Reader Redesign: The Amazing Beard ‘n Lady

We figured during the week of our big kitchen reveal it was only fitting to share a reader’s kitchen makeover as well. And this kitchen redesign comes from an atypical source. It’s not from a female blogger who is documenting the DIY-ing of herself and her man. It’s actually from a male blogger who goes by “Beard” – although he does have a female sidekick in the form of “Pigtails” (the daughter that he’s a single dad to). So, long story short, I found their backstory quite endearing, Beard’s blogging style quite amusing, and their kitchen makeover, well, quite awesome. Here’s his letter:

I recently gutted and rebooted the kitchen on my 1950’s brick ranch (using inexpensive materials like Ikea cabinetry and reclaimed wood for a bench and table setup).

Goals for the reboot:

  • Be smart with the available 100 square feet. Kill clutter and chop it down to the basics.
  • Open things up by reducing the number of cabinets, shrinking appliances, and deleting the soffit and ceiling fan. Recessed lights for a smooth finish up top.
  • Install a robot that cooks and mops up messes, a.k.a. Rosie.
  • Move the dishwasher from the random corner to a slot beside the sink.
  • Build a slim table to fit the space without dominating.
  • Create a warm look that’s different than what I typically see out there.

It turned out just right, hit all the goals but one.

Yeah, the kitchen will never be this clean again. Ever.  – Beard

Be sure to check out Beard’s blog for more of the story on the makeover (there’s a cool tale behind the table). And thanks to Beard for bringing some testosterone to the reader redesign this week! Virtual fist bump. Petersik out.

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  1. julie g. says

    First, thanks for posting early this afternoon – now I can concentrate on my work! Second, this kitchen is perfect and such a great use of space – can’t wait to check out Beard’s blog.

  2. says

    Oh I love that! So simple and clean. Love that table. Way to go, Beard! I have nothing but respect for super involved single dads! And Pigtails is adorable.

  3. Vanessa says

    Love this kitchen- its an amazing transformation. Thanks for sharing this blog. Its so sweet to see a daddy and his daugther!

  4. Jenna says

    I absolutely LOVE the kitchen, the backstory, and the blog itself. But Beard’s writing style is sooooo hard to read! I need full sentences! With subjects! And articles!

  5. Danielle says

    WOW! Love it! Double wall ovens, gorgeous hood – all I’d want to add would be more counter space. Rosie the robot needs more space to roll out cookie dough! ;)

  6. gina says

    I LOOOVE it! I especially LOVE all the crisp subway tiles!
    Love, Love!!

    Now I am going over to check out the rest of your blog! <3

  7. Emma says

    Wow! The kitchen looks great! I hope the Rosie the robot is forthcoming. That is a a *great* kitchen floor!

    • says

      Was hoping to gift the cabinets, but after 50 years sticking to the walls, they had to be pried off with a bar. So ended up not being in good enough shape to share.

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