Our Free Annual Calendar Template Is Finally Here For You

It was December 30th when it struck me: “Cripes, we don’t have our 2013 calendar ready.” So I spent a couple of hours on New Year’s Eve morning and a couple more the next evening cranking out our fourth homemade calendar – and as always we’re sharing the file so you guys can download it too (and sub in your own pics and quotes to personalize it for yourself) just like we’ve done last year, the year before, and the year before that.

I’ll be honest, over the years these calendars have proven more decorative than functional. At this point they may just be considered a tradition. It started back in 2010 and for the past three years it has been a variation on a similar formula: long skinny layout + brightly colored text. Back in 2010 we used funny phrases/ inside jokes, in 2011 we tied each month’s number to a personal fact, and in 2012 we went a bit bolder and included photos for the first time (borrowing a favorite black & white snapshot from that month the previous year).

This year’s formula sort of became a culmination of all of the past years – funny phrases + something personal + b&w photos.

I’m probably biased, but this calendar is my favorite so far. It makes me so all sappy about how much I adore our little lady. Cue the collective aww. But seriously, the quotes from her (which we cherrypicked from the Clara Conversations that Sherry’s documents over on Young House Life) remind me just how hilarious she is. And although the Instagram pic along with each quote wasn’t taken at the same moment as it was spoken, together I think they paint a pretty great picture of our chatty girl. For example, there’s this one where Sherry said “Helmets keep the head safe” and then Clara screamed “Helmets keep the head face!”

As in past years, I’ve also created a stripped down version of our calendar for you to download. You’ll need Photoshop to edit it by adding your own text and pictures (dude, it’s free right here for anyone who wants it – Update: whoops turns out its not, see the comments for more info). And you can download the scripty “The Only Exception” font here (also for free). You won’t need the other font (“Homestead”) since that’s already set as each month (which won’t need to be altered) but here’s where I got it if you want it for another project (it requires a donation to download).

As for how to edit the document, each layer is a month (so showing one layer and adding your pic, altering the quote, and then printing just that layer before showing and editing the next one is the way to go). If you’re not quite the Photoshop master yet, there are some great tutorials online and a few books on the subject at the library/bookstore.

Here’s all twelve months at a glance.

And since I know not all of the Clara quotes are readable at that size, here’s a quick rundown for ya – starting with January:

  • “Mommy’s awake! Now I can scream!”
  • He has pretty hair like a lady.” (Originally said about Scar from The Lion King)
  • “It’s Cinderinda!” (What she calls Cinderella)
  • “I’m a little teapot, short and shout. Here is my cupcake, here is my shout.”
  • “Don’t be shy. Be friendly!”
  • “I smell like strawberries!” (Her response when we said she smelled like she had a dirty diaper)
  • “Helmets keep the head face!”
  • “Baa baa, black sheep, have you any chickens?”
  • “We have to go to Home Depot to change your diaper.” (Said to one of her dolls)
  • “I don’t have a beard. I just have a little chin.”
  • “Daddy’s workin’. Don’t bobber him.”
  • “Her name will be Santa Claus and she will bring me toys.” (Said while pretending to have a little sister)

Oh yeah, and we just print each page on some cardstock paper using our home printer (we have an HP Photosmart C4780). Then it just needs a little trim with the scissors and a hole punch at the top and it’s ready to hang.

So what about you guys? What’s your go-to calendar this year? Do you keep a decorative calendar in one place and a functional one elsewhere? Or are you entirely digital with your date-keeping?


  1. Lisa in Seattle says

    I lost it at February. Burger is going to murder you all in your sleep someday. Second favorite: “Don’t be shy, be friendly!”

  2. says

    The Homestead font WILL be downloaded onto my lap top, no questions asked, except maybe “how did you get so darn awesome?”, “can I hug your designer?” or “do you snuggle?” What, if feeling all snuggly by a font is wrong, then I’m so so wrong. (Oh boy, this is going off the tracks fast).

    Point: I love your calendar, it’s adorable, and I actually posted my 2013 modern garden (produce really) inspired calendar this morning too as a free download to thank my readers! And because, really, who doesn’t love free?


  3. Jason says

    Photoshop CS2 is NOT FREE! That link is only beacuse Adobe is tuning off thei registration servers for that old version of the software and needed to provide customers who have a valid license with a way of reinstalling the software they rightfully purchased on their computer should the need arrise in the future.
    The software can be downloaded by anyone but if you install it without having a valid license for that version then you are in violation of the license agreement and are essentially breaking the law.

  4. says

    I loveeee the idea of using quotes! I’m currently keeping a (secret until he’s 1!) blog for my nephew where I write him a letter each month about what’s happening in his life, once he starts talking and I’ve got it all documented this would be such a great idea!

  5. Ahsamon says

    This is my favorite, by far! Great job! Thank you so much for sharing the tip about the free Photoshop + CS2 and for the calendar download. Love it!

  6. says

    Unfortunately, there is no free version of CS2! I just researched your link, and it turns out that the whole “free CS2” thing was really just a glitch in Adobe’s system that has since been remedied!

    I absolutely love the calendar, though! You are so talented!

  7. Liz Fulton says

    Love this! I almost bought a calendar at Tarjay last night, but something told me not to! Excited to customize this one instead. Thanks guys!

  8. Carmen says

    Thank you for the heads up that Adobe CS2 was a free download!!! Just made my day!

    p.s. that calendar and Clara are so cute!!

  9. Janelle says

    This is also my favorite of all of them. I wasn’t crazy about last year’s. The year before was fun. You also did one a few years back in the “Keep Calm” style, but I don’t see it linked here. But I don’t have a calendar yet for this year, so I’m actually (for the first time ever) downloading it! I was able to open it with PS Elements 9, without having to download the CS from your link.

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