Let’s All Walk Around The House Together…

We’re about to get video happy up in this hizzy. It’s once again time for a video house tour since it has been about six months since the last one and lots has changed since then. So here it is. Ten soul-stirring minutes of me and John walking around the house together while I blab and he films (John = steady hands, Sherry = the chatty one). We’re nothing if not high tech. So come on in and walk around with us…

A few notes:

And now, just for fun I thought I’d end with the link to the last video tour we shared six months ago (complete with terrible camera shakiness since I wasn’t smart enough to recruit John and his steady hands last time) – just because it’s pretty funny to see how much has changed. You know what they say about videos, they’re worth a thousand pictures. Wait, they don’t say that? Well the should. Do you guys ever videotape your house, just to see how it changes over time or to document what you’ve accomplished so far? Do you have terribly flail-y hands that make for a Blair-Witch-ish result? Would your hubby ever walk around with you and hold the camera while you jabber on? I think John deserves an award for that. Perhaps a handmade award courtesy of my flail-y hands. Oh and if you’re watching the most recent video and wondering what we still have on our ever-growing to-do list, this somewhat updated rundown has all that info for ya. Hootie hoo! Seacrest, out.

Psst- Check out all the other house tour videos since we’ve moved in here, here, here, here and here. And here’s an outside tour from last year and an updated one from this year. Viva la video camera!






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