Oooh, magic.

This week my little Dude Get On That Already project involves three floating vases (from CB2 four years ago, but they still sell them) that used to hang right outside our first house’s kitchen.

Then, you guessed it, they got stashed in our playroom after we moved, never to be heard from again. Until now! Behold:

Yup, I tapped three nails into the wall in the guest bathroom and they’re now officially three more things that are off the floor in the cluttered playroom. Three grocery store blooms work for now, but when they bite the big one, I’m sure they’ll get replaced with leafy branches and other stuff pillaged from the backyard.

This is one of the three bathrooms that we have yet to do much with, but we are nearing the end of our big kitchen project so odds are we’ll get there someday.

I think it’s official: tulips are my favorite flowers. Yes, I held out until I was almost 30 to declare that, but I said it so there’s no going back. Until I change my mind. Haha.

See that brown rectangle in the bottom right of this picture?

That’s the giant mirror from the guest room that’s supposed to be above the dresser. Yeah, our house is still completely jostled – for lack of a better word – from book photoshoots. So random things are just sitting wherever. Someday they’ll find their way “home” I’m sure. And in the meantime, at least I’m chipping away at little items cluttering up the playroom… and taking an inordinate amount of photos of these vases in this miniscule room from every angle.

Look, here’s my impression of a mannequin.

I even got artsy and laid on the floor. Perhaps in celebration that this week’s project wasn’t animal related? Or because so much of this room is rough on the eyes (so staring up at the ceiling is one of the easiest views).

What small projects are you guys checking off the ol’ to do list? Do you have stacks of things you’re still waiting to hang? A bunch of untouched bathrooms that need some love? Or any favorite flower declarations that you’d like to get out there in the universe?

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  1. Sophie says

    They are my faves too Sherry! Also took me ’til the big three oh to admit it, but they make me so happy. No shame in it – they are jolly nice! My partner often buys them for me (he is pretty awesome at remembering stuff like that).

  2. Kris Lapota says

    Holy hell, Sherry. You look like you’re 12 in your mirror shot….clearly, you’re not working hard enough. Can’t wait to see your outdoor spring projects.

  3. Marie says

    Very pretty! Just a FYI, be careful hanging stuff above light switches, there are sometimes wires there. Once had a friend who did the same & caused an electrical problem. Of course, her husband said only a woman would do that!! ;)

    • says

      Ooh that sounds gorgeous! We got no snow this year (well a few inches and then it melted) and now it’s 85 here! But snowy Iceland sounds magical!


  4. Allison says

    Oh I love tulips too! My local grocery store has great ones in a bunch of colors for $5.99 for 10 stems. I grab a bunch at each visit!

  5. says

    How cute! I love me some tulips, too. I might look into getting some of those vases for my kitchen. I wonder if they’d keep cut herbs fresh for a short time?

    • Ruth says

      Depends on the herb, but yes, some of them you can stick in water and they will keep well, even perk up if they are a little dry. Some will even grow little roots, but that effort may make them lose their leaves after a few weeks – not ideal if you were going to cook with them. Best to use them fairly soon anyway.

      You will have better luck if you get them from a farmer’s market vs. grocery store, if you can. That way they will be fresh cut from that morning and are more likely to “take”.

  6. says

    I have so many things on my to-do list this weekend! Ripping up carpet from stairs, removing junk from our basement, reorganizing our bathroom! So much stuff to do, so little time haha. Stopping by your blog always inspires me though, can’t wait to tackle it all! The vases look great in that bathroom :)

    • says

      Just updated the bottom of the post with that link! You can always just scroll back to the original post to see the winner (we just add the lucky lad or lady to the top of the page!). Hope it helps!


  7. says

    I am also trying to whittle away at the clutter. With all you have been up to, I am not sure if I would remember where anything is, much less where to put it! Your kitchen is so pretty! Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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