loving fools (present company included- as in, me). Isn’t she a beaut? We love the ornate carved detailing around the perimeter and the legs. And although we originally toyed with the idea of painting them white (or even a soft celery green), we actually fell hard for the existing patina of the wood as soon as we put it down next to the teak chair and saw that it still worked.


By now you guys probably know that we’re much more about complementary tones, subtle texture and varied materials than anyting formulaic or overly matchy-matchy. And our new $19 side table introduced so much more interest to the whole room thanks to the marble top (yeah, we’re officially fancy), antiqued carved detailing (for luxe texture to spare), and the coordinating but not matching weathered wood tone (see how the teak chair and the bookcase on the other side of that wall are the same color but somehow this lighter piece still looks right at home between them?).


The key to achieving a mixed and layered effect that feels collected over time instead of “garage sale dorm room” is just to keep certain commonalities between the items in the space so it doesn’t look completely chaotic and unrelated. The ceramic dog (who was also quite a steal, check out that story here) and the pillow both boast the same crisp white tone, as does the top of the table (which instantly ties them together in the space). And the cream colored wall behind everything adds warmth and creates an even more layered and soft effect.

So there it is. The tale of an under-twenty-dollar-table that crossed state lines to come home with us and live next to a life-sized ceramic pooch. Have you guys found anything good at secondhand stores lately? What about garage sales? Now that it’s summer they’re popping up everywhere, so we’re wondering what you’re snagging on the cheap.

p.s. Speaking of secondhand shopping, we feel really good about our recently purchased refurbished Flip video camera (snagged on for $70 off) and our newly refurbished MacBook (from for $350 off). “Recycling” never felt so good- and they’ll both help us serve up more fun around these parts for years to come- so stay tuned…


  1. Rebekah says

    What a neat store and a neat find! I think I would have painted the legs white, but it’s not often that you don’t paint something white, so I’m proud of you. ;)

  2. Elaine says

    Sweet Venus! You lucked out! I love it the new table. I thought I was cool because I just bought a storage bench on Craiglist for $35….and then you guys buy a marble table for $19. Way to go, S & J. You two are so fabulous!!

  3. Molly says

    Great table! What a find! I, too, take great pleasure in peeling off stickers to see what the price (or prices) were before the markdown!

  4. Amy says

    We have a house in Bethany and I love that store (I didn’t know about it until last year though…sort of off the beaten path). The only thing I’ve ever bought there is one of the Bethany Beach signs that someone handpaints…the ones kind of shaped like surfboards.

  5. says

    I love Rehobeth! We have a place in OC,MD and always find ourselves in Rehobeth for one reason or another. I’ve never been to the this antique store… definately have to put it on the list of places to check out next time we go down.

  6. Christa says

    Going deal hunting this weekend…on the lookout for a small dresser I can repurpose as an end table in my living room. Wish me luck!

  7. priscilla says

    I wish my husband’s arms are as long as John’s so we could take self-portraits like that! Usually when we attempt that, one of us is always cut off! Boo! =P

  8. Laura says

    Ooooohh! You bought a Mac! Have you had one before? You will LOVE LOVE LOVE it! (Can you tell I love mine?)

  9. says

    We recently snagged a pale blue crate & barrel couch, 2 yrs old, on craigslist for $75! It was my thrill/adventure of the week. Then I stepped back and said, what has happened to me? Really now?
    ps thanks for the fonts info!

  10. Jenna says

    Just stumbled upon your website accidentally and i gotta say i am completely in awe of your renovations! My boyfriend and I did a similar thing to our first house last year but it’s nothing compared to yours. You guys are super talented and inspired me to get more things done to ours!

  11. says

    I love shopping thrift! It’s actually nice knowing that the things I buy are older… because I know that they were built well enough to last that long! Great tables like that are more difficult to find though, you usually have to drop in a store time and again to find the best things. I think it’s worth the hunt. Plus, it’s fun!

  12. Katie says

    Oooohhhh, Aaahhhhh…you must tell me when you are visiting DE again…surprised I haven’t seen you at the Beach Plum already!!!!

  13. allie says

    we frequent the rehoboth area often..can you tell me where this store it so i can go when we are there in 2 weeks? thanks!

    • says

      Hey Allie,

      The store is a bit off the beaten path but you can call the number shown on the price sticker in the post above and ask them for directions (they’re a lot more expert in that area than we are since we sometimes drive right by it and have to back up). Hope it helps!


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