Live From Richmond, It’s…

…the third week of December! Okay, maybe that’s not as catchy as the opening to SNL, but for all y’all (yup, I said it) who follow our Instagram pictures (and who have requested the videos to match the wacky photos that we posted below) here ya go. Yes, we never thought we’d actually type a sentence like this, but we’ve had a busy week in the live television department. See, it sounds crazy. Also, about that pic on the right… we didn’t try to match the set. That just happened. And it was hilarious.

By coincidence, two local Richmond stations actually invited us to appear on their programs – ahem – their LIVE programs, this week. That means things from our mouths would go straight to people’s television sets with barely any delay. Yikes. Wait, let me rephrase that. YIKES.

The first was on Tuesday with NBC’s “First at 4” newscast. We were invited by local newsman slash social media enthusiast (slash fellow parent to a Clara, slash friend) Ryan Nobles, who interviewed us about a year and half ago in our house about radon (see the end of this post for the clip which involves proof that Sherry’s crazy). So it was fun to be invited to his place this time around.

Check out the weatherman (Ros Runner) giving his forecast on the green screen in the back.

And here’s our short little interview with Ryan. It was relatively tame on the embarrassment scale, minus when Sherry proclaimed that chalkboard paint is great because “you can tell people what to do.” Twice. She says she couldn’t stop repeating it. (You can also watch it here).

Wanna know a funny secret? As soon as Sherry and I both stepped into place for our interview, the producer paused and said “yeah, I’m gonna get her a box.” Yes, my short wife had to secretly stand on a box behind the news desk the whole time. Ain’t she cute on her little booster step? And hey, if you ever wondered if newscasters wore pants behind their desks…

So thanks again to Ryan and the folks at NBC12 for having us last Tuesday. And thanks also to whatever live TV god prevented us from cursing / fainting / saying the word “fart” instead of art on camera.

With that boost of on-camera confidence, we arrived Thursday morning at CBS6 for our second gig with very few butterflies. OK that’s a lie, we were just slightly less nauseous and Sherry vowed not to work “tell people what to do” into the discussion this time. She also decided to tuck away her security blanket (The Black Blazer) and broke out a jazzy orange number instead. She just told me it’s coral, but I’m a guy so I’m gonna stick with orange.

It also helped that this was a rodeo we’d been to before, way way back in 2009. It’s a local morning program called Virginia This Morning and we’ve been friendly with them since that interview long ago. In fact, they were the ones that Sherry begged to bring The Nate Berkus Show to Richmond (it wasn’t on at all in our market). It didn’t work, by the way (apparently they need more than one crazy fanatic calling to make things like that happen).

We found out when we got there that we’d actually have not one, but two five minute segments. Gulp. But the hosts were so warm and welcoming that it felt pretty simple. Here’s the first clip where we talk about everything from buying ugly things in thrift stores to Clara’s favorite tool. Oh, and Jessica also give us a hybrid celebrity name in the introduction. (You can also watch the clip here).

While we were waiting to come on again we also got to watch this local tween jazz band play Jingle Bell Rock. Spot any future Biebers in there?

Then we closed out the show with this second segment, which was about some fast and easy projects from the book that could act as last minute stocking stuffers or hostess gifts. And Sherry raised her fist in the air for Jersey. Really, that happened. But we happily avoided any wardrobe malfunctions or other FCC-fine-worthy moments. Huzzah! (You can also watch it here).

We’re very grateful to be able to go into the holiday week knowing that we didn’t bring shame to our families or do anything that would ban us from Richmond television for life. But we really have the folks at each station to thank. Seriously, it was great to see Ryan Nobles again – and Jessica Noll was so easy to talk to that we could’ve gone on for hours. But I don’t think they’re looking to add “The Petersiks Blab On And On” to their station line-up anytime soon. #obligatoryweirdfacephoto

Anyone else have any TV experiences that have gone well? Or not so well? Did you cash in on your 15 minutes of fame or get recognized from your moment on air? Did you wear dangly earrings to the first one only to be told not to do that for the second one (ok, Sherry did that and then got all flustered so she grabbed the coral orange blazer for the second show in a moment of panic). Nope, still can’t call it coral.


  1. karen says

    woohoo..shout out to Toronto!

    “Jerry”…’s settled…that is your name.

    and tinsel garland…i haven’t seen that in yeeeeears!!

  2. Kristi says

    I just watched the clips! You guys are interesting, well spoken and fun to watch! A third venture as TV hosts????

  3. Inês says

    That’s funny, the blazer looks a lovely bright red in the video. At least it looked to me. And I love the earings too. Just got an email from Amazon, your book is on the way!!!! Yayyyyyyyyy.

  4. Lauren says

    Yay!! You guys are great. So in that shot of the news prompter, it looks like you can watch yourselves in the monitor during the segment…is that right? That’s really intimidating!

    I always hoped the news anchors were just wearing jeans or something behind their desks. I’m a little sad to know the truth now.

    • says

      Yes, it’s so scary because you get distracted and start thinking things like “what’s that giant blob of bright coral, oh it’s me!” – I literally scared myself in the monitor at one point, but it was thankfully before we were on. Ha!


  5. says

    My dad has always been in some sort of advertising/marketing. When I was about 2 1/2, I was in some sort of promotional video he produced for a large, local company. My claim to fame lasted about 15 seconds, and I pulled a piece of wonder bread out of the bag and ate it. I don’t even know if it was ever aired on TV, but my mom STILL talks about how cute it was to EV-ERY-ONE. The VHS has even been pulled out a few times for mini viewing parties.

  6. says

    You guys did such a great job, looking like total pros! I was interviewed for a show once and they asked me to sing. I was too nervous for anything and just said no. Oops I guess that could of been my big break, haha. I blame my 9 year old self for not being a current pop star.

    Congrats on all your success. You guys are amazing and I talk about you all the time. I swear my boyfriend must think we are bffs. Yesterday, I told him how I wanted to try and make it to one of your tour dates in Jan and he looked at me like “who’s John and Sherry?” lol. Anyways I’ve been a fan for a very long time and will continue to do so as long as you guys are blogging. Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

  7. Jessica A. says

    Oh man, this is such a great post. I always crack up when y’all say what awkward things to watch for in the videos. I would never think they are awkward just watching them on my own, but somehow the little heads up amps up the funny factor. I am seriously hoping my sweet husband has picked up on ALL the hints for a YHL book for Christmas because I can’t hold out much longer ;) You guys are great and deserve all the success in the world!

  8. Kristy says

    Since I won’t be in front of a computer again until next week, thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I am going to be upset if Santa doesn’t put your book under the tree for me. I wish the Petersik 4 a very Merry Christmas and look forward to more fun in 2013!

  9. says

    I think you did great!

    I’ve been interviewed for television numerous times (in many different capacities–not sure how it ends up being me). Once I was at the station to talk about water safety classes offered by the Red Cross. The anchor made jokes about fondling me (?!) right before we went on the air and decided to completely bypass what we had prepped for and talked about all these horrific drownings that had happened recently. Perhaps I offended the dude in another life, but I managed not to stumble. Oh, and I was wearing blue in front of a blue background, so I looked like a pasty talking head floating in space. Not my best look.

    • says

      Oh man! My worst wardrobe malfunction was a really flowy shirt on Nate Berkus (only a few months after having Clara). Let’s just say that I look pregnant…