Oooh, magic.

This week my little Dude Get On That Already project involves three floating vases (from CB2 four years ago, but they still sell them) that used to hang right outside our first house’s kitchen.

Then, you guessed it, they got stashed in our playroom after we moved, never to be heard from again. Until now! Behold:

Yup, I tapped three nails into the wall in the guest bathroom and they’re now officially three more things that are off the floor in the cluttered playroom. Three grocery store blooms work for now, but when they bite the big one, I’m sure they’ll get replaced with leafy branches and other stuff pillaged from the backyard.

This is one of the three bathrooms that we have yet to do much with, but we are nearing the end of our big kitchen project so odds are we’ll get there someday.

I think it’s official: tulips are my favorite flowers. Yes, I held out until I was almost 30 to declare that, but I said it so there’s no going back. Until I change my mind. Haha.

See that brown rectangle in the bottom right of this picture?

That’s the giant mirror from the guest room that’s supposed to be above the dresser. Yeah, our house is still completely jostled – for lack of a better word – from book photoshoots. So random things are just sitting wherever. Someday they’ll find their way “home” I’m sure. And in the meantime, at least I’m chipping away at little items cluttering up the playroom… and taking an inordinate amount of photos of these vases in this miniscule room from every angle.

Look, here’s my impression of a mannequin.

I even got artsy and laid on the floor. Perhaps in celebration that this week’s project wasn’t animal related? Or because so much of this room is rough on the eyes (so staring up at the ceiling is one of the easiest views).

What small projects are you guys checking off the ol’ to do list? Do you have stacks of things you’re still waiting to hang? A bunch of untouched bathrooms that need some love? Or any favorite flower declarations that you’d like to get out there in the universe?

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  1. says

    It’s funny what takes you a long time to do. I had a couple pieces of art that have waiting around a couple months to be hung and I finally got around to tapping in a couple nails last night. It makes you feel so accomplished so quickly I should find more things to hang up quickly.

  2. Rachel McCoy says

    Cute! How do you get the water in and out, though?

    On a side note, if you have time to answer this: I notice on your pinterest pins you are linking back to the source. Is this a wise thing to do in order to avoid potential conflict from peeps being upset about source credit, etc.? There are a couple of articles out there on the internet about the potential dangers of pinterest and their terms of service. As an avid pinterest user and blogger, I wondered your thoughts/solution to that whole thing. Thanks!

    • says

      Oh yes I always try to give the originator credit just out of courtesy (we would be sad to see our projects pinned with the credit going to someone else). In general we try to pin from sites with a “pin it” button which indicates the site owner is cool with their things being pinned. Hope it helps!


    • KathyG says

      I’m still learning Pinterest, so do you chase it back to the originator if the OP (other pinner) didn’t credit it?

    • says

      Yes I do my best to do that whenever I can (for example something on Apartment Therapy is easy enough to click the original credit link and pin it from the original site).


    • Kristy says

      Yes, this is a good topic. I am an artist/art teacher and Pinterest has been really useful to me. I don’t ever just straight-up copy an idea, but have definitely been inspired by many. I have been worried about the articles I have been reading too. This would be a nice discussion to have on your blog. Not that I would expect you guys to tackle all of the legal issues, but at least the ethical issues of intellectual/artistic property.

    • says

      We had a great discussion on this post (the first page of comments). I learned a lot and hear things are still changing when it comes to their terms of service, so it’ll be interesting to see where they end up! For now I stick to trying to pin things on sites that have a “Pin It” button since it indicates that the owner loves when things get pinned (like we do). Hope it helps!


  3. Natalia says

    These vases are really cute. Now I’m thinking of ordering them too since 1. they’re priced well and 2. we have some wall space to fill up all over our house…I’m thinking living room or dining room.

  4. says

    I love the tulips! Ours are just starting to pop up here in Michigan. I still don’t understand how winter is already over when it never even really came.

  5. Elizabeth says

    I LOVE the tulips and the vases look perfect there. Wow – how exciting to have a room full of fun stuff that you ‘have’ to find a place for. :) Seriously beautiful.

    We just checked a mini project off our list too and it feels great. We had some small area rugs sitting around waiting for us to put together into a stair runner and…dude, we finally got on it! Thanks for the motivation.

  6. Brenda says

    I can’t lay claim to a favorite, but I get positively giddy when the tulips bloom every spring. It’s probably a hazard for me to be driving then because I just want to gaze at the flowers!

  7. says

    I love those bud vases! I’ve spent many an hour eyeing them up on the website but I’ve never taken the plunge and made the purchase (I don’t really have anywhere to hang them).

    I change my favorite flower constantly. Right now it’s Gerbera Daisies.

  8. Erika says

    I have these in my guest bath too! I filled mine with Bamboo from ikea. Its perfect they have been going strong for two years now.

  9. says

    I love those things- ya’ll actually inspired me to buy three of my own! My favorite thing to put in them is peacock feathers since they’ll never die!

  10. says

    Love the vases! And I just realized, I think we have the same bathroom tile! Only I have an unfortunate pink boarder tile around mine! (Seriously, I think boarder is an incredibly stupid word all of a sudden and it looks totally wrong..?!)

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