In The Esteemed Words Of Sisqo…

… she had dumps like a truck, truck, truck (more highly inappropriate singing about butts here). And speaking of trucks, here’s the story of the little two dollar Goodwill truck that I got Clara in Georgia (mentioned in this video yesterday). This is what it looked like when I snatched it up:

Perfectly charming and vintage-ish, but a little less “Clara” than it could have been. So I thought it would be fun to get Clara involved in a little makeover. Yes, Clara would be the ultimate truck graffiti artist, but first I applied one coat of blue paint, just to set the stage for her scribbles (the entire project was free thanks to using a little test pot of paint leftover from this old art project last year). The color is Embellished Blue by Behr in case you’re wondering.

After it dried I handed it over to Clara with a box full of crayons and told her to go nuts. She had the best time coloring every last corner and crevice. I wish (oh how I wish) I had thought to take photos of her coloring with reckless abandon (I was too busy watching and clapping and playing the role of too-excited momma). Just try to picture Clara grabbing every color and feverishly coloring her blue truck while completely ignoring me. She loved it. She was focused. She took her truck-coloring job very seriously. Of course there were talks about how we can only color on things when mommy says we can. So here’s hoping she doesn’t doodle on everything else we own now. So far so good. As for the truck though, no surface was left uncolored – even the wheels got some crayon-love. About ten minutes later, Clara had created this:

Her crayon-holding truck, complete with crayon scribbles. Isn’t it cute?

It sits on her little drawing desk. Except for when she’s pushing it around on the floor (which is probably about 70% of the time).

I love that it holds all of her crayons out where she can see them since I used to store them in a little zippered pouch and it was harder for her to see all of the colors that way. And the holes definitely keep her busy since she likes to take all of her crayons out and then put them all back in. It’s like an interactive puzzle slash storage spot slash truck. I mean it rolls for goodness sakes! It’s the toy trifecta.

I thought about sealing her doodles with some clear non-toxic sealer (Safecoat Acrylacq) but I actually like the idea of allowing her scribbles to continue over time, so it can change every day if that’s Clara’s idea of a good time. She has already added a little more pink today. I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves. Haha. Sort of like the rooms in our house. Now Clara has her little truck to “makeover.” And when she gets a little older we can even repaint it another color so she can start from scratch again if she’d like.

So as work continues on the deck outside (along with some Pinterest-Challenging), here’s a zero dollar project with a $2 thrift store find that Clara and I had fun with. Sometimes the little things are my favorite – especially when Clara’s in on the fun. But that’s not to say that our little crayon truck won’t be ten times more fun when the deck is finished and we can take it out there for some alfresco coloring. Haha. Those will be the days. What have you guys been doing with your kiddos (or pets)? Burger totally painted something for us a while back. That was a good time too.

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  1. Terry says

    That truck turned out so cute!!! I love it. I’m now on the look out for a wooden truck to try this for my little one!

  2. says

    That is so cute! Love that you painted it blue first.

    Have a great weekend, YHL! & Stay cool, I heard it’s suppose to be brutal with the heat today & tomorrow.

    • braelin says

      John and Sherry-
      Do you have air conditioning? It occurred to me that we all know so much about how your home LOOKS, but really very little about how it feels/sounds/smells, etc etc. Do you keep it cool (if so, how?), or do you prefer hot summerness?

    • says

      Oh yes, thankfully we have central air, but since our house is only one level and made of brick, it holds the cool air pretty well, so we only run it occasionally (we have it on a programmable thermostat to save energy). Sometimes we sleep with a table fan on us (Clara has one in her room too).


  3. says

    So cute! JBear (my little man) has a truck like that, never thought of painting it (don’t know why) but I have such a pretty bright green paint that would go perfect with his room. Consider it painted. ;-)

    P.S. – Love sisqo!

  4. says

    oh my gosh this is SUCH A COOL IDEA! i would never think to do that to a little truck (or similar toy) like that. seriously. i kinda love this. i’m putting this on my, “don’t forget to do this when you have a kid” list. i just hope my husband doesn’t think that list means i’m jumping the baby gun or anything…

    …i have officially over thought the adorable crayon truck. ahhh, Friday.

  5. Katie says

    Awwww! My brother and I each had one of these – I think we had a truck and a car. You’ve motivated me to see if my mom still has them – it would be awesome to sand ’em down (I think they had some kind of finish on them) and paint them with my little girl!

  6. Karen F says

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – you find the BEST stuff at Goodwill! Mine is all crappy. I try to go in there with a mind open to possibilities, but it’s slim pickin’s in my local Goodwill!

    Also, that truck totally reminds me of something I made in summer camp (in a good way) back when I was a kid – I think mine was a whale though, with holes on the top for pencils, etc. Wish I still had it! :)

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