Fab Freebie: Tektonic Movements


We’re still at the beach but somebody’s about to rock your DIY-lovin’ world. The makers of TEKTON tools are giving one of you a “Complete Toolbox Makeover” in the form of a giant collection of their most popular tools worth over $1,000! It includes 46 different tools and tool sets – meaning that everything from a sleek fiberglass hammer and an awesome 10-in-1 pocket tool to an 135-piece wrench and screwdriver set could be coming your way. I couldn’t even cram half of what you’ll be getting in my measly little mood board below. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but it should eventually pop up

Road Trip In Progress…


True to our 2011 resolution, which inspired us to sneak off to Maui last year, this year we’ve road tripped down to Destin, Florida so we can soak up some rays and recharge our drill DIY batteries. Turns out even if you love painting and sanding and stripping wallpaper, it’s nice to step away from the primer and the sawdust to reboot for a week with your family. And since we had already driven down to Atlanta last week for the Haven Conference, we figured why stop there when the beautiful gulf coast was a half-day drive away… Destin was our destination of choice because our good friends the Bowers have said such great things

Outdoor Tour 2013

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 10.13.12 PM

As is the tradition, each year we like to take a video camera and walk around the house to capture what’s been done outside (and what’s still desperately waiting to be tackled – which is almost everything at our new house). You can see last year’s here, and the one from 2011 here. And by “we take a video camera” I mean “John takes a video camera” because I’ve been banned from holding any sort of recording device since I tend to Blair Witch everyone (yup, it’s a verb when I do it). Enough jibber jabber. Let’s walk around the house together: Hopefully that little video answers the “what’s going on outside?” questions from you

How To Switch Out A Bathroom Faucet


Check out this ladykiller in the half bathroom: It’s not especially offensive looking, but it leaks. And with a single knob I’m always worried that Clara will accidentally turn it to scalding hot when she’s washing her hands. So we hit up our Habitat ReStore hoping for a cheap find. Sherry lunged for joy (you need to see that in person by the way) when she spotted this $12 find in the pile… only to learn that it was inexplicably missing one handle (we dug around for 20 minutes looking for it to no avail). Just wasn’t meant to be. So we settled for this $34 find at Home Depot, which was pretty much the