Breaking Down The New Pad

It’s Friday! Let’s get mathy up in here. By now you know I’m a card carrying facts & figures nerd (here’s Exhibit A and Exhibit B) so when Sherry and I started to notice some unique stats about our new house my throat basically erupted with “LEMMEDOSOMEINFOGRAPHICSPLEEEEEASE.”

Whether she actually was keen on the idea or was just worried that disagreeing would turn me into some beastly werewolf-statistician, this post was born. We always end up loving random time capsule posts like this the most in hindsight (it’s fun to look back at things we probably would have forgotten otherwise, like this, this, this, this, and this). So in the name of some headed-into-the-weekend fun (because, you guessed it, we’re busy painting something) here are the infographicized facts about life in our new house:

What fact struck you the most? Was it Sherry’s creepy birds-under-glass problem? How do they breathe!?


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  1. Elle says

    I was totally waiting for that to end with a partridge in a pear tree, but I think the white ceramic birds in cloches is more you guys. Also, I love the “lets go to the beach” chick.

  2. says

    I was a little horrified at the 3 floors converging into one chic little spot. Kind of reminded me of the Mr’s childhood home. EVERY single room had some crazy patterned carpet and even different in the hallway. It was insanity. I can’t wait to see how you guys rectify that one. I know it’s probably pretty low on your to do list but it would drive me nuts! :)

    Oh and I want to pet the deer.

  3. says

    The guest appearance by Nicki Minaj stood out to me the most! But in all seriousness, I really dislike seashell sinks. Can’t wait to see what you guys do with the place!

  4. says

    I’m a graphic designer so of course I love this post! You got skills John! Oh and the 5 inches of sink depth cracks me up. We had that when we moved into our house too….. wth!?

    • Alisha says

      As concerned as I am for the birds trapped in airtight glass containers the 5 inches of kitchen sink was the thing that made me go “hmmmmmm” I don’t even understand!!!! I think our tiny pedestal bathroom sink is even deeper than 5 inches!!

  5. April says

    “What fact struck you the most?”

    You seriously have 5 seashell sinks?! Good grief…

    Also, I’ve been in painting purgatory for the last few weeks as well, so I feel for you.

    • says

      I have to say that in the last house to have 5 matching sinks is a miracle!!! It seems that the previous owners decorated one room at a time and forgot what the previous room looked like..haha.

      @Rolled Into One

    • says

      oops..what I meant to say was this house to have 5 matching sinks is a miracle!!

      I was overcome by all the wonderful statistics from above.. :)

  6. Heather B says

    I can’t imagine living with a sink that shallow…or that many seashell sinks! good luck with all the Sink issues!

  7. says

    5 inches of sink depth? Really? Yikes, that’s going to fill up quickly. I guess it’s motivation to get plates and cups in the dishwasher right away.

  8. Elaine says

    The 8″ mirror made me giggle. I couldn’t fit all of my naturally curly hair in there!

    A far cry from the 6′ mirror that our master bath came with…