Let’s All Walk Around The House Together…

We’re about to get video happy up in this hizzy. It’s once again time for a video house tour since it has been about six months since the last one and lots has changed since then. So here it is. Ten soul-stirring minutes of me and John walking around the house together while I blab and he films (John = steady hands, Sherry = the chatty one). We’re nothing if not high tech. So come on in and walk around with us…

A few notes:

  • I’ve listened to this five times trying to hear Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis (since you guys always say you hear it) and I just can’t.
  • We filmed this with our new camera, which we’ll be sharing more details on this afternoon (in case you couldn’t tell, we’re still getting a handle on the audio – haha)
  • While watching this back John made fun of me for “feigning cluelessness about how a dog gets into a chair” (at 33 seconds in) and said “does he jump? does he fly?” which made me snort laugh. But seriously, I’ve never seen Burger get into those chairs – he always just… materializes.
  • I love seeing the house through the eyes of the video camera because it helps me see things I miss in person. For example, looking from the office back into the dining room makes me want to raise the art up about 6″ inches above the buffet, so it still connects to what’s under it but lets things breathe a little more.
  • Sorry my voice gets louder and softer, it’s literally because if I wasn’t exactly the same distance from the camera John was holding it would fluctuate, so I tried to stay glued to him, but I’m a flailer when I talk… so…
  • You can actually see John and I working our dorky joint video-making magic in the mirror of our master’s sink nook at 5:53 in the video. Priceless.
  • Drinking game: take a sip every time I say “secret book projects.”
  • Are the baad brass doorknobs sucking the life out of you through your computer screen? They’re like kryptonite to me. Gotta get on those.
  • At 9:13 when I say Clara’s room will always remain a nursery, I don’t mean that she’ll be 15 and sleeping in a crib. I just mean she’ll move into the playroom (which will become her big girl room) and then if a future Petersik bean should come along, that room will be theirs since it’s the smallest (so it works the best with a crib).
  • Was that not the dorkiest, most embarrassing ending of all time? “I’m getting over a stomach bug so… all you need is love?” What is wrong with me? Maybe I should just stick to “Seacrest, out.”
  • What’s with me being sick right before each video tour? Seriously. Maybe there’s something primal about cleaning the house when you’re recovering from some evil germ-fest and then I saying “hey, the house is clean… it’s time for a tour!”

And now, just for fun I thought I’d end with the link to the last video tour we shared six months ago (complete with terrible camera shakiness since I wasn’t smart enough to recruit John and his steady hands last time) – just because it’s pretty funny to see how much has changed. You know what they say about videos, they’re worth a thousand pictures. Wait, they don’t say that? Well the should. Do you guys ever videotape your house, just to see how it changes over time or to document what you’ve accomplished so far? Do you have terribly flail-y hands that make for a Blair-Witch-ish result? Would your hubby ever walk around with you and hold the camera while you jabber on? I think John deserves an award for that. Perhaps a handmade award courtesy of my flail-y hands. Oh and if you’re watching the most recent video and wondering what we still have on our ever-growing to-do list, this somewhat updated rundown has all that info for ya. Hootie hoo! Seacrest, out.

Psst- Check out all the other house tour videos since we’ve moved in here, here, here, here and here. And here’s an outside tour from last year and an updated one from this year. Viva la video camera!


    • Robin Champoux says

      Hey that’s my voice…great yes? Love the house and its contents, appreciate the “tour”, all around pleasant. What really came through was the love she has for her home. Suburbia, were there birds chirping in the background? nothing better than that. nice.

  1. STC says

    Such an unproductive first comment, but I’ve never heard the Mila Kunis before and now I totally do!!!

    Also, I would love to hear how you guys adjusted to living in a real house after NYC. I have lived in NYC for 8 years now, and I am probably about to move…I am so used to living out of, like, one room. All the space you have + TWO OUTDOOR AREAS…baffling, even though I grew up in the suburbs.

    • says

      Haha, we can completely relate! When we bought our first house everyone around here was like “uh, 1250 square feet is tiny” and we were like “are you kidding, it’s a palace!!!” – haha! I think it’s actually pretty easy to spread out though. It feels so foreign and we’re definitely still minimalists (we have one set of dishes, one set of sheets, etc) but it’s really nice and fun to have more room to live in. Once I got over the “wait, you can’t get pizza delivered at 2am?” thing (and I really missed NY sushi for a while) it was gravy.


    • Kat says

      STC — I have been wanting to ask the exact thing! I’ve lived in NYC for thirteen years now and was curious if it was a challenge to adjust to having a real house with so much more space after living in studio apartments. I recently moved to a new apartment that has a real terrace and I fully anticipate sitting out there in January with my down parka and a bottle of wine just to take advantage of the extra 200 square feet of sweet, precious space.

    • STC says

      Kat–I know exactly what you mean! I would totally do that!

      Sherry–I would probably move into a real house and continue living in just one room haha. And I am never going to get over the concepts of throwing something out as soon as I buy something new & constantly panicking that my next apt will be too small for the furniture. Oooh NYC!

  2. Sara says

    Love you guys, love your home! BTW, I’ve never heard you speak before (I’m new around here), but I heard Mila Kunis within the first 20 seconds.

  3. Maureen says

    What’s the square footage on this house? Sorry if you have answered that a million times. :) I can’t say it enough – you guys are awesome. Even though I am 34, I want to be you when I grow up. LOL

    • says

      Oh I totally agree about how amazingly fast you can learn to spread out and fill up a larger space. We just recently moved from a 1300 square foot townhouse into a 2600 square foot home (3 months ago) and we have adapted quite nicely to all the extra space :)

      although it’s still amazing to me how much more time it takes to clean the floors and vacuum… And it’s weird not being able to easily call out or talk to anyone from anywhere in the house… We need to install a speaker system! :)

  4. Tracy says

    So, I had to go and watch some Natalie Portman interviews just to confirm that I’m not crazy. HOW CAN YOU NOT HEAR IT???? I think you sound exactly the same. I think that you should record yourself saying something that she says and compare the two. And let us all vote :)

    House looks awesome, I really need follow your example and just get some things up on the walls already. It really makes a house a home, so I guess my casa is looking not so homey.

    • Jen says

      I read once that we all hear our own voices differently than other people hear them. I am not sure if this applies to recorded voice or just out of mouth but this could have something to do with it.

  5. Stephanie says

    Waaahhh. Stupid work blocking YouTube. :( Will have to watch the video when I get home.

    I’m definitely super flail-y though.

  6. Marissa says

    Random question, but I’ve been unsure if I should paint our a/c registers to match the walls. I notice you painted it yours in the office, but not in the kitchen. Do you have a generally paint the registers with the walls?

    • says

      If they’re old and painted over, we paint them again to match the walls. If they’re new and shiny, we feel bad painting them right away, so we leave them as-is.


  7. Elizabeth says

    Do the benches at the end of your best and the end of the guest bed match? If so, I think putting them together at the end of your bed would look great until you find the perfect piece that you have been waiting for.

  8. says

    I don’t know how I never noticed the Natalie Portman / Mila Kunis voice before, but yeah, you sound just like them!

    The house looks great, as always. Can’t wait for the mystery book projects to be revealed!

  9. says

    I just finished the video and I am laughing over here at the very last sentence. “Anyway, all you need is love.” hahaha. Oh Sherry! I need to take note from you guys and do more video tours. I think we have only done 2 (!!) since moving in and it has definitely been at least a year since our last one. I feel like we are always in progress on a project and I want to wait until after it is done to film…but then there is always another project in the works. How to balance that?!

    P.s. I can’t wait to hear about your new camera!

    • says

      We just pull the trigger and do it even if we’re halfway through something. There are a few angles/rooms where we can hide something that’s in progress if we really need to, or we’ll just call it out (ex: “you can see we’re in the middle of ____ right now, more on that soon!”).


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