Reader Redesign: Endless Summer

Maybe this is just me trying to hang on to every last vestige of summer. Maybe it’s me wanting a big sunroom makeover (we haven’t even touched ours since we moved in). Or maybe it’s just that Jenna Sue has a knack for awesome makeovers (you may remember her entryway transformation). Whatever the reason, feast your sunshine-loving eyes on this cheerful update. Here’s her letter:

Hello once again! Our sunroom began with white walls, green trim, carpet and a sagging ceiling.

We removed the ceiling, added insulation and fresh new humidity resistant drywall (which I painted a light blue and added recessed speakers and lights). And we replaced the carpet with gray ‘wood’ tile planks.

We bought a couple of Brimnes daybeds from Ikea so we can finally have guests over.

I built a simple rustic coffee…

… and console table…

… added some accessories and a bunch of pillows, made a no-sew slipcover for our old armchair, hung some art, and now we have the perfect summer party space.

Thanks for looking! -Jenna Sue

Thanks for sharing, Jenna Sue. It makes us very jealous that we don’t live in Florida right now. And we love all the construction details (like the drywall and tile work) along with the homemade stuff (like the slipcover, coffee table, and console table). And for everyone else, be sure to click over to Jenna Sue’s blog for more info on the projects in the space (cat owners will love the hidden litter box she made). But first let’s play the favorite part game. Sherry is swooning over those two daybeds from Ikea that are smartly placed to form sort of a daybed sectional (her exact quote was “daybed sectional for the win!”) and I’m loving the gray “wood” tile and that black cat who looks just like my parents’ cat. Now when can we come over?

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  1. Janice B says

    When I read, “Reader Resign…” on facebook, I instantly knew it was John’s doing. LOL. Hey John… we still love ya. :-)

  2. elaina says

    I think that mirror belongs in your bedroom, it really totally has “that shape” that is repeated in there!

    As for what I am in love with? The pillows! I never really cared to pay attention to throw pillows until recently. I made my first purchase and now I want a Sherry sized collection of them! ;) So fun!

  3. Melissa G says

    i LOVE her blog! (and yours of course!) i have one of her entry way prints with a key and our address #, LOVE it. her work is amazing!!

  4. Stephanie says

    I love the entire thing. It looks so airy and bright; like you should grab some lemonade and a good magazine. But for my favorite part I’m going to paraphrase Clara here; “pretty pretty tile.”

  5. Cori says

    I love the kitties. As for the decor, I love love love the blue ceiling. I want to buy a house with a sunroom or porch simply so I can paint the ceiling sky blue! And the blue and white color scheme is so fresh and clean!

    • Michele says

      I love that ceiling too Cori. I have an old farmhouse with a covered porch and when I had the house repainted, the painter told me it was an old custom to paint the ceiling of the porch sky blue and it supposedly helped reduce wasps nests? This year is all about spiders so I haven’t had a big wasp issue, but I have wondered. While I don’t mind wasps, having them in the barn and sheds is more preferred ;)

  6. Jalene says

    We have a sunroom about the same size and want curtains in this same configuration. Where do you get curtain rods long enough to make this happen? What happens in the corners?

    • Michelle says


      We also have a sunroom and we actually used electrical conduit for rods and home depot drop cloths as curtains. It actually came out really nice! It also kept costs way down!

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