Blogiversary 5: It’s On Like Donkey Kong

Holy cow, have we really been blogging for half a decade?! Crazytown.

It feels like just yesterday that we were creating a basic page with a big blue-background so friends and family members could drop in on our first home’s kitchen makeover.

For our fifth blogiversary we wanted to host a parade complete with homeowners marching by waving hammers and paint rollers, but since we couldn’t get that together – and it honestly sounded like someone could lose an eye that way – we decided to go for the next best thing: a week of blogiversary madness and behind the scenes hullabaloo (just like we’ve done for the past few years here, here, and here). And the festivities start right now. So feel free to toss out some chest bumps and fist pumps. It’s about to get blog-a-delic up in here (anybody have a black light?). Here are a few of the things that we have on the agenda for this week:

  • a timeline of how we met, fell in love, started blogging, and ended up here (which is actually right in this post – we didn’t waste any time, haha)
  • a pretty crazy giveaway with a ton of awesome $500 prizes in honor of The Big 5
  • a day in the life post with a bunch of pictures and details about an average day for us
  • a math-tastic rundown of our blog stats, growth, and other numerical goodness along with seven bloggy facts that might just blow your mind (no guarantees, but ours are officially blown)
  • a no-holds-barred Q&A video full of answers to personal questions that hundreds of you guys submitted via Facebook
  • all of our goals for the coming year (and a rundown of how we did on last year’s)
  • a big ol’ list of our favorite/least favorite/hardest/most memorable/weirdest/etc posts over the last five years (there have definitely been some doozies)
  • a warm and fuzzy getting-to-know-you post about you guys (who you are, where you live, what you love – we can’t wait to hear from you!)

And speaking of the last bullet on the list, we’d love if you guys could tell us who the heck you are (we’ve had issues with poll software crashing our site before, so if the poll that we embedded below isn’t loading, just click this link to take a super speedy quiz with a little dorky humor a la us). Then on Friday we can make a graph-a-riffic post full of stats about you guys for fun. That’s right, pie charts = our jam. It’s always exciting to hear who you are. In other words, you know so much about us that we really look forward to that one day a year when we get to learn about you.

But now on with the blogiversary extravangza. Without further ado, here’s a big ol’ timeline that we made in photoshop that dates all the way back to 2004. Holy buckets, was that really almost ten years ago? A lot of the things on this timeline were defining moments for us, either in our personal lives or the life of YHL. And a bunch of them actually make us all misty eyed. Seriously, no one is more surprised than we are to be where we are today, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you amazing folks who take the time to drop in on us and see what we’re up to. You’ve made this entire blog-tastic journey possible for our family, and sometimes I get that embarrassing lower-lip-quiver when I think about it too long. You guys put the love in YHL.

Time flies when you’re having fun (and meeting, moving, marrying, starting a blog, having a baby, writing a book, and otherwise holding on the for ride). Are you guys somewhere you’d never imagine you’d end up five years ago? We’re so thankful that we started this random little blog, and so very humbled that you guys have become a part of our lives and created this completely unexpected way of life for our family. We love you. Truly. Now somebody get me a tissue.

Psst- Itching to learn more about blogging as a business? So are we. Just kidding. Well, I’m half serious since we’re definitely still learning as we go. But here’s a giant collection of posts about how our blog baby grew, how we make money, how we spend our time, how we get sponsors, and a lot of other behind the scenes blogging stuff (like paying quarterly taxes, becoming an LLC, getting our own health insurance, etc).


  1. says

    Congratulations! Five years of blogging is like 7 bajillion years in real time. (Citation needed)

    I started The Non-Consumer Advocate 4-1/2 years ago, so I know how much work it is. I love how your blog never seems stale, and you never seem to run out of content.

    Love it, mwah!


  2. says

    Ah!!! I’ve been waiting for Blogiversary since the beginning of September! This will be my third with you guys, so I guess I’ve been following along for over half of the time (but not as long as some of your die-hard fans, I bet). The timeline was such a great idea. I’m going to do the survey now. Thanks for all the hard work you put in guys!

  3. says

    Aww, we all love you guys too! Excited for all the blogiversary fun.
    Five years ago I’d just graduated, was unemployed (but working hard for free for experience!) and living at home…. then I moved to London, spent an amazing few years living with friends and working as a business journo and now I’m back working a smallish town planning a wedding to my great boyfriend! (hate the word fiancé).
    That was fun. Hope to still be reading YHL in five years!

  4. Erin says

    Happy, happy blogiversary!

    I’ve been following along for about a year and a half and you guys seriously motivate me to make our little Blacksburg townhouse rental as “ours” as possible. And with our sights set on a 2013 move to Richmond (and our first house!), I’m excited to know you’ll keep the DIY love comin’!

    Congratulations :)

  5. says

    CONGRATS!! That is awesome. I just love your blog and am so happy for you hope that you guys continue it for another 5 years!

    By the way – LOVE the “its on like donkey kong” favorite saying between my brother and sisters when we get pumped for something!

    • DawnSC says

      Ditto! The TWO book deal just made my day. Quite possibly my week, as I’m already eagerly waiting for your first book to arrive after my husband very sweetly preordered it for me as a birthday gift. And still got me something else for my September birthday rather than making me wait that long for a gift. haha

  6. says

    Wow! Someone pass ME a tissue. I love a timeline. I love seeing how life happens and comes together for me, for anyone. It’s so unique every time, but there seems to be one constant–in the words of Conan, “If you work really hard, and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.” So true for you guys.

  7. says

    I’ve probably been reading your blog for WAY too long, but wasn’t this site called this young house at one point? anyway, glad to still be a reader after all these years!

  8. Sugar Cookie says

    Yay! As a loyal reader for three years, I am very excited for another blogiversary :) And, of course, I love your timeline. Life has moved pretty fast for the hubs and me as well… Met in 1997 (we’re junior high sweethearts), attended and graduated from different colleges in 2006, got engaged, had a long distance engagement for 18 months, I graduated from graduate school in 2008, got married, moved across the country, hubs graduated from law school in 2009, moved across the country again, he passed the bar exam and was sworn into office at the end of the year, then built and moved into our first house (and I started a Ph.D. program) in 2010, started his own law practice in 2011, and now I’m about to start writing my dissertation. Like you guys, we’re just holding on for the ride!!

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