Budget Blooms: Roses Are Pink

I’m back to share my monthly bouquet (a super sweet Christmas present from the hubs). And just like last month’s gaggle of flora, this month’s blooms didn’t hail from the grocery store at all. In lieu of the normal $3-5 bouquet, we spent zero dollars and zero cents clipping a bunch of fuschia and coral roses from our backyard. Just like last month’s irises, they’re courtesy of the previous owners, and although we have no idea how to nurture roses (we’ve never fertilized them or anything) they just keep coming back year after year like clockwork. Here they are living it up a fun ruby red vase on our living room side table:


I love the two tones of blooms together, and especially like how great they look with the deeper fuschia ones around the perimeter while the coral ones fill in the middle of the arrangement.


Even John has stopped to admire this month’s bouquet. Maybe it’s because we rarely have red & pink accents in our house, so it definitely pops and begs to be noticed. Gotta love such a punchy (free) accessory.


So what about you guys? Have you snagged any cheerful flowers courtesy of your backyard or your local grocery store? We’d love to know what blooms are tickling your fancy these days and what bouquets your backyard is yielding now that summer is upon us.

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  1. PJ says

    I love your bouquet! It’s so fresh and pretty. We recently planted red, yellow and orange gerbera daisies right outside our kitchen window. There aren’t enough yet to make an entire bouquet, but I use them to add pops of color to my bi-weekly grocery store florals. Last week I bought beautiful, big white mums and added the orange and yellow daisies here and there for pops of color. Thanks for the ideas and constant inspiration!

  2. says

    Sigh. I wish that flowers at the store weren’t so expensive. I’d love to have flowers in the house all the time, they really do brighten up the home. I will definitely have some rose bushes and flowering trees when I get a home.

    Very pretty!

  3. Lindsey says

    I am a huge flower fan (family thing), I don’t think my yard could hold many more. I have a flower bed that goes all the way around our house and garage. My cousin is a landscaper and his soon to be wife is a landscape architect so she drew up fantastic plans for us. We have TONS of knock out roses which are very low maintence and here in Southern Alabama bloom from early March to November. We have blue hydrangeas, a vitex tree which bloom purple, a couple of butterfly bushes that literally attrach so many butterfly’s with their purple blooms its amazing. We have tons of gardenias and camellias ( a southern staple) so I basically have something in my yard that is in bloom all year long so I always have a house full of free flowers. This time of year its the roses and hydrangeas. I love the orange roses, they are so pretty!!

  4. Ashley says

    WOW! Thoes are gorgeous. Love those colors. I always buy plants at the grocery store and they never last except my orchid. Maybe I will switch to bouquets instead.

  5. elizabeth says

    Some of our oregano was starting to bloom so I cut it back a bit and then put a bunch of the cuttings in a small mason jar in the kitchen. It looks and smells great!

  6. Abby says

    I bought a bunch of gorgeous flowers after mothers day. They were clearanced out at the grocery so they were a great deal – I had roses, daisies, lilies, and other pretties.

    P.S. Love your red vase!!

  7. says

    That bouquet is beautiful! At our current house, we dont have any flowers (yet). But at our old home, we had the most amazingly bright red, yellow, and oragne tulips. We also had a huge hydrangea bush, and I cant wait to get another one for our new house!

    ps- I voted! hopefully you guys will keep your lead for the next week!

  8. says

    We’ve gotten daffodils, irises, day-lilies, dahlias, and the most beautiful hydrangeas this year so far. Have been amazed at how long the hydrangea blossoms have held up in vases (this is the first year we’ve cut them for inside). We have some cinnamon-basil blooming right now, and after seeing the comment on the oregano above, am thinking I might have to clip some of that this weekend. Roses are on the books to be added next year…

  9. Jenn R. says

    Hi Sherry!

    Sean and I have been voting daily. We’re really rooting for you! Has the vote counter stopped updating again? It doesn’t seem to have changed from yesterday.


    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Jenn,

      Good eye! The votes have in fact frozen again but we’ve been assured that they’ll catch up tomorrow! Until then (and probably after then) we’ll be on the edge of our seats. Things are crazy close! Thanks so much for the votes. We need all the help we can get!


  10. Beth says

    I WISH flowers actually bloomed in my crazy yard, but no luck. I have to buy them every week. BOOOO! Yours look great though!

    Did you paint a wall in there light green or is that the lighting? It looks celery-colored to the right…

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Beth,

      That wall does look celery on the right doesn’t it? It’s actually still a sandy tan tone but all the greenery out the window must have reflected on the wall to give it that green cast. Funny!


  11. MJ says

    How pretty!

    I picked up some beautiful white hydrangeas this week! I have always wanted to live in New England, and these remind me of my visits. One thing I didn’t know is that they suck up water at an amazing pace! I had to go away for a day and when I came back, they drank the whole vase and were very sorry looking. :(

  12. says

    Right now the wildflowers are in full bloom here in Oklahoma. The highways are lined with beautiful, brightly colored flowers that just BEG to be picked! They’re protected by the state so that no landscaping goes on and mows them over while they’re basking in their seasonal glory, but people are allowed to pick them. The other day I just couldn’t resisit. We were in a rural part of Oklahoma (imagine that…) and I made my husband pull over so I could snag a few for our dining table! They’re so pretty!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Wow. Free wild flowers that are allowed to be picked! I’d be in heaven. Seriously every surface of our house (tables, shelves, the dog) would be covered in blooms!


  13. Lilyplant says

    Daffodils will naturalize and deer do not like them (tulips will not and they are like potato chips to deer). Peonies are also a wonderful cut flower that can be divided after year 3, and a deer dislike. Allium (globe flower) are from the onion family and will return year after year, and besides being eyecatching, make fantastic dried ornaments for your tree. Hydrangea can be dried as well.

  14. says

    Beautiful combination! I currently have big beautiful sunflower blooms from Trader Joe’s on my table, mixed with long stems I cut from the boxwoods out front. The yellow and green are beautiful together and the boxwood stems give it the extra fullness needed to make it just right!

  15. says

    I walked into my sister-in-laws home a little while ago and she had a vase full of lilacs from her garden. You could smell the loveliness from the door. Lilacs sure make spring worthwhile.

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