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Love What You Love

Happy hump-day afternoon, y’all! I made you guys a little something. I realized that while many of our posts are tutorials or projects or planning or shopping related (how we built this, what fill-in-the-blank we found on craigslist, how we painted that, etc) only around 2% of them have touched on the heart of the whole DIY thing: just doing you and having the faith/courage/conviction/confidence to go for it when it comes to creating a home that you love.

So if you’re feeling stuck or second guessing yourself (goodness knows we do that!) these simple words from people far wiser than ourselves might be all that you need to pull the cord and go for it. Because if you’re not all in when it comes to making your house your own, well, there probably won’t be anyone else who can swoop in and save you.

I thought making these quotes into free printables for you guys would be fun (using instagram photos we’ve snapped as the background). So feel free to print ‘em out and tack them up on your bulletin board or frame one on your wall for a nice daily reminder to go nuts making your house feel like you and no one else. That’s my wish for everyone on this little DIY journey. Not to have a house that everyone loves (how is that even possible?) but to create a home that you’re completely crazy about – whatever that might look like. Note: This one wasn’t said by this B.B. it was this one.

As for how to get to the higher res. printables, just click any of the images in this post and a 5 x 5″ printable should pop up in a new window that you can right-click to download or drag onto your desktop. I went with 5 x 5″ since that’s the size of the prints we had over our sofa in the last house – and they look awesome with a fabric background and the white mat that comes with each of these $19 Ribba frames from Ikea.

I thought I’d toss this one in for any bloggers, writers, or authors-of-Facebook-poetry who might need a reminder to hang over their computer:

And just because a Marshall song can always be tied in (at least in my world), here ya go.

Get pumped y’all. Pace around your house in a hoodie and make it the coolest frigging place you’ve ever seen.

Psst- Have you heard his new song? There’s not a clean version yet, so this is the uncensored one. I’m loving the Beastie Boy samples. Also, Dexter. Holy cow, it’s getting so good I can’t stand it.



House Crashing: Perky & Personal

When Julia invited us to crash her house, which she describes as a typical cookie cutter Pennsylvania house on the outside (she’s not allowed to change much, even the color of the front door), we fell in love the moment she virtually let us inside.

Here’s Julia now. She lives here with her husband Jarrid, her 10 year old son, her six year old daughter, and her three kitties.

Their house definitely feels like a nice mix of quirky and fun with elegant and classic choices. Soft neutral walls with white molding are mixed with a cardboard deer head and a pretty crystal chandelier. You can see her living room peeking out down the hallway of this shot.

I love the mix of classic items like the round mirror, the tufted sofa, and the white pedestal table with bold geometrics like the rug and the curtains (Julia painted those stripes onto plain white Ikea panels). And the transparent coffee table keeps things light and airy. As for where she buys things, most of them are thrifted or bought at estate auctions. The only splurges in the house were for their kitchen counters, sofas, and their bed. She also says Ikea plays a huge role in her life too. Gotta love a mix.

She can keep orchids alive. I know, I’m jealous too. And one tip to living with two kids and three cats while keeping the house looking good is that she uses mostly indoor/outdoor rugs since they’re so easy to clean.

I love this shot because Julia describes herself as “a huge fan of silly things around the house – like my cuckoo clocks, gnomes, and deer. My brother hates it!” My brother doesn’t get my ceramic animal obsession either, Julia. Fist bump.

She made the chandelier over the sink from a lamp, and here are those counters that she splurged on. I love the blue stripe that she painted on her stools too. Such a sweet and personal touch.

The 1960s painting and dining room table were both bought at auctions (the painting was $60 and the table was $25). The chandelier was 80 Euros from Germany, where Julia’s from (it’s a replica of the famous cellula chandelier) and the curtains are more painted Ikea panels that Julia whipped up herself.

From the living room you walk up the stairs on the left to this hallway. I’m obsessed with that ceiling fixture that Julia made from a bowl. She also painted the dresser and lamps. The painting is from a known German WW2 painter that knew her grandmother’s family. She says it’s one of the most treasured items in their home.

In her daughter’s room, Julia picked the headboard out of a neighbor’s trash. I love how she went for it with horizontal stripes on the wall and thinner black and white stripes on the headboard and bedding.

Here’s an art wall across from the bed so you can see more of those striped walls. And I love the simple wire and clip system for an interchangeable art gallery.

As Julia mentioned, she loves quirky items like cuckoo clocks and deer pillows, and this is actually a cuckoo clock that she hung in her daughter’s room after her daughter painted it with her. I’m a huge fan of doing projects with Clara, so I love the idea of painting something like this with her someday.

Julia says she’s still searching for perfectly sized bedside tables (she thinks the mirrored ones are too small) and she’s thinking about attempting to reupholster the chaise herself this fall or winter. That’s the kind of project that makes me rashy just thinking about it, so I’m rooting for her. And in the meantime I love those lofted ceilings and the chandelier in there as well as those sweet and personal family portraits that she DIYed over the bed.

Julia painted this dresser herself (I thought the neon handles were fun and unexpected) and got wood slices from the craft store and mounted white animal heads on them to beef them up. Look guys, that’s Ramsey on the left!

Out in the backyard it’s lush and charming. And if you look closely you might see something pretty awesome, especially if you’re a cat.

Yup, Julia made a cat enclosure consisting of a wire tunnel for them with her own two hands. They enter it through a cat door which is in the living room window above the couch. No joke, but I think Burger would live out there. I swear he’s half cat.

So a big thanks goes out to Julia and Jarrid for sharing their lovely home. As for Jarrid’s DIY help, he doesn’t like to work on projects at all, but he loves to bake, cook, and work in the yard so Julia says it’s a fair trade. You can read more about certain projects and how she did them over on her blog. My favorite parts of their house tour have to be that light fixture that Julia made from a bowl and those striped Ikea curtains that she painted as well as her general happy-go-lucky-meets-elegant style. What’s your favorite part? It’s the cat tunnel isn’t it?