A Sweet Homemade Hostess Gift Idea


Check out what happens when inspiration comes full circle. Turning a one-time-only wedding idea into a regularly used hostess gift is the name of the game.

Testing & Mitigating Radon To Keep Your House Safe


Do you have cancer-causing, radioactive gas leaking into your home? Learn from our harrowing experience with radon here. It just might save your life.

Nadra’s Design Dilemma


An entryway can be just as gorgeous and dramatic as the rest of your home. Check out how we transformed Nadra’s into something that practically screams welcome home.

199 Comments Later

We asked. You answered. Here’s a summary of who you guys are and what you can look forward to in year two of Young House Love.

Search Party


Ever wonder what wackadoodle search terms sometimes lead people to our blog? Check out our five all time favorites here.

Goal Tending


We’re laying out ten solid goals for This Young House’s second year. That’s just 366 days to get ‘er done (thanks for the bonus day, leap year!). Fingers crossed…

Do The Math

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 3.40.32 PM

We took the time to count the how manys and how oftens in our blogging existence and share ’em with the world. Wanna know the scoop? Take a number.

O Baby!

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 12.43.05 PM

Oprah’s people actually gave us a ring. Two even. And over a dozen emails were exchanged. Somebody pinch us!

Jules’ Design Dilemma


We couldn’t wait to bring some function and a whole lot of fun into this already charming original pink bathroom. We used playful patterns and some punchy color to cheer things up on a flash.