House Tour: Winter 2014

Something about filming the video tour of our showhouse progress made us realize that we were overdue for one of our own house (that and the fact that so many of you have been asking for one). And considering the last one we made was the “before” of this house, overdue is actually an understatement. So please forgive our delay and enjoy this little jaunt around our very much in-progress pad:

In the video you might notice a few things…

  • There are several “disaster zones” in the house (the dining room, the guest room, and the unfinished storage room) which are basically a catch-all dumping ground for things that we haven’t figured out a place for yet – so we kept those real and showed you the chaos.
  • We also take a moment to highlight the bins full of baby girl clothes in the living room that Sherry’s going to consign/donate. Why do we always point out the most random things when the camera’s rolling?
  • There’s a sneak peek of our master bathroom ceiling, which is halfway done.
  • I filmed while Sherry narrated, since we’ve learned that Sherry’s a bit too Blair Witch Project with her camera skills, and I’m not as good at chatting without long awkward pauses.
  • Sherry now wants me to add that there’s nothing not-awkward about her narration. I like her last sentence the best.
  • Please forgive the couple of obvious cuts – like when I trekked down a long dark hallway towards our laundry, or when I spun around and smacked the camera into our closet wall and may have muttered something unsavory.
  • Burger makes a cameo and totally plays it cool (“don’t mind me, I’ll just keep eating.”)

And if you’re interested in making a direct comparison, here’s our original house tour video from waaaay back in May – which was before we had even moved in.

Do you guys ever walk around with a video camera (or just a regular camera) to “time capsule” your progress? It’s such an easy thing to put off doing (and it definitely feels weird while you’re doing it), but it’s kind of awesome to have them to look back on.

Psst- You can check out the video tours of our first house here, here, here, here and here – and the video tours of our second house here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.


  1. says

    I am amazed by the number of projects you guys have been able to tackle in such a short amount of time! I’ve been in my house for 2.5 years and I feel like I have almost nothing accomplished.

    • says

      Aw thanks Heidi! I think we definitely work in fits and starts. Some weeks/months we’re flying along, and sometime it feels like we’re crawling and hitting every snag possible!


  2. says

    You know, we’ve never done house tours but we should especially since I’m getting the itch to change things up. It would be nice to have a time capsule of what it’s looked like for the past 6 years. I must admit, seeing your “before” tour made me a little sad because the date on your phone is when we were on Kauai. Waaaaah! :-\

    Have a great weekend!

  3. says

    Loving the raw wood tones going in baby boy’s room! Such amazing progress you guys have accomplished in such a short amount of time. :))

  4. says

    We do photo journeys instead, but sometimes we forget to document as we’re waiting for the best possible light.

    Light is so ever changing in the PNW. We’re in the midst of a 10 day spell of incredible weather (mid 50s and sunny) which is perfect, but we missed some gem shots in the 60 mph windy rainy weather last week.

  5. Jessaca says

    This looks good guys. And can I say that I’m thankful you guys are real and have disaster areas? My house is a ranch “cottage” that’s 1600 square feet with an unfinished basement with the same amount of space. It’s 1600 square feet of disaster. LOL! I noticed that some rooms read better on camera than in some of your photos. Maybe because we’re getting bits and pieces of a room so it doesn’t seem as cohesive, if that makes sense, as it would in real person.

    • says

      Aw thanks Jessaca! The one thing about blogging (even when sharing a ton of pics and some videos) is that people come over in person and always say it’s different! Like either “this room looks so much bigger in real life!” or “this room looks so much smaller in real life!” or “what? this room is over here? I never knew that!” – it’s always funny to us because we’re here everyday so we can’t tell any difference but some people just run around saying “ohhhh, I thought this room was in a totally different spot!”


    • Kathryn says

      Yup! I totally had the craft room/spare room facing the front of the house. Of course, that makes no sense when I think about it, but it is funny the assumptions the brain makes when you usually see things in isolation. And I’d totally forgotten about the wet bar area downstairs! Thank you so much for the update.

      And I second Jessica. Thanks for the continued commitment to keeping it real.

  6. says

    I can’t watch this until later – when I’m not at work. But, I wanted to share that you’ve inspired me to do a video of our apartment to look back on. Even though we haven’t done much to it aside from organizing and hanging art, something about a video really captures the setup/decor better than pics. When we finally own a home, we can look back on our humble beginnings! Haha.

    • says

      So glad! It really feels so strange to do one but it’s so nice to have it to look back on later! John and I are always laughing about something or other (“why did we hang that there?!” or “remember that old ottoman that Burger peed on when he was a baby?”).


  7. Cait B. says

    one of the cutest things my husband did shortly after I got pregnant was walk around our house with the video camera to “introduce” our baby to our first house that unfortunately s/he will never see :( It was cute and awkward and sad all at once. We are getting ready to move from NY to MO at the end of the month(!!!) and while we are both excited we are sad to leave our first house behind so the video was definitely necessary :)

  8. says

    PS Would you consider donating the girlvclothes for free on Craigs List?

    We were on the receiving end when we were in NoVa and it helped tremendously. (The clothes were up to 24 mos and in very good condition.)

    We’ve since CL’d for free. all we didn’t pay for to keep it going. That includes clothes, 2 greenhouses, a $3000 or so shed, and more.

    • says

      Love that idea! We have a few different bins going on (some for relatives who have baby girls on the way, some things being returned that were hand-me-downs to us, etc) but I’ll have to look into that!


  9. Katie Boss says

    I’m having a baby girl in June (my first) and would be honored to take some of those clothes off your hands! Clara is one stylish chica :)

    • says

      Haha, thanks Katie! We have some going to relatives and some being returned to their original owners (our stylish girl rocked a lot of stuff from her cousin) but we’ll have some leftovers to figure out :)


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