How To Hang A Frame Wall Behind The TV

First things first. Weren’t we talking about how foxes might be the new “it” animal (as in, move over birds and giraffes)? Well, I think this video might be proof that we’re all on to something.

Now that that’s out of the way, on to our regularly scheduled program…

Sherry and I have always been fans of the idea of hanging art around a TV just to soften the big black rectangle that it creates on the wall. And since we have quite the collection of frames to wade through (128 to be exact) it wasn’t exactly a speedy selection process. But after more noodling than I care to admit, we officially hung this house’s first frame collage.

Here’s the bare wall that we started with:

Sherry actually did most of the noodling (credit where credit is due) and she used the floor as her work surface. The big gap in the middle is the space she measured for the TV. In addition to paying attention to the size of the frames, our main goal was to choose art that wasn’t too “visually demanding” (i.e. not too bright or high contrast). We don’t want it stealing the show from the, um, TV shows.

Once the arrangement looked good on the floor, we started transferring it to the wall – starting with the frame right in the middle and being sure to center it on the TV. For some reason even though Clara was sleeping we had Little Einstein on. Nothing like a little Mozart in the background to make frame hanging a joy and a pleasure.

We slowly built out from there on one side, just holding each frame up and eying it. We wanted to maintain somewhat consistent spacing between everything, but weren’t crazy careful about it. We like a bit of imperfection in a frame collage (plus, there’s always time for tweaking later). For example, after taking this photo we noticed that the frame directly to the right of the TV was too close to it, so we made a mental note to inch it out a little after we finished the other side.

Here’s what it looked like with almost everything up on the wall. Well, everything except for the bottom frame on the far left because [insert facepalm here] we forgot to account for the light switch. And that little screw up made us realize that [get that palm ready again] we totally should have centered the TV on the ceiling beams first. Oh the things you don’t realize when you map stuff out on the floor…

We were less than pleased about the miscalculations, plus I was having deja vu. But having foreseen something like this happening, we thankfully had only hung things with small picture hanging nails at this point (i.e. I hadn’t broken out the anchors and screws for some of the heavier items) so it wasn’t a big deal to shift everything to the right a few inches (eight to be exact). All but one of our erroneous nail holes got covered up in the end, so we were only disgruntled for a short time.

If you scroll back to Sherry’s initial “rough draft” layout on the floor, you’ll notice that everything stayed the same except we opted for two larger frames on the outside edges instead of three smaller ones. It just looked cleaner that way when we eyed things as we got them on the walls.

This room is certainly far from being done, but it really does feel more personal with some of our favorite stuff on the wall. Everything from wedding photostrips to the lot drawing of our first house and a map we brought back from Hawaii last year made the cut. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if we update a few of the frames down the road just for fun.

We were most glad to finally hang our pin map in a place of honor (we briefly hung it in the foyer but this art looks better in there).

And Sherry’s giddy that she got not one, but two faux white taxidermy items up there. Hopefully the deer that congregate out back aren’t offended.

So that’s the story of two screws, two anchors, thirteen nails, and twenty nine holes in the wall. Any one else put some holes in their walls recently? Hopefully fewer unintentional ones than us…


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  1. says

    I like the taxidermy items for breaking up the sea of rectangles. And adding the map with pins is a nice touch of “interactivity”! Curious though… were you really bothered by the uncentered-on-the-ceiling-beams issue? Was it something you’d keep noticing every time you watched TV and it would get on your nerves? I’m asking because I kind of like asymmetry here and there sometimes. It can create a good kind of tension in the interior environment.

    • says

      I think between the overlapping the light switch issue and things almost lining up but not lining up (it was just eight inches off) it felt a little side-heavy if that makes sense. I think we like asymmetry too sometimes, but it seems to work best when it’s intentional and counter-balanced looking and this just looked like we were close, but not really on center since it was only a slight difference.


  2. Abbey says

    I’ve been paying too much attention to Miley Cyrus. When I read the part (Plus there’s always time for tweaking later) I read it as “Plus there’s always time for TWERKING later” which gave me visions of you guys weirdly jerking/dancing around in your living room. Which it’s cool if that’s what you’re in to, lol.

  3. Sara says

    That looks terrific. We’ve been, well, I’ve been–I honestly think I could hang a mattress on the wall and my better half wouldn’t care–trying to soften our own tv wall. Side note, I have the JA turtle shell in my art room and luuuuuuuuuuurv it.

    • says

      We wanted the arrangement to build out from the TV so that determined the baseline, but we have talked about how it might be fun to mount the TV on the wall down the line and shift things up a bit. We also could add more frames to build this up and out over time, so we’ll have to see where it takes us!


    • Karla says

      I was going to ask the same question! I like this look, but I also think it would have looked cool to mount the tv and place the frame around it too. It looks great though!

    • Pamela says

      We have a fox behind our house and those recordings are pretty accurate. Sometimes the screaming is a bit louder and sounds like the poor animal is being tortured.

      On a different note, for the past week or so, the blog posts have been appearing as much as a half hour after they appear on facebook. Is this some technical brouhaha that the cloud is spewing forth?

    • says

      It’s just a weird caching issue (if you clear your browser’s cookies/cache/data it should pop right up immediately when we post it at 10am). For some reason some people’s computers are set to “cache” a site every 30 mins or so, so the post can be sitting up there but their browser doesn’t “refresh” and see it for a while.


    • Katie O says


      This happens to be on my computer, but I just refresh the website (instead of clicking it from my “favorites”) and the new post appears.

  4. says

    Shut. Up. Petersisks! This is EXACTLY what I planned to do at our new place. We have the same reasonably sized tv on a huge ass wall…but all my frames are black. You’ve motivated me to actually maybe hang the frames instead of leaving them in the pile on the floor for another month or three.

  5. rachael says

    That tortoise shell from NB taunts me!! I lurve it, and we fiiiiinally got a Target here in Canada but they don’t sell it in the white. I practically ran to the store on opening day and every week since only to be disappointed. Oh well, at least Nate’s pretty face is still on posters around the store :)

    • Iz says

      I have to agree with you, Renee – to my eyes, the white frames kind of make the black TV stand out more…although I am generally a fan of disguising TVs this way. I think I’d go for darker frames.

  6. says

    This looks great! And while I’m always a fan of natural wood, that’s a lot of wood-on-wood action going on with your TV dresser/entertainment center against the wood paneling. I can definitely see wanting to paint one or the other!

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