It’s Tuesday afternoon, which means it’s high time for some over-sharing (aw yeah, let’s talk about feelings, shall we?). The very first hot-off-the-presses copy of our book arrived via Fed Ex yesterday and it kind of melted my brain a little, I think.

We couldn’t stop beaming at it and saying things like “It’s real! It has pages! It has a cover! It has our names on it!” – but I’d be lying if I said that “crazy-pants excited” was my only response to seeing it there on the floor looking all real and book-like.

I’m also skeered. Really scared actually.

And since I’ve spilled my guts about 14 months of breast feeding, owned up to a bunch of my unglamorous $herdog quirks, and even a copped to a beyond embarrassing teenage moment caught on video with a certain platinum-haired rapper, I’m cool with dropping this whole “jittery sweaty-palmed fear is actively happening” truth bomb. I mean I think I can be described as a lot of things, but I wouldn’t call myself especially brave. I have normal insecurities and self-doubts and all that. The book is a really big thing, so it feels especially scary. And for some reason I thought that pouring my heart out in a little online ditty could be the emotional equivalent to owning it (and perhaps others who’ve struggled with similar things might chime in and make me feel less weird). So here it goes.

I think it’s one thing to keep an online DIY diary for the world to read for free, but somehow putting out a book that then exists in the universe forever feels a lot more intimidating. Sure it’s hardly a high-profile thriller or much anticipated non-fiction, but there’s something crazy about not just being able to toss up an update if there’s a sentence that’s unclear or a typo that sneaks through like we do on the blog. The words that we wrote in that manuscript back in 2011 are printed and soon they’ll be on a shelf. Lots of shelves. And it just feels a lot more weighty and permanent.

Plus people have to pay for it. We worked darn hard to keep the price down, and even though books are returnable or re-sellable (and we got on our publisher’s last nerve to keep that price down) it still feels a lot… bigger. More complicated than a blog post by about 500 percent. I mean it’s 336 pages long with 243 suggestions/tips/projects, so it’s sort of like secretly writing 243 different posts and then publishing them all at once for a fee and then not getting to update or edit them if anything about any of them calls for a little note. Wait, it’s not sort of like that, it’s exactly like that. Maybe that’s why it feels a lot scarier.

It was also pretty intimidating to plan the entire book over three years. Finalizing the outline a year and a half in advance (that’s when we pinned down every last project) and shooting all the projects nearly a year ago (in an epic three week marathon at our house where neither of us remember eating or sleeping) was definitely like nothing we’ve ever done.

It was nerve-wracking in that “what if we regret these color or fabric choices later?” kind of way.

I’ve even had nightmares that there were typos on every page, chunks of blank pages, and even a particularly vivid one about some fictitious magazine that somehow recreated every last one of our projects identically (same exact fabrics and colors!) and scooped us by publishing them before our book came out. Oh yeah, my brain can go a little nuts whirring away while I’m laying in bed thinking of all the ways this endeavor could make me want to crawl under the covers a la Burger:

But this little freak-out fest does have a silver lining. The thing that I feel the most – even stronger that the jitters and self-doubt – is actually gratitude and pride. Not “I’m an author, look at me” pride, just “wow we actually did this” pride. Sometimes I can’t believe that I somehow convinced myself (and John) to put ourselves out there and write a book. Knowing that just like our blog not everyone will love it, and that’s ok. Blogging has taught is that we can’t please all of the people all of the time, so we want to focus on the positive and amazing aspects of this experience. Whenever I’m feeling especially clammy I just remind myself that there hasn’t been a single book on the planet that was beloved by everyone who ever read it (some of my faves have 5-star reviews as well as 1-star ones) so that helps me let go of that “be perfect or you suck!” voice in the back of my mind. Imperfect = real life. Like this crazy seconds-from-a-paw-yank family photo from last week:

So you can find me hiding under the covers with Burger when I get that guts-in-knots feeling, but don’t get me started about how excited I am for the tour. I know meeting you guys will be awesome and I’m literally giddy with excitement to thank you guys in person for the love you’ve shown us. And speaking of the tour, they added four more signings! Woot.

You can see more general tour info on our book page (just click the tour dates button), but here’s the news that we have so far on the new dates:

  • RIDGEWOOD, NJ: Friday, November 2, 7pm – Bookends, 211 Ridgewood Ave, book signing. More info here.
  • WASHINGTON, DC: Saturday, December 1st, Time TBD – Living Social, 918 F Street, Talk, holiday crafting, and book signing. More details to be released here.
  • RICHMOND, VA: Sunday, December 2nd, 1pm – Mongrel, 2924 W. Cary Street, book signing. Store information here.
  • CHARLOTTE, NC: Early February. Other details TBD

*There’s also serious talk about an Atlanta stop while we’re nearby in Charlotte, so we’ll keep you posted! And of course other places like Philly & Cali are still being chatted about. We wish we had more control over what cities we’re hitting! It really is all about who invites us where (so it has nothing to do with how big a city is, it’s all about if a certain vendor or bookstore works with the dates/times/etc).

Anyway, thanks to you guys for being so excited and supportive about this whole crazy book journey! It’s kind of a big deal in our little lives, and you’re just the best readers ever. So in return we’re burning the midnight oil to churn out a bunch of projects for ya (even when we’re slipping through 20 cities we’ll be doing our best to blog at our regular pace, with lots of secretly stockpiled makeovers & projects of ours along with house crashing & window shopping adventures a plenty). Not to mention that we have another before-and-after-fest in the hopper for you tomorrow.

Not sure how to end this ramble-fest, so… word to your motha. $herdog out.


  1. Karen Q. says

    Don’t be nervous at all. The book will be wonderful and fabulous- just like you all are! Can’t wait until Nov when I can come home to my own package waiting for me on my front door with your amazing book inside! Here’s to you and much success! =)

  2. Jeanette says

    I absolutely cannot WAIT for the book to come out! I know it will do great if all your online support is any indication… And for the record, I would still love it even if there was a typo in it ;-)

  3. says

    Don’t be scared Sherry, we all love you. I’m sure the book will be great. This a great step for you guys. Don’t know you personally but I have been reading this site for years now and I am beyond excited for you guys!!!

  4. says

    It’s okay to have some nerves. But with the tour you have scheduled, plus the additional 4 dates, that really speaks to the faith your publisher has in you guys. I can’t wait to meet you in Minneapolis…of course if you’d care to make a pit stop in Des Moines, Iowa, that would save me a four hour car ride with my children;) Good luck guys, can’t wait to get my copy!!

  5. Amy says

    I still wonder how you got a stop to Grand Cayman in there, in the middle of winter! That will be a nice break from the cold and snow

  6. Jennifer A says

    I wish you were coming to Nashville!!! You can do it at my house! haha. But, seriously, the powers that be need to invite you here!

  7. Elena says

    Yes. Philly. Yes. Your book is going to be fabulous! With you two at the helm, there’s no way it’s going to be anything but great. I can’t wait to check it out!

  8. Carol S. says

    I can’t wait for the book to get here! And I’m super excited you added a Charlotte stop to the tour. I’ll certainly be coming to that :)

  9. Kendra says

    Wooooooot for an NC stop! I’m there.

    I also feel nervous for you a little bit. But I feel nervous for everyone, which is why reality TV is the thing most likely to cause my death.

  10. says

    I was so excited to see you in my copy of Country Living last night! I think you all hit all the mags this month :)

    Many many congratulations!

  11. Toni says

    I am so excited that you are coming to Charlotte. I will be there, maybe even the first in line. So how excited am I? So excited that I yelp-screamed (yes that does happen) at the library. Talk about an embarrassing moment, I had to leave and text you in the car, Lol.

    Also, don’t be nervous, your book will be a best seller-just wait and see. I cannot believe it has been a year since the book shoot-that went by really fast.

  12. Ann Marie says

    Dreams are a normal stress outlet. When I started grad school I was pretty nervous and I started to have dreams about forgetting to go to one of my classes for the entire semester and then having to take a final or write a paper on something I knew nothing about. After a bad day of work (as a nurse) I have dreams about handing off my patients to the oncoming shift, and I realize that I totally forgot to take care of one patient for the entire day!

    It sure would be nice to get some stress relief during sleepytime!

    P.S. I think Santa will be delivering a lot of YHL books this Christmas!

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